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Achievements FAQ
March 01, 2012
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Trophies List

1. Trophies
September 21, 2010
Miles 'Tails' Prower (Bronze)
Objective: Become friends with Tails.

Knuckles the Echidna (Bronze)

Objective: Become friends with Knuckles.

Amy Rose (Bronze)

Objective: Become friends with Amy.

E-102 'y' (Bronze)

Objective: Become friends with E-102.

Big the Cat (Bronze)

Objective: Become friends with Big.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Bronze)

Objective: Clear the Sonic story.

Super Sonic (Bronze)

Objective: Clear all characters stories.

The Fastest & Strongest (Silver)

Objective: Get Level A on all the Action Stages.

Sub Game Master (Silver)

Objective: Get all Emblems of the Sub Games.

Chao's Best Friend (Silver)

Objective: Get all Emblems of the Chao Race.

The Adventurer (Silver)

Objective: Get all Emblems in the Adventure Field.

The Perfect Adventurer (Gold)

Objective: Get 130 Emblems.

DLC: Sonic Adventure DX

Metal Sonic (Bronze)

Objective: Get all 130 Emblems by playing Sonic Adventure DX.

Metal Sonic Master (Silver)

Objective: Get Level A on all the Action Stages by using Metal Sonic.

Mission All Accomplished (Gold)

Objective: Clear all 60 missions.

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