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Depending on well you do, you can earn certain “rewards”. They don’t give you any bonus points, but it’s a nice way of knowing that you’ve done something cool. Kill a lot of people without dying, kill more than one person in a short amount of time, run over somebody, etc.

Killing Spree – Rampage – Unstoppable – Godlike
For every five enemies you kill without dying, you get one of the above. The first five enemies results in a Killing Spree. When you kill ten, you get a Rampage. The list goes on and on. See how many you can get.

Head Shot!
You get this if you nail somebody in the head using the Sniper Rifle or Lightning Gun.

Road Rage!
You get this if you run over an enemy in a vehicle.

Hit & Run!
You get this if you run over an enemy in a fast vehicle, like the Scorpion, and take off right after, without slowing or stopping.

Double Kill – Multi Kill – Ultra Kill
You get the above if you kill more than one enemy in a short amount of time. If you manage to kill four or more enemies within three seconds, or with one blast (such as a missile from the Redeemer), you will get the Ultra Kill.

Top Gun!
The Top Gun reward is given to you if you take out a Raptor with your own Raptor by using the homing rockets.

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