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January 13, 2009
To gain free trainer points and money, hold the rubber brush on your dog and you will gain 1 dollar and a trainer point each minute.


For unlocking the dogs/I.Ds(Interior Decorators) you need this many trainer points in Dachshund and Friends:

2,000 = Yorkishire Terrier
4,000 = Shiba Inu
6,000 = Desktop(I.D)
8,000 = Cavalier K.C. Spaniel
10,000 = Pembroke Welsh Corgi
12,000 = Seaside(I.D)
14,000 = Shetland Sheepdog
16,000 = Mini Schnauzer
18,000 = Outer Space(I.D)
20,000 = Boxer
22,000 = Toy Poodle
25,000 = Northern European(I.D)
30,000 = German Shepard
35,000 = Miniture Pinscher
40,000 = Urban Living(I.D)
45,000 = Chihuahua
50,000 = Labrador Retriever
(supplied by: Ben_10)


When you are walking your dog, you will want to know if there are any presents on the walk that are not marked. If you look at the map and your dog has stopped moving(on the map) but is still moving on the bottom screen it means either there is trash nearby OR a present.
(supplied by: shannan12)

Money trick:

When doing a contest (agility, trail) save before entering then go onto the contest and start doing it. If you win any money turn of the power and switch it on again. You can do another contest and still have the money. This works even when it is your last shot at a contest. If you lose you will just drop a level and keep everything.
(supplied by: JonnyXtream)

Skip blue spots on walks:

When you are going on a walk and you are coming to one of the blue spots, grab the collar and lift it up in the air and you will jump over the blue spot.
(supplied by: scalia213)

Money Hints:

To get a £100 on the game, on a walk find a statue. When you have it take it to the secondhand shop and sell it! Plus if you find a vase or a piggy bank smash it in your house and you get about 10p.
(supplied by: doggy boy)

Dog walk trick:

Before you go on a walk, if you have a lucky collar put it on the dog that your gonna walk. Then if you have a clover clock put that on aswell. When you go out for a walk you get to a present and it is likely you will get something really good, like a dimond ring or a golden lead.
(supplied by: honeybunny)

Unlock breeds quicker:

1. Have somebody with a DS and the Nintendogs game.
2. Click GO OUT then BARK MODE then choose a breed your friend doesn't have. Click that your friend does the same.
3. Then click YES
4. When the screen saying this comes up ( would you like to have >>><<< bring one of your supplies) click YES
5. Choose a supply
6. Then click YES
7. Then YES again
8. When you play with other player for a while a message should appear when you get home saying you have a new breed.
(supplied by: laurajanerich)

Piggy bank:

When you find a piggy bank, save the game and then smash it. If you don't get as much money as you would like, turn off your game and try again. The amount of money that you can get out of them varies.
(supplied by: Lilbittybop)

Present Trick:

1. Make sure you have a least 1 accessory.
2. Select GO OUT and the WALK.
3. Hit as many question marks as you can and then go to the park.
4. Start the walk.
5. At the park, change an accessory.
6. Turn the ds off.
7. You can the go on another walk with the same dog and keep the stuff you picked up.
8. You can go on up to as many walks as you want using this method.

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