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1.  Final Fantasy III Action Replay Codes, US
July 20, 2007
Game ID: AFFE-7A99FB3C
There are 27 codes for this game.

Max/Infinite Gil
0209ac90 05f5e0ff

1 Hit Kills Enemies
021d34a4 00000000
021d3644 00000000
021d37e4 00000000

Press L+X: Save Anywhere
94000130 fdff0000
121348fc 00000008
d2000000 00000000


Max/Infinite Health
020993f0 0000270f
020993f4 0000270f

Quick Level Up
020993e8 05f5e0ff

Character in Party
220993d8 00000001

Character Not in Party
220993d8 00000000

Status Always Normal
2209941b 00000000


Max/Infinite Health
020996dc 0000270f
020996e0 0000270f

Quick Level Up
020996d4 05f5e0ff

Character in Party
220996c4 00000001

Character Not in Party
220996c4 00000000

Status Always Normal
22099707 00000000


Max/Infinite Health
020999c8 0000270f
020999cc 0000270f

Quick Level Up
020999c0 05f5e0ff

Character in Party
220999b0 00000001

Character Not in Party
220999b0 00000000

Status Always Normal
220999f3 00000000


Max/Infinite Health
02099cb4 0000270f
02099cb8 0000270f

Quick Level Up
02099cac 05f5e0ff

Character in Party
22099c9c 00000001

Character Not in Party
22099c9c 00000000

Status Always Normal
22099cdf 00000000

2.  Final Fantasy III Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
February 06, 2007
How to beat Garuda:
1. Change someone into Dragoon and buy good weapons for Dragoon.
2. While fighting him, make everyone in your party die except for Dragoon (helps if you use guard)
3. Use jump. You will keep attacking him but he can't get you.
(supplied by: Danny Pickle)

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1. FAQ/Walkthrough
November 16, 2011
FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1.
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