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Trophies List

1.  Create Trophies
November 23, 2010
Give Something Back (Bronze)
Objective: Upload a Creation

First Rate (Bronze)

Objective: Rate the Creation of another online user

Top Marks (Bronze)

Objective: Mark another user's content as one of your favorites

Pick of the Bunch (Bronze)

Objective: Mark an EA Pick as one of your favorites

Creation Craver (Bronze)

Objective: Download another user's Creation

Pick a Pick (Bronze)

Objective: Download an EA Pick

Radical Remix (Bronze)

Objective: Remix and save a downloaded Creation

Share and Share Alike (Bronze)

Objective: Upload a remixed Creation

Rise to the Challenge (Bronze)

Objective: Submit an entry to a Community Challenge

Solution Sharer (Bronze)

Objective: Upload a Solution

Challenger (Bronze)

Objective: Solve a player generated Challenge

A Monster Start (Bronze)

Objective: Solve your first Challenge

That Looks Lovely (Bronze)

Objective: Earn your first Spark

Welcome to Theme Park (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Theme Park

Welcome to Transportopia (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Transportopia

Welcome to Family Home (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Family Home

Welcome to Outer Space (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Outer Space

Welcome to The Great Outdoors (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock The Great Outdoors

Welcome to Ancient History (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Ancient History

Welcome to Future World (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Future World

Welcome to Pirate (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Pirate

Welcome to Urban Sports (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Urban Sports

Welcome to Darkworld (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Darkworld

Welcome to Theme Park II (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Theme Park II

Welcome to Family Home II (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Family Home II

Welcome to Outer Space II (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Outer Space II

Welcome to Future World II (Bronze)

Objective: Unlock Future World II

Centurion (Bronze)

Objective: Collect 100 Sparks

Impressionist (Bronze)

Objective: Use every brush in Paint mode

On Safari (Bronze)

Objective: Place all types of animals throughout the game

Raging Debate (Bronze)

Objective: Place the Create team's favorite animal!

Free Creator (Bronze)

Objective: Save a Creation or a Challenge from within the Free Create level

Working up an Appetite (Bronze)

Objective: Eat 50 slices of toast within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

Grand Design (Bronze)

Objective: Solve a Contraption-o-Matic Challenge with a contraption built of 40 or more parts

Michael Multiplier (Bronze)

Objective: Reach a x20 multiplier in a Scoretacular Challenge

Pop! (Bronze)

Objective: Burst 100 balloons within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

Blast-off Bedlam (Bronze)

Objective: Use every type of rocket within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

String 'em Up (Bronze)

Objective: Attach 50 objects which have string to another game object

Road Trip (Bronze)

Objective: Drive 2,000 meters in vehicles within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

Explosive Nature (Bronze)

Objective: Set off 50 explosions within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

Magnetic Personality (Bronze)

Objective: Solve Challenge 10 in Transportopia entirely with Horseshoe Magnets

Fave Rave (Silver)

Objective: Mark the content of 10 different online users as a favorite

Challenge King (Silver)

Objective: Solve 10 player generated Challenges

We Love 284 (Silver)

Objective: Collect 284 Sparks

Only 109 to Go! (Silver)

Objective: Collect 501 Sparks

Creative Pride (Silver)

Objective: Finish five Create Chains within one level

Down, but not out (Silver)

Objective: Complete a car based Challenge after all its wheels have burst (not player generated Challenges)

Challenge Wizard (Gold)

Objective: Solve 20 player generated Challenges

Bright Spark (Gold)

Objective: Collect all 610 Sparks

Platinum trophy (Platinum)

Objective: Unlock all Trophies

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