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Alright, time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but we're all out of bubblegum. It's time to hit Truth hard, and hit him where it will hurt, like the *spoiler*. But you might already know.

Objective: Deactivate the First Barrier Tower



Start the level by eliminating any close forces. Watch out for Grunts who will swing around to your right and throw some grenades. As soon as that is done, use the Spartan Laser to take out the two Shade turrets across the way (one hit per turret), then destroy the AA-Tank and any remaining forces on the top of the hill. View Screenshot There might be a Brute Captain with a Fuel Rod Gun next to the tank, so watch out.

Now, when the Mongoose and Warthog gets dropped off, grab the second Spartan Laser next to the downed Pelican and give the Fuel Rod Gun to the Marine who jumps in the passenger seat for the Warthog, then take the driver seat, head off with the Mongoose following.

Up and around the hill are more Covenant forces until you reach the next area where there will be even MORE Covenant forces. Mwahahaha. In this next large area, you'll see a Wraith in the center, a Shade turret in the back and two Brute Prowlers will come out from the structure below. What you want to do is immediately go to the right-ish area and swing around to the back. View Screenshot Now you'll see a slope you can drive up which will take you to the turret that you can run over. Woot. Take out remaining forces and slowly creep up to the opening so your gunner and passenger can take out the other Shade turret and Covies inside. Behind you will be ammunition dropped off by a Pelican.


Now, then inside the structure will be a lift which will take you to the controls to disable part of the barrier where Truth is hiding. Once you eliminate the forces below, a Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer along with four other Brutes should be waiting upstairs. Kill them and disable the barrier. View Screenshot

Alright, the Arbiter and his squad took down the second barrier, but thanks to the incompetence of Johnson and his squad, the third barrier still stands. So you have to regroup with the Arbiter and his Elites at the third tower to take it down. Now then, you're not going to hitch a ride in a Pelican, you're going in hot with guns firing.

Work your way back down to the beach where you'll see a Hornet or two parked for you. View Screenshot

If You Want in Done Right


Take the hornet and take out everything that is not friendly in front of the second and third tower before landing at the third tower. View Screenshot

Once you land at the third tower, the Arbiter and his Elites will go in with you. Inside will be two Hunters and lots of Drones, take them out and head upstairs, however, the Arbiter doesn't want to go with you...bleh. Eliminate everything upstairs and deactivate the barrier. Queue cut scene.

Yay, our part is over, let's watch the fireworks as the Elite Cruiser takes out the Citadel...wait...OH NO! NO NO NO! IT'S HIGH CHARITY! AND! METEORS!! A big one guts through the ship and another one breaks off and crashes right through where you are, unleashing....FLOOD!

Work your way back downstairs and outside while eliminating the flood...all of them. Outside and to the right are some vehicles. A Scorpion MBT along with a Warthog and a Mongoose equipped with a passenger holding a Rocket Launcher, the choice is yours.

Journeys End
Objective: Breach the Citadel

Alright, time to breach the Citadel and kill the Prophet of Truth, yay! As you progress, there will be a multitude of Covie forces, so just take it slowly until you reach the end. When you're all done, there should be two Hornets parked right ahead of you, take one them and fly ahead. View Screenshot


You will soon be joined up with two of your best friends, two Scarab tanks. Yes...two...two two two two two. Two. A good strategy is to take the Hornet and make a continuous circle around the Scarabs while shooting at their legs. When one goes down, shoot the back until the main reactor thingamabob is exposed and destroy it. Do the same thing for the other as well. But watch out, there are Ghosts on the ground and Brutes with Fuel Rod Guns on the Scarabs, so it might not be an easy battle. View Screenshot

Once both are dead, land the Scarab in front of the Citadel where the Arbiter lands and work your way inside.

Objective: Stop Truth from firing the Rings

Alright, time to stop Truth from what he was trying to do all along. From where he is now, he can activate all the rings. Boo.

Once you reach the top, you will be confronted with an unexpected alliance, the flood. For some reason, they want to help you know. I guess they'll eat your brains later. So, in between you and Truth are a lot of Covies. Grunts with Plasma Cannons, Grunts with Fuel Rod Guns, and Brutes. Lots of Brutes.

Reach the end, activate the bridge and watch cut scene.

Objective: Escape! Again...

Alright, now the flood doesn't want to play nice anymore. Seeing on how your attempts to escape with the Pelican failed, you have to get out the long way. Work your way ALL the way back and once there, you can see a small shaft behind the elevator where you came up.

Watch the cut scene and level complete. Two more to go.


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