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Cheat codes are only available in single player games, and multiplayer games that have cheat codes enabled.

General Cheat Codes

Code What it does
allammo Full ammo for all weapons
loaded Gives all weapons
god Infinite health
fly Turn on flight mode
walk Turn off flight mode
behindview 1 Enable third-person-view
behindview 0 Disable third-person-view
ghost Walk through walls; also called "clipping"
addbots <amount> Add bots ("addbots 20")
allweapons Gives all weapons, but no ammo
suicide Kill yourself
fov <amount> Change field of view ("fov 244")
setname <name> Change your name ("setname Cooldude")
setres <HxVxW> Set resolution ("setrest 1024x768x32")
switchteam Change teams
stat audio Display audio stats
stat all Display all stats
stat none Remove stats
stat game Display game stats
stat net Display network information
stat fps Display frames-per-second
quit Quit game to desktop
exit Quit game to desktop
playersonly Stop all bots from moving
killbots Kill all bots
togglefullscreen Toggle fullscreen and windowed mode
teleport Teleport to location of crosshair
open <map> Open a map ("open ons-dria")
setgravity Set the level of gravity
setjumpz Set the height of jumps
setspeed Set player speed
slowmo <amount> Set speed of slow motion

Weapon Cheat Codes

These codes will spawn the item at your location. For example, typing "summon xweapons.redeemerpickup" will cause a Redeemer to spawn at your spot.

Code What it does
summon xweapons.redeemerpickup Redeemer
summon xweapons.assaultriflepickup Assault Rifle
summon xweapons.bioriflepickup Bio Rifle
summon xweapons.flakcannonpickup Flak Cannon
summon xweapons.painterpickup Target Painter
summon xweapons.sniperriflepickup Lightning Gun
summon xweapons.linkgunpickup Link Gun
summon xweapons.minigunpickup Minigun
summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup Rocket Launcher
summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup Shield Gun
summon xweapons.shockriflepickup Shock Rifle
summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup Instant Kill Shock Rifle
summon onslaught.onsavrilpickup AVRiL
summon onslaught.onsgrenadepickup Grenade Launcher
summon onslaught.onsminelayerpickup Mine Layer
summon utclassic.classicsniperriflepickup Classic Sniper Rifle
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverTank Goliath
summon Onslaught.ONSPRV Hellbender
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBike Manta
summon Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft Raptor
summon Onslaught.ONSRV Scorpion
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma Ion Tank
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSMobileAssaultStation Leviathan
summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle_spacefighter_skaarj Skaarj Spacefighter
summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle_spacefighter_human Human Spacefighter
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