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Lunar: Dragon Song Cheats

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1.  Lunar: Dragon Song Action Replay Codes, US
August 03, 2007
Game ID: ALNE-97d7a9cb
There are 90 codes for this game.

Max Cash
020b4824 000f423f

Max Level After 1 Battle (Press Select)
94000130 fffb0000
d5000000 00000001
c0000000 00000061
d6000000 020947ec
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fffb0000
020b46f0 00000000
020b4694 00000000
020b47a8 00000000
020b474c 00000000
020b4804 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Walk Through Walls
c0000000 00000041
d6000000 022800e0
d2000000 00000000

In Battle Codes:

P1 Infinite Health & MP
620b8620 00000000
b20b8620 00000000
10000014 000003e7
10000018 000003e7
1000001c 000003e7
10000020 000003e7
d2000000 00000000

P2 Infinite Health & MP
620b8620 00000000
b20b8620 00000000
10000080 000003e7
10000088 000003e7
10000084 000003e7
1000008c 000003e7
d2000000 00000000

P3 Infinite Health & MP
620b8620 00000000
b20b8620 00000000
100000ec 000003e7
100000f0 000003e7
100000f4 000003e7
100000f8 000003e7
d2000000 00000000

Jian Cambell Codes

Full Health
120b4668 000003e7

Max Health
120b466c 000003e7

Full Mp
120b4670 000003e7

Max Mp
120b4674 000003e7

Max Atk
220b4678 000000ff

Max Def
220b467c 000000ff

Max Agi
220b4684 000000ff

Max Int
220b4688 000000ff

Max Dex
220b468c 000000ff

Max Luck
220b4690 000000ff

Lucia Collins Codes

Full Health
120b46c4 000003e7

Max Health
120b46c8 000003e7

Full Mp
120b46cc 000003e7

Max Mp
120b46d0 000003e7

Max Atk
220b46d4 000000ff

Max Def
220b46d8 000000ff

Max Agi
220b46e0 000000ff

Max Int
220b46e4 000000ff

Max Dex
220b46e8 000000ff

Max Luck
220b46ec 000000ff

Gabryel Ryan Codes

Full Health
120b4720 000003e7

Max Health
120b4724 000003e7

Full Mp
120b4728 000003e7

Max Mp
120b472c 000003e7

Max Atk
220b4730 000000ff

Max Def
220b4734 000000ff

Max Agi
220b473c 000000ff

Max Int
220b4740 000000ff

Max Dex
220b4744 000000ff

Max Luck
220b4748 000000ff

Flora Banks Codes

Full Health
120b477c 000003e7

Max Health
120b4780 000003e7

Full Mp
120b4784 000003e7

Max Mp
120b4788 000003e7

Max Atk
220b478c 000000ff

Max Def
220b4790 000000ff

Max Agi
220b4798 000000ff

Max Int
220b479c 000000ff

Max Dex
220b47a0 000000ff

Max Luck
220b47a4 000000ff

Rufus Crow Codes

Full Health
120b47d8 000003e7

Max Health
120b47dc 000003e7

Full Mp
120b47e0 000003e7

Max Mp
120b47e4 000003e7

Max Atk
220b47e8 000000ff

Max Def
220b47ec 000000ff

Max Agi
220b47f4 000000ff

Max Int
220b47f8 000000ff

Max Dex
220b47fc 000000ff

Max Luck
220b4800 000000ff

Character Modifier Slot 1

120b464c 00000000

120b464c 00000001

120b464c 00000002

120b464c 00000003

120b464c 00000004

Character Modifier Slot 2

120b4650 00000000

120b4650 00000001

120b4650 00000002

120b4650 00000003

120b4650 00000004

Character Modifier Slot 3

120b4654 00000000

120b4654 00000001

120b4654 00000002

120b4654 00000003

120b4654 00000004

Have All Weapons
0213b930 0a0a0a0a
0213b934 0a0a0a0a
0213b938 0a0a0a0a
0213b93c 0a0a0a0a
0213b940 0a0a0a0a
0213b944 0a0a0a0a
0213b948 0a0a0a0a
0213b94c 0a0a0a0a
0213b950 0a0a0a0a
0213b954 0a0a0a0a
0213b958 0a0a0a0a

Have All Armors
0213b95c 0a0a0a0a
0213b960 0a0a0a0a
0213b964 0a0a0a0a
0213b968 0a0a0a0a
0213b96c 0a0a0a0a
0213b970 0a0a0a0a
0213b974 0a0a0a0a
0213b978 0a0a0a0a
0213b97c 0a0a0a0a
0213b980 0a0a0a0a
0213b984 0a0a0a0a
1213b988 00000a0a

Have All Arms
1213b98a 00000a0a
0213b990 0a0a0a0a
0213b994 0a0a0a0a
0213b998 0a0a0a0a
0213b99c 0a0a0a0a
0213b9a0 0a0a0a0a
0213b9a4 0a0a0a0a
0213b9a8 0a0a0a0a
0213b9ac 0a0a0a0a
0213b9b0 0a0a0a0a

Have All Headgears
0213b9b4 0a0a0a0a
0213b9b8 0a0a0a0a
0213b9bc 0a0a0a0a
0213b9c0 0a0a0a0a
0213b9c4 0a0a0a0a
0213b9c8 0a0a0a0a
0213b9cc 0a0a0a0a
0213b9d0 0a0a0a0a
0213b9d4 0a0a0a0a
0213b9d8 0a0a0a0a
2213b9dc 0000000a

Have All Accessories
2213b9dd 0000000a
1213b9de 00000a0a
0213b9e0 0a0a0a0a
0213b9e4 0a0a0a0a
0213b9e8 0a0a0a0a
0213b9ec 0a0a0a0a
0213b9f0 0a0a0a0a
0213b9f4 0a0a0a0a
0213b9f8 0a0a0a0a
0213b9fc 0a0a0a0a
0213ba00 0a0a0a0a
1213ba04 00000a0a
2213ba06 0000000a

Have All Cards
2213ba07 00000063
0213ba08 63636363
0213ba0c 63636363
0213ba10 63636363
0213ba14 63636363
0213ba18 63636363
0213ba1c 63636363
0213ba20 63636363
0213ba24 63636363
0213ba28 63636363
0213ba2c 63636363
0213ba30 63636363
0213ba34 63636363
0213ba38 63636363
0213ba3c 63636363
0213ba40 00006363
2213ba42 00000063

Have All Tools
2213ba43 00000009
0213ba44 09090909
0213ba48 09090909

Have All Sundries
1213ba4e 00000909
0213ba50 09090909
0213ba54 09090909
0213ba58 09090909
0213ba5c 09090909
0213ba60 09090909
0213ba64 09090909
0213ba68 09090909
0213ba6c 09090909
0213ba70 09090909
0213ba74 09090909
0213ba78 09090909
0213ba7c 09090909
0213ba80 09090909
0213ba84 09090909
0213ba88 09090909
0213ba8c 09090909
0213ba90 09090909
0213ba94 09090909
0213ba98 09090909
0213ba9c 09090909
0213baa0 09090909
0213baa4 09090909
0213baa8 09090909
0213baac 09090909
0213bab0 00000909

Have All Key Items
2213bab2 00000001
0213bab4 01010101
0213bab8 01010101
0213babc 01010101

Access Debug Room (Removed-Press B+A on map while entering a house)
920aff7e 00000003
120b77ec 00000103
d2000000 00000000

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