Basics / Hints & Tips
  - 1: Sierra 117
  - 2: Crows Nest
  - 3: Tsavo Highway
  - 4: The Storm
  - 5: Floodgate
  - 6: The Ark
  - 7: The Covenant
  - 8: Cortana
  - 9: Halo
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 Meta Scoring
 Armor Permutations
 Multiplayer Maps
 Forge & Theater



In the main menu of Halo 3, you will find the following options.

- Start Solo Game
- Campaign
- Matchmaking
- Custom Games
- Forge
- Theater

And each will take you to their own lobby. Except the first one. That will start you off with a solo game.

So, with a new game, comes new stuff. There are new characters, new weapons, vehicles and something completely different, something called 'equipment'. (Explained later)

There are also new features in the game called "Forge" and "Theater". Both forge and theater have a different control layout, explained below. More information regarding forge and theater is in their own section.

In this section, you will find a detailed list of all the main characters and Covenant Species, all weapons, vehicles and equipment.

1 - Controls

A Jump
X Use Equipment
B Melee
Y Swap Weapon
RB Action / Reload Primary Weapon
LB Dual Wield / Reload or Swap Secondary Weapon / Choose Grenade
RT Use Primary Weapon
LT Throw Grenade / Use Secondary Weapon
D PAD Flashlight [UP] / Push to Talk [Multiplayer]
LEFT ANALOG Move / Strafe / Press to Crouch
RIGHT ANALOG Aim / Turn / Look / Press to Zoom
BACK View Multiplayer Score / Carnage Report
START Pause / Settings
'X' Xbox Guide / Friends List
A Pick Up / Drop Item
X Inventory / Item Options
B Hold to Drop Selected Item
Y Delete Item
RB Move Up
LB Move Down
RT Hold to Rotate Selected Item
LT Thrust
D PAD Switch Between Player and Editor Mode [UP]
LEFT ANALOG Move / Rotate Selected Item
RIGHT ANALOG Look / Rotate Selected Item
BACK View Multiplayer Score / Carnage Report
START Pause / Settings
'X' Xbox Guide / Friends List
A Play / Pause
X Hide / Show Control Pad
B Hide / Show HUD
Y Switch Between Flying Camera and Player Camera
RB Move Up [Flying Camera]
LB Move Down [Flying Camera]
RT Slow Motion / Fast Forward
LT Thrust [Flying Camera]
D PAD Switch Players [Player Camera]
LEFT ANALOG Move Camera / Press to Pan [Flying Camera]
RIGHT ANALOG Look / Rotate Camera [Flying Camera]
BACK View Multiplayer Score / Carnage Report
START Pause / Settings
'X' Xbox Guide / Friends List

2 - Characters

There are many key characters in the Halo Universe. A detailed list of them are below.

Spartan-117: The Master Chief View Screenshot
The Chief is the last of his kind, an elite group of human soldiers who were trained as children, and designed for war. He is encased in what is known as MJOLNIR Mark VI battle armor which gives his already heightend strenght, speed, etc, and extra boost. Because of his years of military experience and MJOLNIR battle armor, he is unparralleled to any other human.

The Arbiter View Screenshot
A disgraced Commander in the Covenant fleet. When he failed to protect Halo (in the first game) he was named a heretic, sentenced for death. However, he was given the chance to become an Arbiter to save what little reputation and honor he clutched onto. Arbiters in the Covenant history were meant to go on "suicide missions", however, during the Arbiter's travels and missions, he learns that all of the Covenant teachings were false. This in turn caused his people to fall away from the Covenant and create an unprecedented schism in the Covenant. The Sanghelli (Elites) now fight with the humans.

Cortana View Screenshot
The UNSC's most creative, intelligent and sophisticated Artificial Inteligence (AI). Cortana was originally an AI for the Pillar of Autumn, but she went into the posession of Spartan 117 at the start of the first game. Ever since then, the bond between the two grew stronger and stronger. Throughout the game, you will be reminded that Cortana is still missing when the Master Chief left her behind at High Charity. You must get her back.


The Prophet of Truth View Screenshot
The leader of the Covenant. Blinded in his beliefs about this "Great Journey" he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Because he believes the Humans to be a disgrace to his "Journey", he uses his vast armies to exterminate them.


Gravemind View Screenshot
The one-of-a-kind virulent Flood form which spreads and collects sentient creatues. Now that it has reached it's limit of collection, it has become Gravemind and will not stop to consume every living being in the galaxy. Gravemind now roams freely aboard High Charity.


Sergeant Johnson View Screenshot
Sergeant Major Avery Johnson is one battle hardend Marine, one of the bests. He knows the Master Chief like no other soldier does as throughout their battles and travels, they stuck close together from the first game, to the last.


Commander Miranda Keyes View Screenshot
Daughter of Captain Keyes, Miranda now plays a major role in the defense of Earth against the Covenant.


Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood (Lord Hood) View Screenshot
Admiral of the UNSC. He holds the highest rank as a human. Introduced in Halo 2 and continues on in Halo 3.


343 Guilty Spark View Screenshot
Introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved, 343 Guilty Spark served as the monitor for Installation 04 (the first Halo Ring). Known otherwise as "The Oracle" or simply "Spark", 343 Guilty Spark plays assists the Master Chief in Halo 3, yet has an important role in all three games.


Unggoy (Grunts)View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
These small creatures show a threat in large groups, but alone or even in small groups, the pose a small threat. They are also dependant on a leader in battle. If that leader is killed, they will panic and run away.


Kig-yar (Jackals) View Screenshot View Screenshot
Creatures of superior natural vision and dexterity. Therefore, they are used mainly as sharpshooters in the Covenant armies. Many carry energy shields because of their weak physical build.


Yanme'e (Drones) View Screenshot
Flying little buggers in the Covenant armies. These Drones serve as a great asset to the Covenant because of their ability to fly overhead in battle.


Jirallhanae (Brutes) View Screenshot View Screenshot
The Brutes assumed command of the Covenant armies in a quick change of hierarchy because of the Elite's inability to protect one of the High Prophets from the Master Chief. They are naturally strong, dangerous and prone to acts of berserker violence.


Sangheili (Elites) View Screenshot View Screenshot
The Elites were the ruling class of the Covenant before the change in hierarchy. They hold to their personal honor, and honor in battle. Because of the schism in the Covenant, a hatred between the Elites and the Prophets was born. This in turn created an alliance between the Elites and the Humans.


Lekgolo (Hunters) View Screenshot
Hunters are comprised of a wormlike entities which create a thick armor-plated form. Always found to be fighting in pairs, the Hunters make a deadly threat to ground forces with their massive shield and plasma cannon.


The Flood View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
The Flood are a parasitic alien life form which seek to infect and mutate (or kill) any and all sentient life they encounter. The Flood come in many different shapes and sizes, (more so than the first two games) all of which pose a threat to you throughout the game. Not only are they responsible for the deaths of countless lives, but they are also responsible for the deaths of their mysterious creators, the Forerunners who lived long....long ago not in a galaxy far...far away...


3 - Weapons

The Humans can hold their own during ground engagments with the Covenant because of a large arsenal of weapons.
But if outnumbered, that is another story. The Covenant is only so successful because of superior numbers of troops,
and space technology. All the Covenant has to do is destory any planetary defenses and destory the planet with plasma
from space (AKA: Glassing the Planet).

Halo 3 introduces "Support Weapons". These weapons are very powerful, but they slow down the player and they put you in third-person while carrying them. If you find a turret, like a machine gun, plasma cannon or missle pod, simple grab
it (RB), and detach it (B).

The following is a list of all weapons, seperated into: Human, Covenant, Brute, Forerunner and Grenades.


Magnum (Pistol)
Magazine: 8 rounds.
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic, 2 rounds per second
Damage per hit: High
Scoping: None
Dual Wieldable: Yes
Kill: 4-6 direct head shots
Submachine Gun (SMG)
Magazine: 60 rounds
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Damage per hit: Medium - Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: Yes
Kill: Rapid fire to target at close range
Assault Rifle (AR)
Magazine: 32 rounds
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Damage per hit: Medium - Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Direct fire to target at close enough range
Battle Rifle (BR)
Magazine: 36 rounds
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic, three-round bursts
Damage per hit: Medium
Scoping: Yes (2x)
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with headshot to a shieldless enemy
Shotgun (Shotty)
Magazine: 6 shells
Rate of Fire: Moderate
Damage per hit: Extreme - Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant at close range
Sniper Rifle (Snipes)
Magazine: 4 rounds
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Damage per hit: Extreme - High
Scoping: Yes (5x - 10x)
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with headshot or two body shots to a shielded enemy
Rocket Launcher (Rocks)
Magazine: 2 rockets
Rate of Fire: Moderate
Damage per hit: Extreme - Medium
Scoping: Yes (2x)
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with direct or close hit
Spartan Laser (Splazor)
Magazine: 5 shots/charge
Rate of Fire: Low
Damage per hit: Extreme - High
Scoping: Yes (2x)
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with direct hit
Heavy Machine Gun (Turret)
Magazine: 200 Rounds when detached (Infinite when mounted)
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Very quick with direct fire to target
Missile Pod Support Weapon
Magazine: 8 Rounds when detached (Infinite when mounted)
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with direct hit
Flamethrower Support Weapon
Magazine: 100 Fuel Energy
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic (3 second bursts)
Damage per hit: Extreme
Instant Kill with Headshot: Yes (Instant kill once flame touches the body)
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No


Plasma Pistol
Magazine: 100 Energy
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Damage per hit: Low (Drains shield with overcharged shot)
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: Yes
Kill: Rapid fire to target
Plasma Rifle
Magazine: 100 Energy
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Damage per hit: Medium - Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: Yes
Kill: Rapid fire to target
Energy Sword (Sword)
Magazine: 100 Energy (10 hits)
Rate of Fire: Low (2-second delay per swing)
Damage per hit: Extreme
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with one swing/lunge
Needler (Needles)
Magazine: 19 Needles
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Damage per hit: Extreme - Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant if enough needles connect to target
Magazine: 18
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Damage per hit: Medium
Scoping: (2x)
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with headshot to a shieldless enemy
Beam Rifle (Snipes)
Magazine: 100 Energy
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Damage per hit: Extreme - High
Scoping: (5x - 10x)
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with headshot or two body shots to a shielded enemy
Fuel Rod Gun (FRG)
Magazine: 5 Rounds
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Damage per hit: High - Medium
Scoping: (2x)
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Two direct hits to target
Automatic Plasma Cannon Support Weapon (Turret)
Magazine: 200 Rounds when detached (Infinite when mounted)
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Very quick with direct fire to target
Stationary Plasma Turret (Shade)
Magazine: Infinite Ammunition
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Damage per hit: Medium
Instant Kill with Headshot: No
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No


One of Halo 3's purposes was to expand the Brute Sandbox. Only two of four listed below were seen in Halo 2, however, only the Brute Shot was a useable weapon.

Gravity Hammer (Hammer)
Magazine: 100 Energy (Depletes Energy per swing)
Rate of Fire: Low (2-second delay per swing)
Damage per hit: Extreme - Medium
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Instant with lunge
Spiker Carbine (Spiker)
Magazine: 48 Rounds
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Damage per hit: Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: Yes
Kill: Rapid fire to target at close range
Mauler Pistol (Mauler)
Magazine: 5 Rounds
Rate of Fire: Moderate
Damage per hit: High - Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: Yes
Kill: Instant with two direct hits at close range
Brute Shot
Magazine: 6 Rounds
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Damage per hit: Medium
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Direct fire to target


The only weapon affiliated with the Forerunners is the Sentinel Beam. Whenever a Sentinel is destroyed, you are able to pick up their weapon from the wreakage.

Sentinel Beam
Magazine: 100 Energy
Rate of Fire: Constant
Damage per hit: Extreme - Low
Scoping: No
Dual Wieldable: No
Kill: Direct fire to target


Halo 3 introduces two, never before seen grenades into the Halo series, the Brute Spike
grenade and the Incendiary grenade.

Fragmentation Grenade (Frag)
Ammunition Limit: 2 Grenades
Damage: High - Low
Kill: Two grenades at close range
Antipersonal "Plasma" Grenade (Plasma Grenade)
Ammunition Limit: 2 Grenades
Damage: Extreme - Low
Kill: One grenade at close range or stuck to target
Fragmentation "Spike" Grenade (Spike Grenade)
Ammunition Limit: 2 Grenades
Damage: Extreme - Low
Kill: One grenade at close range or stuck to target
Antipersonnel/Antimaterial Incendiary Grenade (Firebomb)
Ammunition Limit: 2 Grenades
Damage: Extreme - Medium
Kill: Instant with direct hit

4 - Vehicles

Halo 3 not only brings back all the vehicles from the previous game (except the Spectre) but also, introduces many new ones. Following is a list of all vehicles that you can find in the game.

This list is seperated into three types: Humans, Covenant and Brutes


Warthog LRV (Hog) View Screenshot
Armament: (1) Light anti-aircraft gun mounted on back.
Crew: (1) Driver. (1) Gunner. (1) Passenger.
Warthog LAAV (Gauss Hog) View Screenshot
Armament: (1) Gauss Cannon
Crew: (1) Driver. (1) Gunner. (1) Passenger
Warthog TT (Troop Hog) View Screenshot
Armament: None
Crew: (1) Driver. (4) Passengers
Scorpion Main Battle Tank (Scorpion) View Screenshot
Armament: (1) High Velocity Gun. (1) Secondary Gunner Turret
Crew: (1) Driver and Gunner (1) Secondary Gunner. (4) Passengers
Mongoose Ultra-light All-terrain vehicle (Mongoose) View Screenshot
Armament: None
Crew: (1) Driver. (1) Passenger
Attack Hornet (Hornet) View Screenshot
Armament: (2) Rotary chain guns. (2) Guided Missile Launchers
Crew: (1) Driver. (2) Passengers
Behemoth-class Troop Transport View Screenshot
Armament: (1) Light Anti-aircraft Gun. (1) Heavy Machine Gun (Detachable)
Crew: (1) Driver. (16+) Personnel
Cargo Capacity: (6) Mongooses. (2) Warthogs
Pelican Dropship View Screenshot
Armament: (2) Missile Pods. (1) Heavy Machine Gun
Crew: (1) Pilot. (1) Co-pilot.
Cargo Capacity: 10 Passenger Seats.
Complement: (1) Scorpion Tank, or (1) Warthog, or (2) Mongooses, or (4) Weapon canisters.
Additional Notes: This vehicle is non-usable and cannot be destroyed.


Ground Support Vehicle (Banshee) View Screenshot
Armament: (2) Plasma Cannons. (1) Fuel Rod Gun
Crew: (1) Pilot
Rapid Assault Vehicle (Ghost) View Screenshot
Armament: (2) Plasma Cannons
Crew: (1) Driver
Mobile Artillery Tank (Wraith) View Screenshot
Armament: (1) Plasma Mortar (1) Secondary Plasma Turret
Crew: (1) Driver (1) Gunner
Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AA Wraith) View Screenshot
Armament: (6) Fuel Rod-based Guns (1) Secondary Plasma Turret
Crew: (1) Driver (1) Gunner
Phantom Drop Ship View Screenshot
Armament: (2) Automatic Plasma Cannons. (1) Shade Turret
Crew: (1) Pilot. (2) Gunners
Cargo Capacity: Varied with size of Specie
Complement: (1) Wraith, or (2) Ghosts
Additional Notes: This vehicle is non-usable. Use extremely heavy weapons to destroy, such as the rockets of a Hornet or the cannon from a Scorpion tank. Phantoms with green tops are friendly.
Ultra-Heavy Assault Tank (Scarab) View Screenshot
Armament: (1) Main Plasma/Energy Cannon. (1) Large Anti-Aircraft turret. (3) Mounted Automatic Plasma Cannons
Crew: AI controlled.
Cargo Capacity: Varied with size of Specie
Additional Notes: This vehicle is non-usable. Use heavy weapons to damage the legs, then board the tank when it lowers. Once done, head to the main reactor in the back and destroy that to make the Scarab tank explode.


Rapid Assault Vehicle (Chopper) View Screenshot
Armament: (4) Autocannons
Crew: (1) Driver
Infantry Scout Vehicle (Prowler) View Screenshot
Armament: (1) Mounted Plasma Turret
Crew: (1) Driver. (1) Gunner. (2) Passengers.

5 - Equipment

Equipment is one of the best additions to Halo 3. You can use equipment is both campaign and multiplayer. Each equipment has a different effect, but be very careful, some equipment that you use can hurt you.

Campaign and Multiplayer

Bubble Shield View Screenshot
The Bubble Shield is just what it says, a shield in the shape of a big bubble. Anyone on any team is able to enter and leave the bubble shield, but bullets, rockets, plasma, etc is prevented from entering or leaving the bubble. The bubble shield however, does not stop vehicles from entering or leaving. This piece of equipment is perfect is you have a Shotgun or two Maulers. Try throwing a grenade and leaving the bubble down if you see someone charging in on you. You can also destroy the shield itself from the inside.
Power Drainer View Screenshot
This handy equipment is perfect for flushing out enemies or if you are out-numbered. If someone is in the effect-radius of the Power Drainer, their shields will near-instantly drain (overshields as well be careful if you have one!). But be aware, if you use the Power Drainer, it doesn't mean that you are immune to it's effects. Perfect if you know someone is coming up a lift, use the Power Drainer to deplete their shields then easily finish them off.
Trip Mine View Screenshot
The Trip Mine is a good peice of equipment. If you see a vehicle charging at you, deploy the Trip Mine at the last second to damage it, however, the Trip Mine will not destroy a vehicle like a warthog, it will not even kill someone who walks over it.
Portable Gravity Lift View Screenshot
This is the perfect tool to get to those high-to-reach places. If you can't reach it, use the Gravity Lift to help you "boost" your way up. Once deployed, the Gravity Lift produces.
Radar Jammer View Screenshot
Perfect for those times when you don't want your enemy to know where you are. The Radar Jammer will make your motion sensor useless by filling it with what seems like many hostile contacts. This is also useful at times when you are running away. If you deploy the Radar Jammer as you turn a corner, then another corner, your follower will not know where you have excaped to.
Flare View Screenshot
The Flare is to be used to blind anyone you want. If you deploy the Flare, anyone looking at it during it's short life-span will become blinded by it's light. A good tool if you know where you're shooting at, but the enemy does not.
Deployable Cover View Screenshot
Another shield, great for those "duck and shoot" moments. The Deployable Cover will provide a large shield where you can take cover behind. Unlike the bubble shield, you cannot walk through it, and it only covers one side of you.
There is a "slit" in the center of the shield where you are able to fire small arms through.
Regenerator View Screenshot
Perfect for those sniper positions or when you see that you are out-numbered. While in the effect-radius of the Regenerator, your shields will rapidly replenish, making you much more difficult to kill if not impossible with small
arms fire.

Campaign Only

Cloaking View Screenshot
Remember playing as the Arbiter in Halo 2? Did you like the cloaking feature? Well now you can have it back as the
Chief if you find one of these lying around. Cloaking will make you invisible unless your enemy is up close, or has
extremely good eye sight.
Invincibillity View Screenshot
Very simple to explain, once activated, Invincibillity will make you invincible for a short amount of time. Make good
use of it, because not only does it deplete quickly, but the only way to obtain one is to kill a Brute Cheiftan before he
uses his own.
Automatic Turret View Screenshot
These handy little turrets are great to hide behind. Similar to the weapon system of the Sentinel Beam, these turrets
will fire upon any nearby hostiles until destroyed.

6. Hints & Tips


Six guns of destruction, the AA Wraith:
Requirements: Battle Rifle/Carbine and lots of patience.
All you have to do is eliminate the secondary gunner and then stand on top of the driver. Bash open the hood (melee) until you can see the driver. Then melee the Brute until the helmet is gone (or if the helmet is not on the Brute, then do not melee). Now comes the hard part. You have to wait for a spot where it DOES NOT give you the option to board the enemy Wraith (Hold RB...) So for the split second that this does not show, hold RB and shoot the Brute in the head (while still holding RB). You should now board the Wraith once the Brute is dead. If you were not holding RB while you killed the Brute, the Wraith would most likely explode. Also, if you get out of the Wraith, it will explode, not allowing you to enter it again.

Mongooses, Choppers and Ghosts, Oh My!:
Last level, on Legendary difficulty. Instead of driving forward with the Warthog, go backwards and keep going until you can take a left turn. All the way in the back should be a Mongoose. To find a Chopper, go straight with the Warthog until you can take a left, it's before you reach the exploding squares. And to get to the ghosts, as soon as you exit the control room after you defeat 343, take a left instead of going up the ramp and you can see some ghosts underneath the stairs.

Invincibility is a must-have:
If you have not noticed yet, the Brutes with the large red headdresses are the only characters in the game who carry the rare invincibility equipment. Therefore, if you wish to obtain one, you have to kill the Brute before he activates his own. Meaning you have to kill him very quickly, because he will use it if you hurt him enough and after he starts charging at you. Also, once you have it, save it for when you need it because it is very effective, yet it only lasts a few seconds.

Explosions next to your feet don't always have to be bad:
Grenades don't always have to be the bad guy when you throw them at your feet. In fact, these helpful tools can help you gain that extra height. This tactic is extremely helpful in campaign. All you do is throw a grenade at your feet, jump and crouch in mid-air. The explosion from the grenade should give you an extra boost.

Wait, let me stand on your head:
Standing on friends' head is very helpful if you are trying to get out of a map or explore something that you easily can't get to. If you cannot get your friend up after you get to the desired position, try to have your friend kill his player and hopefully he will respawn close to you.

Easter Egg, Jerk Store Grunt:
At the very last leg of the last level, right before you go down the last ramp to jump into the frigate, you can see a rock archway to the right. On the other side of that is a small path which will take you to a Grunt who has something quite funny to say.

Easter Egg, Monkey things:
After you clear the area of Covenant when the Pelican flies off and crashes on the first level, head into the jungle and eliminate all the Jackals. Now back track your steps and get to the place where you first entered the jungle, from there you can make your way left, all the way up and across to the other side while hugging the left wall. Eventually, you should see a family of monkey things sitting there that you can't kill…sadly.

Easter Egg, MAWR AMMO!
In the level Crows Nest, before you reach the hanger, as you go down the long hallway, continue going down instead of taking a left into the doorway. At the end is a Marine talking to another Marine on the other side of the door. The voices of these Marines are from the people who made the popular Red Versus Blue Machinima.

Easter Egg, Spartan 117:
What? The Master Chief is…dead? This can't be…after all we've been through…after all the Covenant blood we have spilled!! WHY BUNGIE WHY!!! But wait! You can see that there is a cut scene after the credits, which shows the complete opposite. It shows that the Arbiter and everyone on Earth believes the Chief is dead because his part of the ship did not make it through the portal while leaving the Ark. Supposedly the portal collapsed and cut the ship in half. If you just beat the level on legendary difficulty, there is yet another clip right after this one…just a few seconds long, but it's cool.

Easter Egg, Dancing Man:
On the last level, you can find a two-dimensional figure bobbing up and down. To get this, you need help from a friend via split screen or Xbox Live to cross the large gap and second small yet narrow gap. To find this, simply take a right instead of a left next to the terminal before you reach the flood. You will immediately see the first gap. Good luck getting to it though.

Easter Egg, Peeing Brute:
Right after you destroy the Scarab on the level The Ark, head into the room as normal. Once
you're in the room with all the sleeping Grunts, you can see a Brute peeing in the back corner.

Easter Egg, Dancing Man:
This one is extremely hard to get to and requires team work. So if you go to the last level and the area where the terminal is (terminal eight) take a right instead of a left. To the right, you can see a dark chasm of death. On the other side somewhere over there is a man bobbing up and down.

Easter Egg, Marine Conversation:
On the level Crows Nest as you're making your way to the hanger for the first time, keep going down the long hallway instead of left into the door way and all the way down there is the easter egg.

You can also find the word 'Puma' written on the tire of any Warthog if you look closely enough.


Crouch Jump:
Similar to "Grenade Jumping", crouch jumping is another useful tactic, especially in the multiplayer field. All you have to do is jump and hold the crouch button. This will give you that extra clearance and when you pull of this amazing feat, your friends will be shocked and worship your feet in order for you to tell them how you did this. Some of that was a lie.

Melee is too strong, sad face:
If two people are in a quick unfriendly exchange of ammunition from weapons, and both can be killed by one melee hit, it does not matter who strikes first, because whoever has more health will win (assuming the person who struck second yet had more health struck a split second later or so). Bungie supposedly implemented this system to avoid more "host" problems. However, this seemed to have decreased because of the first auto update for the game. Now, you will see less of the above, and more of both people dying. And yes, the melee in Halo 3 is too strong. It takes two strikes to kill a fully shielded enemy. But it also takes two sniper rounds to the body (or the toe) to kill a fully shielded enemy. This can get very frustrating at times when you think you can kill someone by spraying them with your Assault Rifle when they actually kill you by using a melee.

Broken Rockets:
Nah, not really broken, well, compared to Halo 2 maybe. All that really happened was that there is no lock on feature for the rockets in Halo 3. Good thing you never really used the rockets anyway huh? But to supplement, there is now something called the "Missile Pods" which lock on automatically. Refer to the weapon section of this guide for more information on these.

And a broken Energy Sword:
Well, yes, the Energy Sword is…different from the Sword in Halo 2. In Halo 3 it takes about two seconds to switch to it. In addition, the lunge distance has been dramatically decreased. This has been implemented in the game to make the weapons more balanced, because if you played Halo 2 Multiplayer, I am sure you hated it when someone was charging at you and suddenly pulled out an Energy Sword and killed you from 50 miles away.

And…a broken Sniper Rifle:
Not too much of a change, it is just that there is now a slight delay in between each shot. So adapt or ie…mwahahahaha.

Grenades are better than you think:
If you are inside a Bubble Shield and you see someone running towards you, try throwing down a grenade at the last second then leave the Bubble Shield. If you timed this right, the grenade will explode next to the person who ran in the shield. You can also use this tactic if you know that someone is coming around a corner. Throw down a grenade while keeping a close eye on your motion tracker and hopefully the person will turn the corner with an exploding grenade in his face. Finally, sticky grenades are useful if you can aim. Use can use the tactic called "suicide stick" where you charge at an enemy who you know will kill you, but at the last second you stick him with a Spike or Plasma grenade.

Dual Maulers > Shotgun > Sword > Gravity Hammer > Mauler:
The Energy Sword and the Shotgun will usually beat a Gravity Hammer if both strike/fire at the same time. Therefore, if you have a Gravity Hammer, do not charge someone who you know has an Energy Sword or a Shotgun. When it comes to the Shotgun and the Energy Sword, usually the Shotgun will take down the Energy Sword, but occasionally I have seen it the other way around. However, do not forget that two Maulers will take down anything else, shotgun, sword…everything. So overall, two Maulers or the Shotgun are the best close range weapons you can find.

Rockets suck unless the target is stationary:
Not true, however, rockets are generally slow to fire, but very deadly. Therefore, when you are trying to take down a lone person with the rockets, try to anticipate where he will walk to or jump to, especially if he is already shooting at you. This means that sometimes, you will not be shooting directly at them, but where you think he will be when the rocket reaches them.

Shoop da Whoop:
Using the Spartan Laser to take down a single person can sometimes be difficult, especially if the person is moving. Therefore, a good thing to do while holding the Spartan Laser is to constantly charge it repeatedly, especially while walking around. If you do this, you may get lucky enough to spot an enemy while the Laser is almost fully charged, therefore making it easier to get that kill.

Multiplayer Invisibility Cheat:
Well, invisible on the motion tracker at least. If you are crouched while walking, you will not show up on anyone's motion tracker. This is a great tactic for those times where you have to sneak up on your enemy. Also if you use this hack while on Xbox Live, flaming ninjas will come to your house and take your Xbox away as punishment. Part of this is truth. Another part of it is a lie.

Plasma Pistols can take down vehicles:
With on overcharged shot from a Plasma Pistol and a successful hit, a vehicle will be stalled for a few seconds, similar to the effects from a Power Drainer. This will not stop the weapons from working. So if you stopped a Warthog, do not charge at it thinking the person in the turret cannot do anything. Keep in mind however that the overcharged shots from said Plasma Pistol do not track targets as well as in Halo 2. So unless your target is dead ahead of you, do not bother trying to stall a vehicle. This brings us to the next part.

No more Noob-Combo:
This is correct. An over-charged shot from the plasma pistol can hardly track on anymore, like it did in Halo 2. Unless the target is straight ahead of you and not moving left or right, hitting the person with said shot will be quite difficult.
Along with less accuracy, the battery drains quickly while holding a charged pistol.

Glitches are gone bye-bye:
Halo 3 is a much more balanced game than its predecessor, Halo 2. By balanced, I mean less glitches and the works. There are no more super bounces and no more weapon glitches, such as the BXR, BXB. So if you depended on these while playing Halo 2, good luck with this game.

Brute Shots are a good boost:
Ever wanted to get into the upper room on The Pit with a Sniper Rifle on Team Slayer? Well now you can. All you have to do is grab a Sniper Rifle and a Brute Shot, then go to the lower window area. Look down while aiming the Brute Shot to the ground. Crouch jump up and immediately fire three shots at the ground. This (if done properly) should boost you up to get into the upper room.

Energy Sword quick hit:
This tip is kind of only helpful while playing Team Swords. Regardless, when wielding an Energy Sword, charge at your enemy with the intention to attack with the red 'B' button. Although there will be little or no lunge, if you are quick enough, you will be able to block the other person who lunged at you with the 'RT' button and using an Energy Sword.
If you swing with 'B', you will be able to swing again right after that. However, if you swing with 'RT', you will have to wait for two or so seconds to swing again. Therefore, if you clash with the person who used 'RT' and you used 'B', you will be able to swing again and kill your enemy quickly.

Know where you are, rush to the power:
While playing matchmaking, it is imperative for your team to have at least one power weapon. If one team controls all of the power weapons, then the game is lost. Therefore, the first requirement is to know where these weapons spawn in the map, and know where you are once a game starts. Once it starts, rush to the nearest power weapon and claim it for yourself, vowing to kill anyone who attempts to put their greasy paws on your weapon.

Continuous explosions are fun:
In the Forge, you can set objects to respawn based on the number of that item being on the map by pressing 'X' on the item twice and selecting the option in that menu. An example is that I have five fusion coils on High Ground. If I set the number up to five (pressing 'X' twice) that means that fusion coils will respawn if there are less than five on the map. Therefore, they will continuously respawn as they explode. So, make a big pile of explosive items, vehicles, and whatnot. Then set all of the item properties to instant respawn, or in this case to respawn if the limit on the map drops below a certain number, (the total number currently on the map). Then add a grenade to the big pile and watch the continuous explosion. Try not to make it TOO big however or it might get a little laggy. This works best if you place all available fusion coils and plasma batteries inside the Elephant on Sandtrap, and then make them explode. Because they will respawn instantly, they will explode constantly making the Elephant fly around the map.

Easter Egg, Elephant Flip Message:
If you ever manage to flip an Elephant on the multiplayer map Sandtrap, you can find an odd message when you try to flip it. "But I can't flip the Elephant!!!" Try going into Forge and place a whole bunch of plasma batteries and fusion coils next to the Elephant. Then add a grenade to the equation and see what you'll get.

Easter Egg, Man on the Satellite and Moon:
On the multiplayer map Standoff, you can find another two-dimensional figure standing on one of the large satellites in the background. Also, if you are able to get out of the map, you can find a sketched-in face on the lower right hand side of the moon.

Easter Egg, Man on the Satellite:
If you use a sniper rifle or perhaps the zoom feature on the saved film feature, you can see a man standing on one of the satellites in Standoff. It is also possible to get "out of the map" and get a better view of the person.

Final Note:
I did not personally confirm every single detail for every single hint and tip. Therefore, if there are any errors, please contact me immediately and let me know where exactly the error is and what should be placed instead.


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