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Act 1 - Chapter 5: The Dryad Exile Colony

Primary Tasks
* Find the Dryad Exile Colony
* Save the old man

Secondary Quests
* Dire Wolf
* Taar's Investigation

Add Taar to your party. If all your slots are filled, disband a henchman or go purchase a fourth slot from the innkeeper (cost is 1,500 gold). With Taar in your party and the active character, go to the house next to the great hall and speak to Arianne. She tells of a great beast said to be controlled by the Hak'u. Agree to track down this beast--if it exists.

Go over to the pet shop and talk to the merchant. Select conversation option #2 about wanting something stronger. She will tell you about dire wolves. Rokhar, a mage who hangs about in the great hall, knows quite a bit about them. Go back to the great hall and speak to Rokhar. Agree to meet him in the Southern Jungle.


Teleport from Eirulan to the Northern Greilyn Jungle. Remember the Hak'U ritual camp you cleared out earlier? Time to visit there again. Go north and then west from the Northern Jungle teleporter until you reach the health shrine. Then go north over the bridge to the ritual camp.

Collect the Hak'u Ceremonial Blade from the camp and teleport back to Eirulan. Go to the pet shop terrace and leave through the South Gate. When the trail turns east, go south and pass through a gap in the rocks. Enter a small cave and have it out with the garganturax--the "formidable" creature that scared Arianne. You'll need to equip the Hak'u Ceremonial Blade to damage the beast.

You can wait to finish Arianne's quest until you've finished the Dire Wolf quest, so get back on the main path and continue east. Along the way you should find Some Abandoned Ruins (yes, that's what they're called). Find the interactive chalice on the north wall (it's the left of the two center cups) to open a secret room with some decent loot in it. Just east of the ruins is a cave with an elder Hak'U witch doctor. He has good loot as well.


Continue east until you reach the Southern Greilyn Jungle teleporter and, just beyond that, Razka's Ruins. There's a mini-boss here, a Morden-Viir Spearman Captain who is weak to ranged attacks. Clear out the monsters and continue east; don't go down in the ruins as you'll need a key to fully explore them and you won't get the key for quite some time yet. Just past Razka's Ruins, turn north and cross the bridge and enter the cave that's to your right as you come over the bridge.

Fight your way through the cave to enter Rokhar's Rift Site. Talk to Rokhar and he'll start summoning a dire wolf, while a horde of nawl beasts come through the rift. Go into Rampage Party mode and lay into the nawl beasts until Rokhar manages to bring the dire wolf through the rift. Then talk to him and he will travel back to Eirulan to deliver the wolf to the pet merchant.

Loot the rift area. About this time you can expect your first encounter with ???. ??? is a mysterious, level 100 humanoid thief that teleports in randomly when you discover valuable loot. He steals a few items and teleports out. You can attack him, but, at this point in the game, you won't be able to kill him. However, attacking him will keep him from stealing your stuff and make him drop an item or two of his own.

You may see ??? at this point, you my not see him until later. Always keep your eyes open for him and your weapons ready. Teleport back to town. Go see Arianne and complete Taar's Investigation, then head over to the pet shop and talk to the pet seller to conclude the Dire Wolf quest. Buy a puppy if you like.


Teleport back to the Southern Greilyn Jungle and head east once more; you're now entering the Eastern Greilyn Jungle. Just past the point you turned north to find Rokhar, look for a cave entrance to the south--there should be two vulk in front of it. This is just a looting place. Opposite the cave, to the north, is a plateau with a circle of mushrooms on it. Just a point of interest right now.

Keep following the main path, which will soon turn south. Look for a small tower to the east (your left) and go down into it to get some good loot. You are now just outside the Dryad Exile Camp.


There's a glitch just ahead; so don't save over your game until you complete this chapter. Continue to the Dryad camp. Inside, an old man is being attacked by plagued Dryads. Wait a moment while they beat up on him a bit--this should trigger his scripts so you can complete the quest. Kill the plagued Dryads, then talk to the old man, who turns out to be an Azunite scholar who will fill you in on what Valdis is up to (assuming you haven't already figured it out).

Sometimes the scholar's scripts won't work and he'll keep calling for help even after you've killed all the Dryads. If that happens to you, reload and try again.

Thus ends Chapter 5.


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