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You have a total of seventeen ways to kill, mutilate, pummel, destroy and pulverize your enemies. You’ve got the standard array of weapons, such as the Assault Rifle and Shock Rifle, as well as some totally devastating weapons, including the Redeemer and the Ion Cannon. In short, there is no shortage of giblets flying through the world.

Some weapons are better suited to certain roles, and this is where I help you. For example, it’s wise to use the Lightning Gun while sniping, but it is almost useless in a close quarters fight.

This section will detail all the weapons in the game, as well as provide strategies for using those weapons.

Click on a weapon for detailed information


Assault Rifle


Flak Cannon


Lightning Gun


Sniper Rifle


Mini Gun


Rocket Launcher


Shield Gun


Shock Rifle


Ion Painter


Mine Layer






Link Gun


Target Painter


Grenade Launcher






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