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There are seven items that are available for you to pick up throughout the maps. All of them help you in some way.
Adrenaline is spread throughout several maps. You earn adrenaline by running over the pills in the game, or by killing enemies. When you reach 100, you will be able to pull off one of six special abilities.
Double Damage
Double Damage increases the power of your weapons. This is usually found in out of reach places, and lasts for thirty seconds.
Health Pack
The Health Pack replenish your health by 50 points. There are several of them, and will take your health to a maximum of 100.
Health Vial
A Health Vial will increase your health by 5 points, but they can be used to take your health past 100, up to 199. They are usually found in groups of three or more.
Keg O’ Health
The Big Keg O’ Health will give you 100 points of health, up to a maximum of 199. Usually only one per map. Some are in plain view, some hidden.
Shield Pack
A Shield Pack provides you with 50 points of armor, up to a maximum of 100. They are usually found in plain sight.
Super Shield Pack
The Super Shield Pack will net you 100 points of armor, taking you past the limit to 150.

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