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Alright...that was a decent sized cut scene...easily one of my favorites. So, you are now on the Ark...wait...what did I just say? I thought the Ark was on Earth? Ha...wrong...that big thingy on Earth was actually just a portal TO the Ark and you needed that Ship that Truth had to activate the portal.

Installation 00

So, you should know what the Ark is...if the last cut scene from Halo 2. Installation 00 refers to itself being the control room for the other seven installations, or the other seven rings throughout the Milky Way.

Objective: Eliminate Hostile Anti-Air Units


Yay, another mission. As soon as you leave the Pelican, head to the first area and eliminate the Covies. After everything is dead head to the second area. Here you can see a large AA Cannon like the one at the end of the fourth level. There are three Jackals with Carbines up there too, so watch out for them. View Screenshot Once everything is dead, a Hunter pair will show up and try to give you tea...I mean try to kill you.

So kill them and work your way up the slope, eliminate the Grunts and Brute at the top. Enter your first room then leave your first room.

Soon, you'll see a Long sword Fighter soar close by with flames coming out of it, ouch, you'll see it's wreckage soon enough. Down below are Covie troops and once all dead, some Brutes in their leet Prowlers will show up and try to kill you. My advice is to use the gun on the back of the Warthog or use the rockets found underneath the crashed Pelican there. View Screenshot (You really can't miss it, it's that big plane-like-thing sitting in the middle of the area)

My favorite thing for the next areas ahead is to give a Marine the rockets and drive the Mongoose he gets on. The next areas holds a lot of Brutes, Grunts, etc for you to kill...or at least for you to drive next to while your Marine buddy kills.

Now the next area holds a structure to the right and two Brute Choppers should jump down. Work your way up and around and once all are dead Johnson will tell you to follow his Pelican to the next rally point.

So, along the way are more Covies who want your death but they won't get it...will they precious? Nooooooo.....kill them...kill them we must. The next large area holds a Wraith to the right, a floating tower to the left with Brutes and Grunts with Plasma Turrets, more Covies in the rocks in the back and behind that, your objective, two AA Wraiths. I hope you don't need me to tell you how to kill them. View Screenshot

Forward Unto Dawn
Objective: Lead friendly armor through the wall

So, yet another time to backtrack. 343 Guilty Spark joins your party at this time. Now take a Scorpion MBT and take lead. Along the way will be a Hunter pair and a Phantom on the other side that you can easily destroy. Once you reach the wall (the first large area) there will be two Wraiths on the other side along with a soon-to-come Wraith which will be let off near the door at the top. If you are able to, try to take out the Wraith and the Phantom. View Screenshot

Now, you have to go through the door at the top (which 343 will open), connect the light bridge on the inside and work your way outside.


Once you get outside, a Scarab will walk overhead and a Marine in a Gauss Hog is running away from two Ghosts to your right. Kick the Marine out and have him take the gunner seat. Work your way downhill to meet the tanks that needs to be done. *Wink* View Screenshot

Once you reach the bottom, the Scarab tank will return which you can see entering from the top right. Now I know you know what to do, so get it done.

After the Scarab is down, head to the building to your right while eliminating all hostiles. Once you reach the top, you'll regroup with the Arbiter.

Real Men Don't Read Maps
Objective: Find the Cartographer

Inside are many rooms and hallways filled with Covies. Very direct, quite easy. You'll soon reach an open room with the controls for the Cartographer dead ahead. View Screenshot Yay, queue cut scene.

Objective: Head Downstairs for Evac

Alright, we activated the Cartographer and I bet that Master Chief is ready to head home pretty soon, get some well-needed R&R, right? Well, wait...just what the hell is this? We're not even inside our own galaxy? Seriously WTF? *Sigh* Guess we might as well save the galaxy then...

So, once all is done, the Arbiter will backstab you by ditching you and going to help Johnson...meh.


Head back and continue downstairs, don't go upstairs and you'll soon get to a room with a Brute Chieftain below who then runs away to the lower levels where you are supposed to get evac. Oh well...I've killed a few Chieftains big deal. View Screenshot

But, once you head downstairs, you'll see a bunch of Brutes in a semi-circle around their leader? OH NOES! I hope you brought some weapons. Ha...I could've warned you earlier...unless you're reading sneak...<_<

Kill kill kill, dead dead dead, yay that's it evac time level complete.


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