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Mutators must be enabled by the server administrator, and they can alter the way you play the game. Mutators allow for several variants of game play, such as making your head bigger or smaller, depending on how good or bad you’re playing, giving vehicles the ability to jump from straight off the ground, making the world low gravity, allowing you to jump to extreme heights, and more.

Air Control
This mutator alters the behavior of players while they are in the air.

Replaces all weapons and ammunition in the maps played.

Depending on how good you are playing, your head will grow bigger or shrink.

Like BigHead, but the size of the vehicle wheels will change, depending on how good you are playing.

Bonus Combos
This mutator allows you to use two extra combos; Pint-Size and Camouflage.

Game Speed
This mutator allows the game speed to be increased, so everything will go super fast.

Lightning Guns
If you are playing in a map with a sniper rifle, this mutator replaces them with the Lightning Gun. This applies to all maps.

Lightweight Vehicles
When a vehicle is hit with an explosive, it will fly much further than usual.

Turns low gravity on, allowing players to jump further, just like maps that take place in space.

No Adrenaline
This mutator removes all adrenaline pickups, which prevent you from using any of the special Adrenaline moves.

No SuperWeapons
This mutator removes the powerful weapons from the maps, to make the game seem fair.

Onslaught Weapons
With this mutator, weapons available in Onslaught games, like the AVRiL, will be available in other game modes, such as Assault or Capture the Flag.

Like the double jump, but this mutator allows you to jump twice as high as the double jump, letting you reach very high ledges.

Everybody regenerates health over time.

Slow Motion Corpses
When you die, your corpse moves in slow motion.

Sniper Rifles
The opposite of Lightning Guns, this mutator replaces all Lightning Guns with Sniper Rifles. This applies to all maps.

Species Statistics
Each of the races has their own unique combat stats, giving strengths and weaknesses to the race of the character you choose.

Stunt Vehicles
This mutator allows wheeled vehicles (Scorpion, Hellbender, etc.) to jump from a driving position. To do this, hold down crouch (default: shift) to charge, then release it to jump into the air. This mutator lets you control them in mid-air, as well.

Super Berserk
Every weapon in the game has increased power and increased reload rates.

UDamage Reward
If a player has a Double Damage pickup and gets killed, the remainder of the power up will be available for pickup. For example, if I had twenty seconds left when I died, and someone grabbed it, they’d get double damage for twenty seconds.

UT Classic
This mutator enables weapons (models, firing, etc.) and movement style of the original Unreal Tournament.

UT2003 Style
This mutator enables the fast dodging and fast weapon switching found in Unreal Tournament 2003.

In order to support the ‘SeeAll’ mode, this mutator must be enabled.

When you damage your opponent, you gain a portion of your health back.

Vehicle Arena
This mutator will replace every vehicle with a certain type of vehicle. All Scorpion battle fest? Go ahead.

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