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Act 1 - Chapter 1: The Siege of Greilyn Beach

Primary Tasks
* Get your orders from Morden Lieutenant Jerind
* Destroy the training dummy using a melee weapon
* Destroy the training dummy using a ranged weapon
* Destroy the training dummy using a Nature Magic or a Combat Magic spell
* Get your orders from Morden Lieutenant Kargack
* Destroy the bracken shell
* Make your way to the front lines
* Reinforce the troops on the other side of the tunnel

Secondary Quests
* None

Not much to talk about here. This is the main tutorial stage and the primary purpose is to get you used to the game interface and controls. Most of the creatures you will encounter during this chapter are weak to fire, so you should either use a fire spell yourself or have Drevin use it. Follow the trenches and the instructions given by the game.

Make sure you keep an eye out for barrels that can be opened. And, when you reach a makeshift hospital, there's a bookcase that holds items.

Once you start encountering ketril, you can switch away from the fire spell and concentrate on whatever class you want to be. When you finally reach the tunnel entrance, you'll want to have a hero power or two available to use on the Infused Ketril that's right inside. He's pretty tough. When you reach the end of the tunnel, there will be an extended cutscene and Chapter 2 will begin.


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