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Each skull, once obtained has an option to be activated or de-activated in the campaign lobby by pressing the 'X' button and bringing up the proper menu. If activated, it will have a certain effect of the game, such as a loss of HUD or Motion Sensor.

There are a total of nine gold skulls and four silver skulls. An achievement is earned by obtaining each gold skull, nothing for the silver skulls except what the skull itself does.

So, all you have to do is pick up the skull, then save and quit the game. Since there is no indication to pick it up, just try holding RB while standing over the skull, you should be able to pick it up.

NOTE: You MUST select a difficulty of NORMAL or above NOT EASY. You also MUST start from the BEGINNING of the level NOT a check point, otherwise, the skull will not show.

The following list is categorized by the level they are found in.

BLIND SKULL View Screenshot
Effect: HUD is removed
Location: As soon as you clear the first area, it is directly to the right where the Phantom
lets off the first batch of troops.

IRON SKULL View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: Dying restarts you at the stage or checkpoint if playing cooperative.
Location: At the end, make sure you clear the area (not necessary, but make the hunt easier).
Now go to the back corner where the Brute was and work your way up the ledges. Once all the way up,
walk across to the other side (towards where Johnson was being held) and claim your skull.

BLACK EYE SKULL View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: Shields recover only from melee attacks.
Location: When you have to rearm the bomb, jump to the pipes in that room to the right.
The skull is directly at the end.

Effect: Headshots on Grunts produce confetti and children cheering.
Location: When you reach the small sewer where Drones are coming and going, before you drop down into the next
area, there will be a small ledge about half way down. As you drop, hug the wall and you should land on the ledge, the
skull is right there.

TOUGH LUCK SKULL View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: Enemies always make their saving throws.
Location: Right after the huge Covenant Crusier passes overhead, to your left should be a pipe and a ladder. Climb the ladder and head forward. underneath should be some ledges. Go to the one nearest to the wall, drop down and the skull should across the gap.

CATCH SKULL View Screenshot
Effect: Enemies throw many more grenades.
Location: Once you get to the first open area, eliminate all the hostiles but make sure you save a Warthog. Now next to the AA Wraith is a circular building. Drive the Hog to the building and you should now be able to jump to the skull. Please note that both the AA Wraith and the other Wraith have to be alive in order for the skull to appear.

FOG SKULL View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: Motion Sensor is removed.
Location: Right at the beginning of the level, as soon as you step onto the pavement, Flood will jump from the rooftops
from the right, across to the left. One of these is carrying the Fog Skull, so you need to shoot it in time to kill it and make
it drop the skull. This might take a few tries to get.

FAMINE SKULL View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: Enemies drop 50% of ammunition
Location: Start this level with the preperation of finding and keeping a deployable cover equipment. Having one of those
makes this job a lot easier. Anyways, once you are told by Sgt. Johnson to follow the Pelican, do so and stop in the valley where you destroy the two Ghosts. After that is done, climb up to the structure on the left using the rocks, the skull should be on one of those ledges that are sticking out. Use the deployable cover, jump on top of it and then crouch jump to the skull. If you are play cooperative play, then have your team mate throw plasma grenades to grenade jump. If you run out of plasma grenades, kill the Arbiter and he will respawn with more grenades.

COWBELL SKULL View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: Explosions become much bigger.
Location: Alright, the first thing you need to do is aqurie a gravity lift. One of these can be found inside the small
building right where you destory the Scarab. Afterwards, when you reach the small room with ramps leading downwards and the beam of purple light, use the gravity lift to get to the skull which is close to the purple beam. Use the screen shot given for better information.

Effect: All enemies rank up one rank.
Location: After disabling the first tower, make your way to the SECOND not the third tower. The skull should be sitting outside up top on the large structure.

IWHBYD SKULL- (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: More dialouge throughout the game is unlocked.
This skull is hard to get, so you have to be careful. After killing the Prophet of Truth, take your time and dispose of any remaining Flood and Sentinels. Once the large room is clear crouch jump through the rings in this order.

4 6 5 4 5 3 4

1 being the one closest to the exit and 7 being the one closest to where Truth died. Once done, all the rings will light
up and the skull will be at the bridge that led to the Prophet.

TILT SKULL View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Effect: Enemie's resistance is much greater.
Location: The Tilt Skull is in the same room as Terminal Eight. When you drop down into a very small room and a larger room with lots of flood, kill everything in your site. To the left of the center platform are mushroom shaped things that you can jump up onto and up to a large vine-like thing where the skull is.

MYTHIC SKULL View Screenshot
Effect: Enemie's health doubles.
Location: As soon as the level starts, hug the right wall until you see it go into another path. The skull is right there.


There are a total of eight terminals in the game. You only have to find the first seven, however, to get the achievement titled "Marathon Man". The last terminal is unlike the others and makes reference to Eric Nylund's book, "The Fall of Reach", a small Easter Egg.

If you are not all that interested in the storyline of Halo, just skip over the terminals instead of reading them. The purpose of these terminals are to delve deeper into the storyline of Halo, and to award you an achievement.

So, the first three terminals are on the level "The Ark". The second set of three are on the level "Covenant" and the seventh terminal is on the level "Halo".

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get the achievement, you MUST view THE FIRST SEVEN terminals from START to FINISH. This means that you must activate the terminal and watch it until the green arrow on the botton turns red, or until it says "Fragment Ends".

Terminal One, found on The Ark View Screenshot
As soon as you walk into your first hallway, take a left and the terminal is in the room.

Terminal Two, found on The Ark View Screenshot
When you activate the bridge to let the scorpions across, the terminal is directly behind you.

Terminal Three, found on The Ark View Screenshot View Screenshot
This one is slightly tricky. After you destroy the Scarab, you will soon find yourself in a room with many sleeping Grunts. Afterwards is a room which has two different directions into the next room which holds many plasma batteries. Underneath the staircase of the room with two doors, will be a door way to the third terminal.

Terminals four five and six are found in towers one two and three of the level "The Covenant".

Terminal Four, found on The Covenant View Screenshot
Before you go up the first lift (or after you come down) jump across the gap and you'll find the fourth terminal.

Terminal Five, found on The Covenant View Screenshot
Be careful on this one, because it is in the tower that the Arbiter and the Elites went to (the second tower and you are not supposed to go there). Anyways, as soon as you enter, you'll see the terminal before you enter the main room of the second tower.

Terminal Six, found on The Covenant View Screenshot
Exactly in the same place as four, but in the third tower, you can't miss this.

Terminal Seven, found on Halo View Screenshot View Screenshot
This is the last terminal you need to get the achievement. You can find this terminal right when the level starts. Before you cross the area with those pillars sticking out of the walls, look to your right and you'll see a pathway into a room which holds the terminal.

Terminal Eight, found on Cortana View Screenshot View Screenshot
The eight terminal is once again, an easter egg, therefore, you do not need this terminal to get the achievement. Anyways, when you drop down into a very small room and a larger room with lots of flood, the terminal is right underneath the center platform. Work your way down and you'll see a gravity hammer leaning against the terminal.'re done. Yea.


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