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1. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Action Replay Codes, US
June 19, 2007
Game ID: ACVE-9a6b468a
There are 15 codes for this game.

Infinite Health
120f7410 0000270f

Max Health
120f7412 0000270f

Infinite Magic
120f7414 0000270f

Max Magic
120f7416 0000270f

Max Experience
020f7448 002dc6c0

Max/Infinite Gold
020f744c 000f423f

Very Low Game Time
020f703c 00000060

Library Complete
020f71ac ffffffff

Have All Weapons
020f71e0 99999999
020f71e4 99999999
020f71e8 99999999
120f71ec 00009999
220f71ee 00000099

Have All Armor
020f7208 99999999
020f720c 99999999
020f7210 99999999
120f7214 00009999
220f7216 00000099

Have All Accessories
020f7218 99999999
020f721c 99999999
020f7220 99999999
120f7224 00009999
220f7226 00000009

Have All Items
020f71bc 99999999
020f71c0 99999999
020f71c4 99999999
020f71c8 99999999
020f71cc 99999999
120f71d0 00000999

Enemy Database Viewable
020f7150 ffffffff
020f7154 ffffffff
020f7158 ffffffff
020f715c ffffffff

Enemy Database Complete(100% Soul)
020f70d0 99999999
020f70d4 99999999
020f70d8 99999999
020f70dc 99999999
020f70e0 99999999
020f70e4 00999999
020f70e8 99900000
020f70ec 99999999
020f70f0 99999999
020f70f4 99999999
020f70f8 99999999
020f70fc 99999999
020f7100 99999999
020f7104 99999999
020f7108 99999999
020f710c 99999999

Moon Jump
Only works on Default button mapping.
94000130 fffd0000
020ca96c ffffb1d5
d2000000 00000000

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March 05, 2012
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