A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others that sometimes aren't pre-programmed into the game by its designers.

Some people believe that creating a trainer is extremely difficult and requires all kinds of programming knowledge and skills. Not true. Some very friendly tools have been created to allow anyone to make their very own trainers for their favorite games. In these tutorials, we'll teach you the basics of how to get started and give you step by step instructions on creating trainers that you can follow along with on your own.

Basic Trainer Maker Tutorial
by ro_0t

In this tutorial we are going to be creating an "unlimited Lives" trainer for the freeware game "Plastic Kitten".
I chose Plastic Kitten as our game because it has all the basic values in most games, eg. Lives, Score, Level.

In some future tutorials i will focus on more complicated parts such as:

- Increasing Lives when you die (Instead of Decreasing).
- Adding extra points to your score at will/ Making things worth more points to your score.

But for now let's stick to basic memory freezing.

For this tutorial you will need the following tools:

Now once you have all these tools available to you, start up plastic kitten and start a new game. Notice you have 2 heads below the "Score: 0" text? This indicates you have 3 lives. Although there are only 2 heads visible, when both of those are gone (you die twice) you still have 1 last life.

** Pause your Plastic Kitten game by pressing "P" **

Now we open up T-Search and click the "Open Process" button, which is the one with the chip on it. Select our Plastic Kitten icon and click "Open". This simply allows us to serach Plastic Kittens memory and debug it. Now click the little magnifying glass just under our Open Process button, not the one with the three dots, and choose "Exact Value" and "4 Bytes". Now type in the amount of lives we have (3) into the Value TextBox and click OK.

T-Search should have searched the memory and found roughly 6240 different addresses with the value "3". Well we aren't going to check all 6247 addresses to find out which one is our lives address so we simply go back into plastic kitten and un-pause it. Die 1 time by jumping off the edge at the bottom and you will notice one head has dissapeared, meaning we only have 2 lives left.

** Pause your Plastic Kitten game by pressing "P" **

Go back into T-Search and click the Magnifying Glass (the one with the 3 dots on it this time!) and search for "2". This basically searches through our old "3" values and only keeps the ones which have changed to "2". Now you should have only a few addresses, most of the time you will have 1 but sometimes you will see 2 or 3 left over. Now click the Autohack menu up at the top of T-Search and click Enable Debugger. Now double-click your value(s) and they will now be at the table on the right. Right click each value and select Autohack. Now go back up to the autohack menu at the top of T-Search and click Autohack Window. This will bring up our autohack window which we just leave for the time being.

Now go back into your plastic kitten game and un-pause it then die again. Pause it once you have died and look at your Autohack window. You should now see something like "48D87e: mov [ecx],eax". Press the button just above our code which has the red smiley-face on it (no blue cross). This simply "nop's" this piece of code (makes it do nothing).

Now you can go back into Plastic Kitten and die as many times as you like and you should never have "Game Over".

But this is all too much hassle to repeat every time you want unlimited lives. So now we make this NOP code into a trainer using Trainer Maker Kit (TMK). Leave all your T-Search windows up and Plastic Kitten game running and open up TMK. Type in a project name, i used "kitty" and click create. Now you see the window labelled "Dialog" on it inside TMK? This will be our exe layout. Now we want to add a button by going to Insert->Button at the top of TMK. Make sure you insert 2 buttons, as one will be used for turning on Unlimited Lives and the other for turning it off. Now once you have your 2 buttons added, right click on button 1 and goto "Properties". Change it's caption to "ON" and do the same for button 2 but change button 2 to "OFF" instead. Now go back into T-Search's Autohack window, and up at the top click the "Tmk" menu and press "Button Script". You should now see the following in a different window:

Patched script:
Poke 48D87E 90 90

UnPatched script:
Poke 48D87E 89 01

Patched Script is for enabling unlimited lives, replacing 89 01 with 90 90 (NOP/ No-Operation). UnPatched Scritp is for disabling unlimited lives, replacing 90 90 with the original 89 01.

So what you want to do now is go into TMK and right click button 1 and choose "Write Memory Actions". In the window that pops up, insert your patched script which is simple "Poke 48D87E 90 90" without the quotation marks and click Apply. Do the same for button 2 but insert the UnPatched "poke" into this one instead.

Now that we have our trainer ready, at the bottom left of TMK choose the "Build Settings" Tab and click on the box with "Exe Name" next to it. This is basically where we enter what we want our executable trainer to be named, eg. Kitty.

Now above that there should be a list of processes. Simply look through those for your plastic kitty process name, which was "PLASTI~1.exe" for me, and double click it.

Now lets build our trainer by pressing the button up to the left of the Exclamation Mark or alternatively press Build on the menu the select "Build Your Project". This should only take 3-4 seconds to compile.

When you have compiled it, it should be in the same folder you installed TMK to. Once you've found it, open it up and close Plastic Kitten, T-Search and TMK (Assuming you've saved your TMK Project). Now open up a new game of Plastic Kitten and when you're in-game click your trainer and press the "ON" button. Now for
the moment of truth... die once or twice and see if it reduces your lives at all. My trainer didn't so if you followed all steps correctly then you should have a nice working Unlimited Lives trainer for Plastic Kitten. If you wish to make your trainer look better, simply load the project into TMK where you can now add image files for backgrounds, change the "Dialog" text and even add Messages to let the user know that the memory was "Poked" Successfully.

Thanks for taking the time to read my tutorial, if you have any problems at all, feel free to add me to your MSN contact list or just drop me an E-Mail and i'll be glad to help you out.

Contact: ro_0t@hotmail.com