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These are the default controls for the game. You can change them
to whatever you wish through the Game Options screen, available
from the “Settings” link on the main menu.

Movement Controls

Control… What it does…
Left Mouse Button Fire Weapon
Right Mouse Button Alternate Fire
Up Arrow/W Move Forward
Down Arrow/S Move Backward
Left Arrow/A Strafe Left
Right Arrow/D Strafe Right
Spacebar Jump
Shift Crouch/Down
Delete Look Up
Page Down Look Down
End Center View

Communication/Taunt Controls

Control… What it does…
T Say (to everyone)
R Team Say (teammates only)
V Show Speech Menu
F Activate Microphone
; Point (animation)
J Pelvic Thrust (animation)
K Ass Smack (animation)
L Throat Cut (animation)

Weapon Controls

Control… What it does…
Mousewheel Down/Numpad + Next Weapon
Mousewheel Up/Numpad - Previous Weapon
B Switch to Last Weapon
G Switch to Best Weapon

Miscellaneous Controls

Control… What it does…
M Show Path to Red Base
N Show Path to Blue Base
- Decrease HUD Size
+ Increase HUD Size
E Use/Action/Activate/Get In Vehicle
Pause Pause Game (single player only)
F9 Take Screenshot in .BMP format ¹
Escape Open Game Menu/Map
F1 Open Scoreboard
F2 Open In-Game Voice Chat
F3 Show Personal Stats
F11 Show Music Playlist
F12 Toggle Radar Map On/Off

¹ Screenshots are saved to the “/ScreenShots” directory of wherever
you installed the game.

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