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September 25, 2007
Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Escaped the Imperial Sewers (50 points): Escaped the Imperial Sewers, Main Quest Beginning.
Closed an Oblivion Gate (50 points): Closed an Oblivion Gate, Main Quest.
Located the Shrine of Dagon (50 points): Located the Shrine of Dagon, Main Quest.
Delivered Daedric Artifact (50 points): Delivered Daedric Artifact, Main Quest.
Destroyed the Great Gate (50 points): Destroyed the Great Gate, Main Quest.
Champion of Cyrodiil (110 points): Completed the Main Questline.
Murderer, Dark Brotherhood (10 points): Join the Dark Brotherhood.
Slayer, Dark Brotherhood (10 points): Reached Slayer rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood (10 points): Reached Eliminator rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Assassin, Dark Brotherhood (10 points): Reached Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Silencer, Dark Brotherhood (10 points): Reached Silencer rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Speaker, Dark Brotherhood (10 points): Reached Speaker rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Listener, Dark Brotherhood (50 points): Completed the Dark Brotherhood Questline.
Pit Dog, Arena (10 points): Joined the Arena in the Imperial City.
Brawler, Arena (10 points): Reached Brawler rank in the Arena.
Bloodletter, Arena (10 points): Reached Bloodletter rank in the Arena.
Myrmidon, Arena (10 points): Reached Myrmidon rank in the Arena.
Warrior, Arena (10 points): Reached Warrior rank in the Arena.
Gladiator, Arena (10 points): Reached Gladiator rank in the Arena.
Hero, Arena (10 points): Reached Hero rank in the Arena.
Champion, Arena (10 points): Reached Champion rank in the Arena.
Grand Champion, Arena (50 points): Completed the Arena Questline.
Pickpocket, Thieves Guild (10 points): Joined the Thieves Guild.
Footpad, Thieves Guild (10 points): Reached Footpad rank in the Thieves Guild.
Bandit, Thieves Guild (10 points): Reached Bandit rank in the Thieves Guild.
Prowler, Thieves Guild (10 points): Reached Prowler rank in the Thieves Guild.
Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild (10 points): Reached Cat Burglar rank in the Thieves Guild.
Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild (10 points): Reached Shadowfoot rank in the Thieves Guild.
Master Thief, Thieves Guild (10 points): Reached Master Thief rank in the Thieves Guild.
Guildmaster, Thieves Guild (50 points): Completed the Thieves Guild Questline.
Associate, Mages Guild (10 points): Joined the Mages Guild.
Apprentice, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild.
Journeyman, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Journeyman rank in the Mages Guild.
Evoker, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Evoker rank in the Mages Guild.
Conjurer, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Conjurer rank in the Mages Guild.
Magician, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Magician rank in the Mages Guild.
Warlock, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Warlock rank in the Mages Guild.
Wizard, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Wizard rank in the Mages Guild.
Master-Wizard, Mages Guild (10 points): Reached Master-Wizard rank in the Mages Guild.
Arch-Mage, Mages Guild (50 points): Completed the Mages Guild Questline.
Associate, Fighters Guild (10 points): Joined the Fighters Guild.
Apprentice, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Apprentice rank in the Fighters Guild.
Journeyman, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Journeyman rank in the Fighters Guild.
Swordsman, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Swordsman rank in the Fighters Guild.
Protector, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Protector rank in the Fighters Guild.
Defender, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Defender rank in the Fighters Guild.
Warder, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Warder rank in the Fighters Guild.
Guardian, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Guardian rank in the Fighters Guild.
Champion, Fighters Guild (10 points): Reached Champion rank in the Fighters Guild.
Master, Fighters Guild (50 points): Completed the Fighters Guild Questline.

Unlimited Gold (Glitch):
Go to the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. Find a house owned by a men named Dorian (Dorian's House) in the southeast section of the district. Break into his house and find him. When he tells you to leave, kill him. To loot him, do not press X to take all. Instead, take each item individually, finishing with the gold, which will not run out once it hits 8 pieces. Just keep selecting the gold he is carrying and keep pressing A as usual. Do this repeatedly, and the number of gold pieces remaining will freeze when it gets down to 8 gold pieces. It will not go any lower, but will just keep giving you as much gold as desired.

Improved gold glitch:

The gold glitch cheat is currently on here but it is possible to improve on this. You don't need to break in if you enter Dorians house in the day. He will still tell you that he doesn't need any more friends. Use Persuade and bribe him up as high as you can and then kill him. Then loot him item by item saving the gold till last where you will get anywhere from 110 -200 gold at a time for as long as you continue pressing A rather than 8 gold at a time. Giving him gold before you kill him makes it much easier to acumulate a large amount of gold quickly.
(supplied by: Fotograffiti)

Useful advice:

This isn't so much a cheat or clue, but just some useful advice. If you are just starting this game out, or having some real problems, your best bet is, after you get out of the Imperial Sewers, is to not look at the Main Quest at all. You should attempt/try to beat all of the Mages, Fighters, Thieves Guilds, Dark Brotherhood Missions, and Arena Missions. Doing this would bump your level up from 3 to 30, depending on how you work at it. Also adding in Daedric, Master Trainer, Miscellaneous, Freeform Quests would surely bump you up a ton of levels. This would leave you left with only the Main Quest, which you could breeze by. I only did a few Freeform and Miscellaneous Quests, and I did all of the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Missions, and I was equipped with a way higher level than the first time around, new enchanted/unenchanted weaponry, jewelry, and clothing, and also allowed me to explore many new places that I could fast travel to when it came to that in the Main Quest.
(supplied by: niptuck117)

Duplicating Items:

1. Take your bow and pull an arrow back.
2. Press B while holding your arrow back.
3. Press another set of arrows until it says you cannot switch arrows.
4. Pick an item: ex. apple
5. drop the item.
(supplied by: LastRequest) Money (Starting Out):
First of all I use the duplication item glitch as well as the "kill Dorian" money glitch to get a head start on the game. After that, I'm glitch free. You will need about 500'000 to 750'000 gold and you're pretty much set.

For the Dorian money glitch (pre-patch) you basically do this:

In the Talos district of the Imperial City is the house of a man named Dorian. Enter the house and kill Dorian. When looting his body, highlight his gold and press A and keep on pressing. His gold will never run out, giving you access to infinite funds. You must do this all at that one time since his house will reset after three days and your money source will disappear.
(supplied by: Honda_VFR)

Physical Damage Immunity:

Now, in terms of being a god, you need to have the following:

100% Reflect Damage: All melee attacks will deal zero points of damage with 100% damage reflected back on attacker

100% Resist Magic: All Magic Fails against you. This includes Lightning, Fireball, etc.

You can substitute 100% REFLECT Magic but that does require glitching. But you can be REFLECT Damage and RESIST magic 100% legitimately. Here's how:

To get 100% Reflect Damage, 1/3 of the puzzle is easy. Simply complete the quest "Sins of the Father" and return the HonorBlade of Chorral to the Steward of Chorral instead of the thief to get the ESCUTCHEON OF CHORRAL which is certainly the best shield in the game. It automatically gives you 35% Reflect Damage right there.

Now where are you going to get the other 65%? Unfortunately Reflect Damage is too powerful an effect for you to enchant an item. You have to find the other magic items fair and square. In the game there are only THREE items that give you a large enough Reflect Damage effect to be worthwhile.

They are:
1. Ring of the Iron Fist: 33% Reflect Damage
2. Amulet of Axes: 33% Reflect Damage
3. Necklace of Swords: 33% Reflect Damage

You can wear TWO rings and only ONE amulet. So after getting the Ring of the Iron Fist, you can wear either the Amulet of Axes OR the Necklace of Swords. Either is fine but you can't wear both. For the mathematically challenged out there, the total Reflect Damage when wearing the Ring of the Iron Fist, an Amulet of Axes or Necklace of Swords, and the Escutcheon of Chorral is 101% Reflect Damage.

So there you have it ... all melee damage reflects back on the attacker. The consequences of this are far-reaching. For one thing, not only do you not get damaged at all but your enemies essentially murder themselves. Also you armor hit points never go down so you never really need to repair your armor at all!
(supplied by: Honda_VFR)

Levels and Item Proficiency:

The tricky part is in GETTING the Ring of the Iron Fist and an Amulet of Axes or Necklace of Swords. For one thing, treasure in ES4O is LEVELLED so you won't get any of these goodies until you are AT LEAST level 25. To be safe, you may have to level up to 30. Even at the right level, treasures found in dungeons are RANDOM. That means in any given dungeon your chance of finding one of thes bad boys is very low. There ARE a few places in the game where it is more likely you will succeed.

For instance I found a Necklace of Swords fair and square in a treasure chest in Rockmill Cave. Once you take a treasure, you have to wait 72 hours for the contents of the dungeon to respawn. Often by saving outside the entrance to the dungeon you can continously load and reload your save until you get an item you want. The contents of any dungeon's treasure chests are set WHEN YOU OPEN THE DOOR to the dungeon. Hence save outside the door and keep trying.

This is most assuredly VERY frustrating because there are SO MANY items in the game. You are looking really for 3/100 possible magic items which gets down to either 1/100 or 2/100 after you find either the Ring or one of the Amulet or Necklaces.
(supplied by: Honda_VFR)

Fast Item Randomizing:

The Temple of the Ancestor Moths provides the much needed solution to this random treasure problem.

This is part of the Thieves' Guild quest Turning a Blind Eye. It is the first quest the Gray Fox hands to you.

In it you are charged with stealing Savilla's Stone from the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. After a pretty standard dungeon crawl you will end up outside a door which leads into a cavern. Inside the cavern is the item Savilla's Stone and stone's guardian: A Blind Monk Prelate.

Normally you go in, kill the Blind Monk, and jet out of there with Savilla's Stone to complete the quest and advance in the Thieves' Guild storyline.

In doing so, many will miss out on the most important trick in the game. Why? Because the Blind Monk Prelate ALWAYS carries a high powered ring or amulet.

Now WHICH ring or amulet you get is completely random. But it will ALWAYS BE A RING OR AMULET. Once again, for the mathematically challenenged, let me explain. The chances of getting a RING or AMULET you want is obviously A LOT higher when the target ONLY gives a ring or amulet rather than ANY item in the game.

Even better, the item that the Blind Monk Prelate carries is determined when you open the door to the cavern, NOT the door to the dungeon. That means you can save right outside the door. Then rush in, kill the monk, check his body to see which ring or amulet he is carrying and then reset if you don't like what you see. True the weaker rings and amulets will tend to show up at a more frequent clip than a powerful one but not by much. You WILL score very powerful rings and amulets if you do this.

Obviously once you get a ring or amulet that you want (say an Amulet of Axes or Necklace of Swords or Ring of the Iron Fist) take the loot and exit the cavern via the OTHER exit: up the ladder and you'll be outside the Temple of the Ancestor Moths.

Now ... are you ready for this? The Blind Monk Prelate and Savilla's Stone are NOT unique. If you wait 72 hours, both regenerate. More importantly the LOOT on the Prelate Priest also regenerates.

So here's the sequence: Go through the dungeon, stop outside the door to the cavern, SAVE, go through the cavern and kill the Blind Monk Prelate, check loot. Continue until finding item you want. Took me about 15 minutes to get an Amulet of Axes. Exit, save the game, wait 72 hours, go back into dungeon, go to the door to the cavern, SAVE again, and then go in and kill the Blind Priest and check loot. Reload and do this over and over until you get the Ring of the Iron Fist (Necklace of Swords of course would be useless as I already had an Amulet of Axes). It took me about a half hour to do that. In less than ONE HOUR, I had 100% Reflect Damage.

In less than FOUR hours I had every powerful ring and amulet in the game including:

Mundane Ring
Ring of Perfection
Ring of Vitality
Ring of Skimming
Ring of Wizardry
Ring of War
Ring of Treachery
Ring of Stamina
Frost, Flame, AND Storm Rings (100% resistance to frost, flame, and shock respectively) etc.
(supplied by: Honda_VFR)

Magicka Damage Immunity:

Now for Resist Magic 100%, this is actually pretty easy. For one thing since you only need the Escutcheon of Chorral and then one ring and one amulet to get to 101% Reflect Damage, that means you have one hand left to put a ring on. I chose the incredibly powerful MUNDANE RING which gives you 35% Reflect Spell and 50% Resist Magic.

The rest of the 50% you can get in any manner you wish. There is actually a SIGIL stone which has the effect RESIST MAGIC on it and if you get one at level 17 or above the Sigil Stone will be Transcendent Level meaning that using it on any piece of armor or clothing will enchant it with Resist Magic 20%. Get 3 Sigil Stones with Resist Magic and enchant 3 pieces of armor of clothing and you will get 60 percent Resist Magic. Add that to the 50% Resist Magic you get from wearing the Mundane Ring and you have 110% Resist Magic.

How do you get 3 Sigil Stones with Resist Magic on it? Well first of all, you obviously have to be level 17 or higher when you close an Oblivion Gate. The sigil stone you get when you close an Oblivion Gate is random so I just save right before picking it up and then reset and reload if it isn't what I wanted. Do this 3 times. Alternatively do it ONCE and then just duplicate it to get the other ones necessary.

And THAT is how you get a character with 101% Reflect Damage and 110% Resist Magic at the same time ... essentially making you unkillable by anyone in the game short of a Bow and Arrow. Problem with that is that it is neither magical (at least the base damage of the bow and arrow) nor melee based damage so it still affects you. Bowmen are also about 350,000 easier to kill than high level opponents, so I'll take my chances!
(supplied by: Honda_VFR)

Instant Kill Spell:

I made an instant kill spell. Here is how I did it. Finish the first 7 mages guild quests, or until given access to spell making. Then start up the spell making screen, select drain health, select either touch or target, then simply make the magnitude 100%. Keep in mind it costs 57 gold and only uses 19% of magic. And it requires a destruction skill of 25. Enemys who have a high destruction defence might resist this spell.
(supplied by: JaredPUNK)

Level glitch:

You have 7 major skills right? Each time you level any for a total of 10 levels you go up a main level. Once your major skills are maxed out you have to be a little infamus at this part. Go around killing ONLY GUARDS! once you have a high bounty go to jail and wait out the time. Its random on what skills get decreased but if a major skill decreases simply level them up again and it counts towards another level. I'v got my character 100 in Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, and Luck by repeating this process
(supplied by: Dumb_phuqer@yahoo.com)

Arrow duplication glitch:

The current arrow duplication glitch no longer works if you installed the latest update, but there still is a duplication glitch that works.

1. Get more than one type of the same scroll (the more the better)
2. Go to the "B" menu and equip the scroll.
3. DO NOT LEAVE THE MENU!!! Go to the item you wish to duplicate and drop it.
4. Depending on how many scrolls you have that is how many items are duplicated in front of you.

I suggest using this with two different scrolls and keep duplicating the scrolls until you have a lot of one, or both. That way in a matter of minutes you have 100 scrolls instead of just 2 or 3. (for that when the scrolls are dropped only pick up one or two).
(supplied by: RandleScandal16)

Level Up hint:

Ok, first off you need at least a mortar and pestel, 2 things that you can alchemize, and your character has to have alchemy as a main skill.

So all you have to do is use the item dupe cheat on the 2 things that can be alchemized so you have the same number of them (like 80 apples and 80 pumpkins or something like that). Now just alchemize them until it says 'you should rest and meditate on what you've learned.'

*ALSO*- When you're a high lvl (like 25+) it gets annoying on how long it takes to lvl up stuff (unless you use one of the leveling cheats), so an easy way to lvl up like lets say blade, is to go a npc that teaches blade and learn 5 lvls from them. Then use the alchemy cheat gain a level in like 1 minute, rest, lvl up, then go back to the trainer. Keep doing that and you'll be a master in no time! (you will probably have to find the master trainers first though.)
(supplied by: Powerman500) There you have it! A quick lvl up cheat for any skill

Scrolls cheat:

The arrow cheat no longer works as of the 1.2 patch! Now what you did with arrows, you can instead do with scrolls, to achieve the same effect.

If you have 10 scrolls of, say, absorb health, select the absorb health scroll, then jump right over to the thing you want to dupe, say maybe your Azura's star, and drop it. Bam, 10 Azura's stars. You can also use scrolls to dupe other scrolls. I like to walk around with 31 absorb health, 7 absorb endurance and 101 fireball scrolls, just to instantly replenish my potions and arrows when I'm in the field.
(supplied by: raveolution)

Prison key trick:

When you get sent to jail when you have a low bounty (easier plus it adds small amount of bounty on, 10% of you bounty), pick pocket the guard take the prison key, use it then place it in a easy place to see for the next time. But alway drop the key.
(supplied by: Bangin)

Duplicate trick:

If you need to duplicate something and have too many arrows like if you have 100 arrows and you only need 70, equip all your arrows and drop the amount you need. Then equip the rest of them and pick up the ones you dropped. The one that you dropped will be equiped and the ones you equiped before will be unequiped and now you can use the duplicate the rite amount of items you need.
(supplied by: Bullyboy)

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