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Three years from the release day of Halo 3, Halo 2 ended and many curses with broken controllers and shattered televisions ensued. Now, Halo 3 picks up right where Halo 2 left off. The Prophet of Truth is on his way to this mysterious
structure buried deep in the African sands, and the Master Chief successfully left the ship and landed somewhere
in the jungle.

Sgt. Johnson and his squad are here to rescue, with an unlikely companion, the Arbiter. The Master Chief however, has little knowledge of the Covenant Schism and sees the Arbiter as a hostile when he appears until Johnson tells him he is a friend.

Walk it Off
Objective: Get to the river for evac

You (Master Chief) just escaped the Forerunner ship that the Prophet of Truth is in to reach Earth. Now that Johnson and his squad rescued you, you all have to make it back to the rally point and get back to a secure base, however, complications arrive.


When the mission starts, the initial path is very direct. Follow this until Johnson leaves with his squad to climb up next to the waterfall. Afterwards, the next area holds a Brute who tells his Grunts to spread out and search. Eliminate the Brute and the Grunts. Once you proceed, two Phantom drop ships will sprout up and both will let off Covenant troops. If you're lucky, you can get a plasma grenade and throw it at the turret, making it fall off. After all of them are dead, head to the last area of this section and finish them off. View Screenshot

At the back of this section is a small tunnel, take this path until you reach the next area.

The next area holds many Covenant troops. Make your way down to the right and you'll see a sleeping Grunt, take him out and the other sleeping Grunts below. Try to take out as many as possible before the rest learn of your position. Once the area is clear of Covenant, work your way around from the left to the right.

The next area holds a Brute holding a Marine by the throat on the tree branch above. View Screenshot You can either kill the Brute and save the Marine, or watch the Brute punch the Marine's face in. Your choice. Make your way up and around to a stash of weapons, kill the remaining Covenant and keep walking.

When you drop down to the next area, you will get your first vision-like thing of Cortana. This will slow your movement while she talks. Woot.

Charlie Foxtrot
Objective: Find Johnson before he is captured


The next area hold two Pelicans fighting off some Covies. Soon after, one will be hit by a Banshee, fly away and crash. Your next objective is to rescue Johnson and his squad. Clear the area and work your way back into the jungle. View Screenshot

This area holds Jackals in the trees with Carbines, take them out and proceed.

Once you cross underneath the bridge and take out the Grunts, you can see a Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer holding onto the Phantom drop ship as it flies away. Don't try to kill the Brute, right now you can't. View Screenshot

So follow the path to the right, and you'll see the crashed Pelican to the left in the back corner with weapons laying around. Now cross the bridge while taking out the rest of the Covies and head into the next tunnel.

Quid Pro Quo
Objective: Rescue Johnson

As you emerge from the cave, a cut scene will take place which shows Johnson getting beat up by that Brute Chieftain. If you grabbed the Sniper Rifle from the Pelican...well...you know what you can do.


So, drop down and to the right is a way to get across. This last battle is very direct. Once you get to the building where Johnson is, deactivate the shield and head back to the large bridge. View Screenshot

As you leave the building however, two Phantoms will come and start shooting at you, but no worries, just take cover, eliminate the Covies that come and a Pelican will soon come to save the day. View Screenshot

Board the Pelican when it lands at the bridge and level complete.


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