Slam Bolt Scrappers Cheats

Trophies List

1. Trophies
March 23, 2011
Master Architect (Bronze)
Objective: Build a 10x10 weapon (on any level other than Mega Blocks)

King of the Mountain (Bronze)

Objective: Beat Mountain Top 1

Downtown Defender (Bronze)

Objective: Beat Downtown 2: The Skyscraper

Unstoppable (Bronze)

Objective: Knock out 20 opponents without dying in a single match

Lucky (Bronze)

Objective: Get past the enemy hoard in Armageddon without dying

Battle is Best (Bronze)

Objective: Play 25 Battle Mode matches

Grubby (Bronze)

Objective: Beat 1000 grubs

Chicken Puncher (Bronze)

Objective: Beat 100 demon cavalry

Multitasker (Bronze)

Objective: Win a match using beverage mode controls

Slam Bolt Royalty (Bronze)

Objective: Beat all the hidden campaign levels

Cat Burglar (Bronze)

Objective: Steal your way to victory

Perfectionist (Bronze)

Objective: Beat Mountain Top 1 without taking any damage

Creep Rights Activist (Bronze)

Objective: Win a level without killing any baddies

Silver City Savior (Silver)

Objective: Beat the campaign

Man vs. Machine (Silver)

Objective: Win a 1v2 battle against 2 Hard CPs

What Campaign? (Silver)

Objective: Play 100 Battle Mode Matches

Fire Chief (Silver)

Objective: Beat all campaign levels on expert difficulty

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