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Act 1 - Chapter 3: The Morden Towers

Primary Tasks
* Find the first Morden tower.
* Burn down the first Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the second Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the third Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the fourth Morden tower.
* Return to Warden Celia in the Eirulan prisoner's terrace.
* Speak with Taar in the Eirulan great hall.

Secondary Quests
* Lumilla's Salve
* The Hak'u

Now would be a good time to head back to Eirulan and sell some of your excess loot. Check the reagent merchant near the North Gate (he has an emerald floating over his head) to see if he has any nettle clusters you can buy and buy whatever you can afford. Head back to the druid outpost and continue through the gate to the north.


After you cross the bridge, you'll see some Hak'u fighting a boarbeast. Interrupt their hunt and dispose of the Hak'u, then follow the boarbeast west. After everything's dead, LEFT-CLICK the statue to reveal a hidden treasure chest. You will most likely get a set item from this chest.

Continue north. When you reach the stairs, head west to find another statue and another hidden chest, though with less treasure. Then go up the stairs to a gate guarded by some Morden. You can choose to lie about rejoining the army, which will get you a pass through this gate, or you can be belligerent and kill all the Morden and still get through the gate.

Before passing through the gate, go east and up to a series of plateaus where you can find some more Hak'u and loot. Continue through the gate, then head west to another plateau and a Hak'u encampment with some nice loot. Then back to the main path and north a little more to the first Morden tower. Regardless of which conversation path you followed before, this time you end up in a fight.

Once the Morden are dead, break the cage and talk to the Dryad. Then LEFT-CLICK the wreckage of the cage, which should produce a cage fragment. Pick it up (pressing 'Z' is the easiest way), equip it and LEFT-CLICK the campfire and then LEFT-CLICK the tower. You get a satisfying explosion and you now know how to take out the other three Morden towers.

Continue northward, through the wreckage of the tower, and you'll soon come to a teleporter. Across the path from the teleporter is a platform with two books that will teach you the Lesser Chant of Strength and Lesser Chant of Intelligence.

Just north of the teleporter the path branches west and east. You can't go east now because the way is blocked by a wall you cannot pass. So follow the path west. At the top of the first ridge, enter the tower and find the interactive brick on the east wall. Left-click it to raise the treasure chest.


Continue following the path west and up until you see a cutscene of a Dryad fighting a Hak'u. Afterwards, talk to the Dryad, Morain, to get the first Hak'u quest: you must rescue Morain's niece, Tanzi. After talking to Morain, head back the way you came and go north, past the health shrine and over a bridge. You'll find a Hak'u ritual camp. Try to take out the shamans first, to keep them from summoning lots of other beasties.

Now would probably be a good time to use the Summon Teleporter spell (or walk back to the teleporter you recently passed) and head back to Eirulan to sell off some loot. You should have enough gold to buy as many nettle clusters as you need from the reagent merchant.

Take four nettle clusters to Lumilla and she'll give you a jar of Lumilla's Salve, which is a pretty good reagent. Hang on to it until you get an enchantable item. (You might want to stick it in the storage vault, for safekeeping.)

Return to the main path and continue west. Soon the path will turn south and you will find the second Morden tower. Burn it down as you did the first and continue south.

Look for a small Hak'u camp to your left (east) just past the tower. After clearing it, go the opposite direction (west) to a waterfall and walk through the falls into a small cave. There's nothing to fight in here, and you can't talk to the ghost (yet); but you can pick up the Mysterious Chant from the book and some high-quality swag from the treasure chest.

Head back to main path and continue south. The path will turn east and you will soon come to the third Morden tower. This one is guarded by a Morden Viir Grunt Captain, who is pretty tough, but weak to ranged attacks. Take him out first before dealing with the peons. Then burn down the tower.

If you go north from the tower, you'll complete the circuit, arriving back at the broken bridge where you met Morain. There's some looting opportunities around the bridge, then continue through the ruined tower.


The path turns south. Just past the tower is a path leading east that takes you to a small plateau with a little loot. Continue on the main path until it heads up and you enter the Western Greilyn Jungle. Soon after you reach the top of the ramp, there will be a place to turn west and venture into the jungle.

Here you will find the back entrance to the Hak'u caves and Tanzi held prisoner. Clear the Hak'u from the cave and watch as Tanzi sort of frees herself and runs back to Eirulan. If you explore the cave, you'll find a partial bridge you may have noticed earlier when you were in the Hak'u caves near the North Gate. Pull the lever to open a shortcut between the Western Greilyn Jungle and Eirulan's North Gate.

You can't complete the Hak'u quest until you've finished with the Morden towers, of which you have one more to burn. Leave the cave and continue south along the main path.

There's nothing particularly exciting until you reach the fourth Morden tower, which is guarded by a Morden-Viir Recruit Captain, who is a very tough ranger, but weak to melee. After the fourth tower is burned, continue west until you reach the teleporter.

Teleport back to Eirulan and take the lift over to the prison. Speak to Warden Celia and she will tell you to go to the great hall and Taar will remove your Ring of Submission. Do so. When you talk to Taar, your Chapter 3 quests will end and Chapter 4 begins.


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