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Just like Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2, Halo 3 features many multiplayer maps that you may play on with friends on or off Xbox Live.

A list of the fourteen total multiplayer maps are listed below.

VALHALLA View Screenshot
 View Screenshot View Screenshot
A symmetrical map with two bases in a large open valley, Valhalla is a perfect map for large teams and game variants such as Capture the Flag or Assault. Valhalla offers a large area for vehicle driving and many placements for a player with a sniper rifle. Each base not only holds a Sniper Rifle, but a Missile Pod, two Mongooses, one Warthog and a Banshee featured in Big Team Battles.

In the middle of the map, you can find a Spartan Laser, a machine gun turret to one side and a crashed pelican with a regenerator to the other side.

There is a waterfall behind one of the bases (waterfall base) which creates a river that goes through the map that lets off behind the other (lake side) base.

SNOWBOUND View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Considered by some as "Campbound" because of the caverns and shotgun placement, Snowbound is a symmetrical map with two bases, this map features not just two bases, but underground caverns where players can sneak up on opposing teams. There are many shields doors where players can go through, but vehicles cannot and weapon fire cannot.

There is a Spartan Laser on one side and a Beam Rifle on the other side, along with active camouflage at Spartan Laser base and overshield at Sniper side base. You can also find a Ghost in the middle and off to the side of the map.

HIGHGROUND View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
An asymmetrical map, Highground is a great map for offensive versus defense. At the top of the map, there is a large base with many hallways, rooms and even a bunker with a busted-in wall outside the map. Team offense can either use this broken wall, a gravity lift or even a pipe line to enter in the large base and attack. A Sniper Rifle and Shotgun can be found near the beach while two Maulers and a Spartan Laser can be found inside the base along with other weapons throughout the map.

A Bubble shield and Gravity Lift is placed outside the base closer to the beach while a Rocket Launcher is placed outside, yet both teams have an equal opportunity to reach it at the start of a match.

An overshield is placed near the beach and an active camouflage is placed outside yet very close to the base.

EPITAPH View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
An asymmetrical map with no real feel of offense or defense. Epitaph will be one of your favorites if you prefer the free-for-all games. This map rests on top of a giant forerunner structure. There is a large gravity lift in the back which will take
you to the Rocket Launcher and right below that is a Gravity Hammer resting on the floor.

Epitaph also has multiple shield doors throughout the many floors similar to Snowbound. Both an overshield and an active camouflage can be found on this map.

CONSTRUCT View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Similar to Epitaph but "constructed" for team battles, Construct has many levels with a total of three gravity lifts which will take you from any floor, to the top floor. Holding the top floor with good team work is a must on this map. With the ability to make a complete circle around the map on the top floor, teams can be easily flanked.

You can find a Missile Pod, Spartan Laser, Flamethrower on the bottom floor along with an Energy Sword and a sniper rifle at the top on this map.

NARROWS View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
A perfect symmetrical map for those who love shotguns and sniper rifles matches. Narrows requires team work more than any other map because there are many ways to get around. Teams can go across the main bridge, use man cannon to get to the other side or go underneath. If two players go off each man cannon at the same time they will collide in the air and both will fall to their death.

An overshield and active camouflage is featured, one at each side of the base on the lower level along with two sniper
rifles. A rocket launcher is placed in the middle of the map at the top along with a shotgun in the middle underneath the main bridge.

LAST RESORT View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
A perfect remake of Halo 2's map "Zanzibar." Last Resort features many subtle yet highly noticeable changes, along with a larger base inside the main building. Weapon placements have been modified and best of all, you are now able to detach the two turrets which stand at the base.

You can now find a Spartan Laser near base at the top close to the Machine Gun Turrets. Active camouflage is placed where the Energy Sword used to be and a Gravity Lift is placed underneath the smaller base where one of the Sniper Rifles are.

THE PIT View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Not too big, yet not too small, The Pit is a great symmetrical map for any possible gametype. The Pit has two bases which hold balanced weapons and a perfect dose of other weapons and power-ups throughout the map.

You can find a Rocket Launcher on the far wall opposite of the room which holds the Energy Sword and the two power ups are also featured here. The overshield is underneath the room where the Energy Sword is, and the active camouflage in directly in the middle of the map.

ISOLATION View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Yet another symmetrical map, Isolation features an "above ground" and two bases "below ground." Hold the top with long range weapons is a must on this map, along with well-placed team work. There are four ways to get inside each base. Three door ways from underground, and a way to drop down in the middle of the base from above ground.

There is one Mongoose at each base and one Ghost in the middle below ground along with a Rocket Launcher. A shotgun with only six rounds can be found above ground near the back, opposite of the Sniper Rifle.

GUARDIAN View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Guardian is similar to Epitaph is the sense that there is no real feel for offense or defense. Although there is a distinct difference between the two sides of the map, those could go any which way for offense or defense. Guardian is considered by some as a remake of Lockout, but besides the general layout, there are no similarities.

You can find a Gravity Hammer in the center underneath along with a Sniper Rifle with an overshield on one side and a Shotgun on the other side with active camouflage.

SANDTRAP View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
So far the largest map of the Halo series, Sandtrap is hard to get around on foot because it is so large, therefore it is mainly a vehicle-based map. It is an asymmetrical map which holds two things that no other map does, and that is two elephants. These Elephants move very slowly, but they can carry a lot in the cargo hold. There are two machine gun turrets placed on both, (but only one is detachable) along with one Mongoose.

Standtrap is another perfect map for your assault and capture the flag games. There are many anti-vehicle weapons as well for your enjoyment such as two Spartan Lasers, one Missile Pods and one Gravity Hammer.

There are also many Warthogs, Mongooses and Brute Choppers for your enjoyement.

FOUNDRY View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
One very unique map, Foundry is a large warehouse which offers forge options like no other map. The map is composed of large crates, small bridges, stairways, etc. Because of this, you are able to edit the entire map and make your very own. The default set up has two Sniper Rifles on each side near the back while a Rocker Launcher rests in the top center.

STANDOFF View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
The simplest way to describe this symmetrical map is a smaller Valhalla with bigger bases. Walking from one side to the other is not a problem, but getting lost inside the bases is easy. Inside each base is a control to open the lower doors, a first objective for your Capture the Flag games. In the background are multiple enormous satellite dishes which simply add beauty to the environment.

The main power weapon is a Spartan Laser which can be found in the dead center and a perfect goal for the beginning of your Team Slayer games and two Rocket Launchers with only two rockets are placed next to each base. There are also two active camouflage power ups close to each base.

A Warthog and two Mongooses are given to each base as well.

RATS NEST View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Ever wanted your big open spaces to be indoors? Well now it is. Rats Nest is a symmetrical map which features a circular hallway where a vehicle battle can take place. A Pelican rests outside, but flying it is sadly not an option.

Rat's Nest is slightly similar to the Campaign level "Crows Nest" when it comes to the design. Each side is given two Warthogs and two Mongooses. A Rocket Launcher and a Ghost can be found in the center along with a Gravity Hammer and a Sniper rifle.

Along with said circular hallway, there are many rooms and smaller hallways in the center where one can easily get lost.

BLACKOUT View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Halo 2 fans rejoice! Lockout is back and better than ever as this new multiplayer map called Blackout. The first thing that you would notice is that it is not set in an icy fortress or something. Instead, it is supposed to be an oil rig in the Arctic…or something like that. It is perfectly identical to Lockout in terms of the general layout and basic weapon placement. Energy Sword, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun can all be found in the same spot, along with the Battle Rifles.

Surprisingly enough, you can still jump from the center platform to where the Sniper Rifle spawns, and the ledge that was next to the Sniper Rifle has been turned into a pipe. However, you cannot jump on the ledges above the door ways anymore. Also, equipment placement will further your enjoyment with this map.

Now get off matchmaking and play some custom games on Blackout!

 View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Ghost Town is a completely new map for Halo 3, not a remake of anything, yet difficult to describe. The fiction behind the map is that it was a water control center in the jungle for the "Global Water Campaign," but looks abandoned.

The basic set up features your overshield and active camouflage along with two Mongooses, a Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, and a Shotgun. This map is the perfect size for the 4v4 and even up to 6v6 Team Slayer or Objective games. One could also get easily lost in this entangled map.

However, it is littered with perfect scenery. I know that you will surely enjoy Ghost Town for Halo 3.

AVALANCHE View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Ahh, Avalanche, what can I say about you. Well, quite a few things actually. Avalanche is your re-imagination of Halo Combat Evolved multiplayer map, Sidewinder. By re-imagination, I mean not a direct remake as Last Resort and Blackout are.

This map features two bases, with a large man cannon in front of each base, which will take you inside near the top. In front of each base are many vehicles for this large snowy map. Both sides feature many, yet varying vehicles, so instead of me loading up the maps to find out exactly why they are, I'll leave it to you to figure out.

In the very center of the map, between the two bases is this ice cavern with a man cannon which will simply assist you in getting across the map on foot, along with a Spartan Laser somewhere in there. There are also three man cannons on each side of each base, however, it seems as though only the ones in the back corner look useful, and they take you to the back center of the map.

So enjoy Avalanche, it looks like another great map for the large, 8v8 Team Slayer matches.

COLD STORAGE View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Welcome to your new favorite map....that is if you loved Chill Out in the first Halo game. Cold Storage is a great remake of Halo CE's Chill Out multiplayer map. The layout is basically the same, which includes the two half bridges in one of the large rooms. Instead of green doors for teleporters, you will find small blue pillars on circular stands. And finally, instead of the purple atmosphere, Cold Storage is more blue than purple.

All in all, Cold Storage is a great remake of Chill Out and will surely be a favorite to many for quite sometime. Oh, and best of all, this map is free to download as a gift from Bungie Studios.

SANDBOX View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Well, it looks like Bungie outdid themselves again. You think Foundry is amazing? Well think again. Sandbox is bigger and better than Foundry. The first level alone is bigger than Foundry. Did I say first level? Yes I did, there are three separate areas to this map, all them add up to a Forger's dream. Like Foundry, everything is delete-able to end up with a blank map. The first thing you will probably notice while in Forge is the blue grid on the floor, this is simply there is help you while forging a new map. Secondly, this map is slightly similar to Sandtrap. If you leave the boundaries, you will die. But this time, it is not missiles from the ground. Those tall pillars will shoot lasers at you with deadly accuracy.

The first main level is the ground level and is the only part of the map with pre-built content. There are two small bases with one Warthog, one Chopper and one Mongoose on each side. There is a Missile Pod and Power Drainer on each base, and two Bubble Shields and two Rocket Launchers in the center of the map.

Now, lets get to the exciting stuff.

While in Forge, there is a teleporter, hovering in the sky in the main level of the map. Enter the teleporter and you will be taken to the Skybox. (Refer to the screenshot) The skybox is a huge blue grid, high above the main level, and larger than the main level, the given screenshot cannot even show you the whole thing. If you fall through the grid while in Monitor or Player mode, you will die. You need to place some sort of flooring to stay safe up there. This Skybox was made so players can make a map like Guardian. If you jump of the edge, you fall to your death. However, you can shoot players from the Skybox to the main level, and vice versa.

Now, going on to the third and final level of Sandbox, this is called The Crypt. In the very center of the main level is a block, which covers up a hole in the ground. Delete the block and jump down to enter The Crypt, or the basement of this map. This part of Sandbox is about equal to size to the main room in Foundry; (maybe a little smaller) however, it is just one room, nothing else. Time for you to get creative.

Now go have fun.

ASSEMBLY View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
The first map of the Mythic Map Pack is Assembly, (think Midship from Halo 2, but obviously different). This map is yet another great symmetrical map, perfect for nearly every gametype. Assembly is supposed to be some kind of Scarab factory, however, no matter how long I look at the map, it does not look like a Scarab factory to me.

There are two main bases in this map. Each base has double-sided windows. While in a base, you can see through the windows, however, if you are outside of the base, you cannot see though the windows. In the center of the map is Active Camouflage, and a Gravity Hammer underneath. Off to the side, between the two bases is a small tower, a perfect spot while playing Team Swat. On the tower is a Rocket Launcher and underneath is a Bubble Shield. You can use the gravity lift near the bottom center to get to the top, or you can walk up using the ramps on either side. Directly across from this tower on the other side of the map is a Regenerator.

There are two main levels in this map, and you can enter each base through either level. The top level is mainly open, with little to no cover and four main walkways which connect to small room in the center. The bottom level, however, has a lot of cover with many walls and pillar structures.

Overall, this is a small yet great map, I am sure you will enjoy it.

ORBITAL View Screenshot View Screenshot View Screenshot
Ack, what a mess, that is until you get used to the map. Orbital is an asymmetrical map, opposite of Assembly in the sense that both sides of the map are different. Describing this map (which is some sort of Orbital station, hence the name) will be difficult because not much is similar. Think of this map as two letter-U's with two levels. One U overlaps the other U.

There are two main rooms in this map, Upper Room and Lower Room. Each room has a staircase and a small ramp above to walk on with a small red hallway which connects to the main hallway outside each main room. The rooms are at the tips of the U, and are connected. You cannot enter one main room through another, but you can see into them. You have to go around the U to get to the other main room.

There are two ways to leave or enter one of the main rooms. Choose one door and you will be in the lower-level U-part of the map. Choose the other door and you will be in the upper-level U-part of the map, however, both doors will take you to the other main room.

In the center of the U, or the center of the map is a large shaft. You can jump from the upper part of the map to the lower part of the map. A Rocket Launcher rests on the upper part of the map, while a Sniper Rifle rests on the lower part of the map. There is a Bubble Shield outside one main room, and a Regenerator outside the other main room, and a Power Drainer in the lower-center of the map. There are also two Mongooses in each main room that are good for objective games.

This map is like Ghost Town, takes a while to get used to, but once you do, it is very easy to get around.


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