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You have a wide variety of characters available to choose from to represent your in-game player. A lot of characters are from the original game, Unreal Tournament 2003, and some have been added for this version. All the characters can be separated according to their race, so if you are looking for a specific model, you can find it here.

ThunderCrash Mercenary Egyptian Juggernaut Gen Mo’Kai
Malcolm Brock Diva Gorge Damarus
Jakob Lauren Scarab Rylisa Mokara
Aryss Prism Asp Cannonball Motig
Tamika Wraith Roc Ambrosia Faraleth
Othello Sapphire Memphis Frostbite Komek
Azure Romulus Horus Reinha Makreth
Annika Black Jack Cleopatra Arclite Selig
Riker Torch Hyena Siren Nebri
Robot Nightmare Skaarj Cybernetic Hellions
Thorax Brutalis Dominator Virus Garrett
Widowmaker Lilith Drekorig Enigma Baird
Cobalt Mr. Crow Skakruk Xan Greith
Corrosion Domina GuardianK Cyclops Zarina
Mandible Ravage ChanLord Cathode Ophelia
Syzygy Fate Kraagesh Axon Kaela
Rapier Harlequin Gaargod Divisor Rae
Renegade Subversa Gkublok Matrix Kane
  Abaddon     Outlaw


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