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You are now in a secured Marine base somewhere in the jungles of Africa. After you greet Miranda Keyes, Lord Hood comes on the screen to discuss a plan to attack. But soon after, the feed and power is cut and the Prophet of Truth says blah blah're all going to die...blah blah...kill the demon...blah blah.

When the power comes back on, the Marines learn that the Covies are on their way to attack the base.

Know Your Role
Objective: Secure Perimeter Defenses


Start this level by heading downstairs and outside. Follow the direct path until you reach a hallway View Screenshot with Grunts and Jackals. When you kill them all, there should be a door to the left, enter that and make your way to the hangar.

In the hangar are already a bunch of Covies, but more will come when Phantoms let off more. View Screenshot Once they are all dead, take a turret and make your way back. Be sure to take a turret, because you'll need it for the fight ahead.

Objective: Get back to the Ops Center

When you enter a small room with a Marine on the other side of a fence, a Drone will pick him up, followed by a swarm of more Drones. View Screenshot Use the turret to take them out. Then head to the doorway at the bottom of this room and back to the Ops Center.

Gift with Purchase
Objective: Rescue the Marines in the Barracks


You will soon learn that everyone is planning to evacuate the base and flush out the Covies with a big bomb connected to smaller bombs throughout the base. However, there are trapped Marines in the barracks that need your help. Johnson will lead you to the door in the back of the Ops Center and kick you out to deal with all the bad guys. Kill...them...all... ..but! Best of all...there is a Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer. Yay! View Screenshot

At the back of this room to the right is a door. Enter the door Einstein. Afterwards you'll start dropping down into small hallways and whatnot, just keep going until you regroup with the Arbiter who is shooting at two Drones himself. Enter the door to the left and you'll finally be at the barracks.

So, you have to get to the other side of the barracks, but in between are Brutes, captured Marines and a Brute at the start about to punch in the face of the Marine he is holding. Kill the Brute and...well...actually go ahead and kill all the Brutes.

Objective: Get to the landing pad for evac.

At the other side of the barracks is an elevator to get to the landing pad. Once you get there, you'll see Brutes with jet packs swarming the landing pad. Kill them all. After this, you can see a large door open downstairs and to the left of where you entered the landing pad. That is Johnson and his squad cleaning up a small swarm of Drones. You'll soon learn that Brutes overtook the Ops Center and disarmed the bomb.

Objective: Get back to the Ops Center and rearm the bomb. that. But there is some nifty equipment and weapons upstairs, go there first and stock up. When you're ready to head back, go the way Johnson came and follow the direct path while killing any Covies in your sight. View Screenshot

When you open the door to the Ops Center, you can see a Golden Brute talking with the Prophet of Truth. View Screenshot After you kill everything in your sight, rearm the bomb. View Screenshot

Objective: Escape!

Go downstairs (the way you went at the start of the level) and head back to the hangar. As you work your way back, you'll hear all the bombs exploding throughout the base. Near the back right of the hangar is an elevator that'll take you somewhere way downstairs.


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