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Once you have collected 100 points of adrenaline, you can perform one of six moves that last until your adrenaline wears down. These moves are performed by pressing a series of keys in order. The commands listed are used with the default control scheme.

This power up increases your movement speed, allowing you to run at twice the speed.
Command: W, W, W, W

This power up replenishes your health every second by five points. If you manage to reach 199 health, it will begin adding to your armor count. If you manage to reach 150 armor, it will stop until you lose health/armor, or until your adrenaline runs out.
Command: S, S, S, S

This power up renders you invisible. While enemies at a distance cannot see you, those who are right next to you will be able to make out a faint a outline of your character, like a watermark. Don’t rely on it completely.
Command: A, A, D, D

This power up increases the damage you cause. It works like a Double Damage power up. Combine both the Double Damage and this ability for one hell of a destructive rampage.
Command: W, W, S, S

This power up blends your character into foliage and rocks, making you harder to see. This can only be activated if the Bonus Combos mutator is enabled.
Command: D, D, D, D

This power up turns your character into a tiny player, making you harder to hit for the duration. This can only be activated if the Bonus Combos mutator is enabled.
Command: A, A, A, A

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