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Unreal Tournament 2004 has something brand new to the Unreal universe, and those are vehicles. There are nine vehicles in total, including one that’s not controllable by you.

You’ve got access to a fast moving Scorpion, the slow-but-deadly Goliath tank, the fast but fragile Manta, and six more.

Every vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages, and several allow you to transport teammates. Imagine a fully loaded Leviathan. Can we say unstoppable?

The Goliath, Scorpion, Hellbender, Manta, Raptor and Leviathan are all available in Onslaught games. Some of the vehicles are available in Assault games, and the two space craft, the Human Spacefighter and Skaarj Spacefighter, can only be found in one Assault map. The ninth vehicle, the Phoenix, is found in Onslaught games, but has to be summoned with the Target Painter and is not controllable by you.

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Human Spacefighter

Skaarj Spacefighter


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