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Skate 2 Cheats

Playstation 3 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Skate 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
February 10, 2009
Retro clothes:
Enter 4KTLW0OZQYAENGD as a code to unlock the Retro Pack.

Unlock Big Black:

Enter letsdowork as a cheat code.

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Trophies List

1. Trophies
January 27, 2009
are 36 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy for this title.


Amateur Skater

Objective: Achieve Amateur Rank Online

Big Air Champ

Objective: Win the San Van-a-Slamma

Cooperation is key

Objective: Complete 50 online freeskate activities with your created skater


Objective: Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode


Objective: Download and own a community-created spot

Fully Sponsored

Objective: Obtain all sponsorships

GVR Champ

Objective: Win the GVR Contest

Gender Bender

Objective: Change your skater's gender

Good Samaritan

Objective: Knock down a security guard chasing another skater in career mode

Graphically Extreme

Objective: Add a custom graphic to your skater


Objective: Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode

I Like To Move It

Objective: Move your first object in career mode

Juggling Chainsaws

Objective: Wipeout at high speed in career mode

Make it Big!

Objective: Use Big Black's service 10 times in Career Mode

Meet Slappy

Objective: Meet Slappy

Need for Speed

Objective: Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career mode

New San Van Hero

Objective: Call Mikey 10 times

On Top Of The World

Objective: Perform an invert on one of the highest points in the city in career mode

Playing Nice Together

Objective: Complete your first online freeskate activity with your created skater

Pull the Plug

Objective: Drain every pool and fountain in career mode

Pwn some n00bs

Objective: Win an online ranked match

Race Hero

Objective: Win all races in career mode

Real Estate Mogul

Objective: Purchase all property in career mode

Running Man

Objective: Escape a chase off board in career mode


Objective: Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout in career mode

Skater Evolved

Objective: Get off your board in career mode

Skater's Choice

Objective: Win the Skater's choice award in an online ranked match

Skitched Up

Objective: Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode


Objective: Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters or 36 feet in career mode

Still Alive?

Objective: Win a Deathrace in career mode

Taste The Mongo

Objective: Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode

That's the Way

Objective: Beat all of Danny Way's film challenges

The Architect

Objective: Upload a created spot

The Critic

Objective: Rate 10 community videos and photos


Objective: Break 100 bones in career mode

Where's my TV show?

Objective: Beat all Rob Dyrdek challenges


Active Skater

Objective: Successfully complete all online freeskate activities with your created skater

Anyone Else?

Objective: Beat all the pros at Throwdown challenges

How you like them apples?

Objective: Acquire all phone numbers for the pros

Online Pro

Objective: Achieve Pro Rank Online

SBM Cover

Objective: Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag

Spare Parts

Objective: All Hall Of Meat paths complete

Thrasher Cover

Objective: Get the cover of Thrasher

Urban Legend Too

Objective: Own all spots in career mode


Online Legend

Objective: Achieve Legend Rank Online


Objective: Complete all paths in career mode


Platinum Trophy

Objective: Collect all other trophies for the game.

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