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1. Thir13en Ghosts Bloops & Blunders
June 14, 2002
Scene Marker Makes an Accidental Appearance
Do a frame-by-frame with your DVD remote when the boy sees his first ghost in the basement. Right when he turns his head, step through the next couple of seconds and you'll see a single frame with the -13 Ghosts Production- scene marker board.

Magical Moving Stain
When Arthur first trips over Bobby's scooter, he spills juice on his shirt. Then it cuts to a shot of Cathy, then back to Arthur. The stain is not only bigger but moved fron the top of his right shoulder to the middle of his chest.

Missing Badge
When the family, the attorney and Dennis are in the house, Dennis goes down to the basement. He has a identification badge on his orange overalls, but when he comes running up to warn everyone, it is gone.

Sound-Proof Glass?
The pyschic tells the family that the glass is shatter-proof and sound-proof. Later, the maid, the psychic and the father and daughter split up to find the son. The psychic gives the maid the ghost-seeing-glasses so she can see the ghosts. Shortly after, the psychic gets trapped in the room with one of the ghosts. The maid is yelling through the glass to tell him when to duck or move when the ghost attacks him. How can he hear her when the glass is supposed to be sound-proof?

Crewman's Reflection?
An hour and four minutes into the movie (DVD time), Arthur punches Rafkin and they both wind up on the floor. Over Arthur's shoulder there is an image of a man (mostly his face) that is neither a painting or a ghost, nor is it a reflection of Rafkin. Could it have been a crew member's reflection?

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