Leap Sheep! Cheats

Achievements List

1. Achievements
June 23, 2012
3rd Time's The Charm
Objective: Leap over 2 stacked sheep.

Afternoon Delight

Objective: Play in the afternoon.

Backup Plan

Objective: Have 5 rams queued up.

Balls Of Yarn

Objective: Leap 10 sheep.

Clean Leap

Objective: Complete clear the fence in a jump.

Crowd Surfing

Objective: Leap over 3 or more stacked sheep.

Cutting It Close

Objective: Have a ram clear a full row.

Double Your Fun

Objective: Leap 2 sheep at once.

Dyanic Duo

Objective: Flip 2 sheep at once.

Early Riser

Objective: Play in the morning.

Fool Proof Plan

Objective: Have 10 rams queued up.

General Leap

Objective: Leap out of the screen.

Golden Fleece

Objective: Leap 1,000 consecutive sheep.

Just Warming Up

Objective: Flip 1 sheep before the fence.

Leap a Sheep

Objective: Leap over 1 sheep.

Leap Till The Sheep Come Home

Objective: Play in the evening.

Long Leap

Objective: Complete clear 1 or more sheep and the fence in one jump.

Night Owl

Objective: Play at night.

Over Achiever

Objective: Play all four scenes.

Ready For Anything

Objective: Have 20 rams queued up.

Ready To Run

Objective: Earn a ram.

Release The Ram!

Objective: Release a ram.

Sheep Spectacle

Objective: Flip 3 sheep at once.

Sheep Trick

Objective: Flip 1 sheep.


Objective: Attain 10,000 lifetime jumps.

Sheepil Kneivel

Objective: Flip while jumping over 3 or more stacked sheep.


Objective: Attain 7,500 lifetime jumps.

Shepherd Skillz

Objective: Attain 2,500 lifetime jumps.


Objective: Flip the same sheep twice.

Stupendous Shepherd

Objective: Attain 100,000 lifetime jumps.

Super Shepherd

Objective: Attain 5,000 lifetime jumps.

Superb Shepherd

Objective: Attain 50,000 lifetime jumps.

Supreme Shepherd

Objective: Attain 1,000,000 lifetime jumps.

Triple Trick

Objective: Leap 3 sheep at once.

Wool Blanket

Objective: Leap 50 sheep.

Wool Hat

Objective: Leap 100 sheep.

Wool Mittens

Objective: Leap 10 consecutive sheep.

Wool Peacoat

Objective: Leap 500 sheep.

Wool Rug

Objective: Leap 500 consecutive sheep.

Wool Scarf

Objective: Leap 25 consecutive sheep.

Wool Socks

Objective: Leap 25 sheep.

Wool Suit

Objective: Leap 100 consecutive sheep.

Wool Sweater

Objective: Leap 50 consecutive sheep.

Wool Underwear

Objective: Leap 250 sheep.

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