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Yay, the final level to the final game. This one is important. Alright, so you gotta fire this ring. Lets get it done.

Full Circle
Objective: Find the Control Room


Start by getting a Battle Rifle and following the direct path until Flood start falling from the sky. One with a Gravity Hammer should land straight ahead of you. You eventually have to work your way to the right and all the way around to the top. View Screenshot As you proceed, there will be many...many Flood forms. But, Sentinels will be there to help you and Johnson with a Spartan Laser too. View Screenshot

When you finally reach the top, you have to eliminate the rest of the Flood so 343 Guilty Spark can open the door to the control room. View Screenshot You can find two Automatic Turrets (equipment pieces) found near the door. Place those and fire away.

Once all is good, get some good weapons, enter the door, proceed through the other doors and watch the best...and the worst cut scene. Oh wait...I forgot to mention to destroy the Automatic Turrets for good reasons later.

Objective: Kill the Monitor and Activate Halo

Alright, this 343 guy looks pretty deadly...looks like your screwed. But wait, Johnson fires the Spartan Laser and scores a direct hit onto 343 Guilty Spark GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!!! View Screenshot Now that he is slightly damaged, he is not as powerful. He can however, push you off the ledge with his fancy Forerunner technology. So, go ahead and start beating him up for a while, and sooner or later he will fly away. Once that happens, take the Spartan Laser from Johnson and fire away until 343 is dead. Now it's time to watch the saddest cut scene of all time.

The Way the World Ends
Objective: Escape!



Alright, head back outside and work your way up to the right as soon as you get outside. View Screenshot If you don't know it yet, you can see that the Sentinels don't like you anymore and want to kill you...along with the Flood...great. Keep going along this path until you reach a room with more Sentinels and Flood fighting each other. Kill everything you see and keep going until you find Johnson's Warthog parked dead ahead.

Objective: Use the Warthog to get to the Frigate

DRIVE! This is probably the best part of the game. Very direct but as you drive along the very large and long path to get to the Frigate, Halo is in the process of trying to fire. Because it wasn't completely built, the effects from firing is destroying it. Yeah, good luck getting out of here. So, as you drive, you'll meet lots of Flood that the Arbiter can shoot at or you can run over, and lots of Sentinels that want some target practice. Keep going until you finish the game.

Well...yeah. Actually that's it. Watch the final cut scene and the scene after the credits. If you are playing this level on Legendary difficulty, there is a small scene after the scene after the credits after the last scene after the part know what...forget it.

I hope this guide helped you. Now go play some multiplayer.


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