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Full Contact Safari just destroyed a Marine base with a big bomb and escaped to somewhere downstairs. Lucky for you, there area bunch of Marines and Warthogs in the back room to help you out. Pile in the Warthogs while a Marine opens the blast door and drive out.

Objective: Lead the Marines away from the base


As you work your way outside, you'll meet a large Covenant group running away, eliminate them and head to the right. View Screenshot

When you reach the area with the Phantom, clear this area of Covies. Be aware that there are Jackals on the wall structure. Once all is done, head to the left and go around the wall while killing the Brutes behind it.

On the other side, you'll see a Brute Chopper destroy an idle Warthog with a Marine shooting at another Brute. View Screenshot This area holds many Covenant, with Brutes and Grunts on Choppers too. To the left of this area is a large purple shield door. The way to disable this door is to enter it on foot and destroy the generator right behind it, however, there are many Drones on the other side, so stay in the Warthog until they all come out. Yes, they are stupid enough to not stay behind the shield door. View Screenshot

As you emerge into the next area, a Covenant Cruiser will fly overhead. View Screenshot Keep going across the bridge and when you reach the gap, all the Marines will jump off and cross to the other side.

The Broken Path
Objective: Get to the town of Voi

Now that you are on foot, head straight until you see a couple Marines in a firefight with some Grunts and a Brute.


This next area is fun, there will be many Brutes, Grunts, Brutes with jetpacks and even a Brute with an FRG. After they are all dead, you can see two structures at the top of the hill to the left, head there because Phantoms will soon come to deploy some troops. View Screenshot Woot, you know what to do. Use the turret and trip mines in the bunker to finish them off.

After they are dead, two Pelicans will fly in and deploy two Warthogs. Wait for all the Marines to pile in and drive off. Follow this path until you reach a another gap in a bridge. On the other side are two Wraith tanks, Shade turrets and Choppers to take care of. You have to go to the other side and go up to progress, so once everything is eliminated, finish them by taking out the Wraith on the top of the hill. Once you reach the top, head right and destroy the Brute blockade. View Screenshot Once you reach the destroyed Pelican, you'll see another purple shield door. Destroy the generator on the other side to finish the level.


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