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Assault pits two teams against each other, Attackers and Defenders. The Attackers must make their way through various maps, completing different objectives. The Defenders must stop the attackers from completing the objectives. When either team wins, or if the round ends, teams are swapped, and the Attackers become the Defenders.

Onslaught pits two teams against each other in large, outdoor maps. Each team has a home base and a Power Core. Each team must race to different Power Nodes spread throughout the map to take control of that node. Each node gives the team new vehicles, and a new place to spawn. Once enough nodes have been linked to the enemy base, that team can then attack the enemy power core. When the power core is destroyed, the team that destroyed it wins.

Deathmatch has been around since the days of Doom, and it’s an every man for himself free-for-all. There are no teams, just you against everybody else. The player with the most kills at the end of the round wins.

Capture the Flag  
Two teams are pitted against each other, trying to steal the opposing team’s flag. Bases are identical, just on opposite sides. A player must race to the enemy base, steal the flag, and return to their home base, where they must run into their own flag to score a capture. If that team’s flag has been taken, it must be returned to its stand before a point can be scored. At the end of the round, the team with the most captures wins.

Team Deathmatch
Identical to deathmatch, except you’re in teams. Each team must kill members of the other team, with no objectives or nodes to worry about. The team with the highest amount of kills at the end wins.

Double Domination  
Two teams are tasked with capturing and controlling two control points, and holding them long enough to score a point. Control points can be captured in any order, but the countdown can be interrupted if an enemy steps on your point, converting it to their team. At the end of the round, the team with the most points wins.

Bombing Run  
Kind of like soccer, two teams face off. There is one ball, and whenever a player runs over the ball, they carry it. They must take it to the enemy base, and either shoots it through the goal or run through the goal to score points. The ball drops if the carrier is killed, and can be picked up by members of either team. You can also pass the ball to teammates. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins, or the team who hits the predetermined score limit first.

A variation of Deathmatch. It starts off as a normal Deathmatch game, but the first person to score a kill becomes the Mutant. As the Mutant, you score points by killing enemies. The Mutant has access to constant beserk, invisibility and agility adrenaline moves, and can collect all weapons, but the Mutant’s health drains and can only be replenished by killing people. The Mutant appears on everybody’s radar, and the other players all gun for the Mutant, as they can no longer kill each other. Once a player kills the Mutant, he becomes the Mutant, and the whole thing starts over again. There is also a player called the Bottom Feeder, and this player must have the lowest frags in the game. He is allowed to kill other people besides the Mutant, but doesn’t have access to the same powers. Once the player is no longer the lowest scorer, he loses his Bottom Feeder rating, and the next lowest player becomes the Bottom Feeder. If the Mutant kills the Bottom Feeder, the Mutant receives a bonus five points. The player who racks up the most points as the Mutant wins.

You must hold out on an endless wave of enemies. Each of the waves lasts between ninety seconds and four minutes. If you die during a wave, you’re out of the round, unless one player survives, in which case everyone respawns for the next attack.

Last Man Standing
Another variation of Deathmatch, everybody starts the game will every weapon. However, every player has a limited amount of lives, and once they are gone, you’re out until the next round. Camping is not allowed in this mode, as campers will be called out, and their position will appear on everyone’s radar. The last person to remain alive wins.

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