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Act 3 - Chapter 1: Restore Kalrathia's Water

Primary Tasks
* Follow the aqueduct to its source
* Defeat the Ganth
* Restore Kalrathia's water
* Return to Lord Kalrathia in the great hall

Secondary Quests
* Dwarven Song of Ore
* Mark of the Assassin
* The Mage's Apprentice
* Lost Jewels of Soranith
* Sartan's Suspicion
* Mythrilhorn
* The Kalrathian Nexus
* The Spirits of Aranna
* Lelani's Sorrow
* Aman'lu Arena
* Deru's Treasure Hunt

Time to take a breather and make some progress on some side quests. In the same room as Lord Kalrathia is Historian Leontia. Speak to her to open the Dwarven Song of Ore quest.


Next, go to the potions/magic shop and speak to Enchantress Valeria to continue the Mark of the Assassin quest from the previous Act. Speak to Mage Boden next to her to open the Mage's Apprentice secondary quest. Head through the weapons and armor shop to the tavern and speak to Kevarre the Explorer to begin the Lost Jewels of Soranith quest.

Next to Kevarre is Feltan the drunkard, who will open Sartan's personal quest, Sartan's Suspicion--if you have Sartan with you. Just beyond is Khartos the Strong. Speak to him to continue the quest for the Mythrilhorn. He wants you to prove yourself by dueling him. Agree to do so, then hit him a couple of times to end the "duel". He'll give you directions on where to reach the rift where he will summon a mythrilhorn.

Near the North Gate, speak to Nora the Nature Mage about the Kalrathian Nexus. Do those caverns sound familiar? They should. Now exit the North Gate to find an incantation shrine. Incant the Chant of the Dead. Head for the southwest corner of the battlements to find Spirit of Aranna #14.

Search the rooms along the north wall of Kalrathia for the Lore book: Vol. 16, The Legacy of Azunai. Also near the north wall is Berseba, who will hook you up with the Legendary Mace of Agarrus quest.

Go up the steps along the east wall and into a room to the north. You'll find Telgrey the Scholar, who will send you questing for those Lore books you've been picking up along the way. There are 20, all identified as Lore of Aranna books and with a volume number. To the west of Telgrey's house is a plank that you can use to get over to the North Wall, where you'll find a later link in Lelani's Sorrow.

Now that your quest book runneth over, time take care of some of the tasks. Teleport to Aman'lu and take the south road out of town. After the bridge, turn right into Alar'ithil's house and give him the Morden head on a pike in exchange for his bottle of Elven Water.

Go to the inn and speak to Explorer Tai'esse about the Legendary Mace of Agarrus. Teleport to the Eastern Face of Snowbrook Mountain and enter the Servant's Quarters. When you reach the point where you turn south to go over the crosswalk, go north instead to enter the Cavern of Frost. Head down to the center of the cavern, equip the Soul Staff you received from Nora, and recite the chant she taught you (Arcesso Arcanum).


Go back to the teleporter and jump to the Snowbrook Foothills. The closest entrance to the Snowbrook Grotto is due east, though you have to go a bit north and then south to get to it. Inside the grotto, you're looking for a set of man-made steps leading down to a set of locked doors. From the entrance nearest the Foothills teleporter, go south, then west and look for the stairs right after crossing the small bridge.

Pick up the Chants of Ranged and Magic Skill from in front of the doors, then enter the small room and pick up the stone tablet fragment. If you want to loot the Grotto, go ahead, there's plenty of swag to be had. Then teleport back to Aman'lu and go see Tai'esse again.

Now, use the portal next to the Inn (not the teleporter) to return to the Courtyard of the Temple of Xeria. Head for the secret passage you should have opened earlier as part of the Spirits of Aranna quest. The Cavern of Earth is at the end of the secret passage. Imbue the Soul Staff, then teleport to the Western Cliffs of Azunai.

Enter the Azunite Cavern to the south where you obtained the Azunite Artifact. The little island leading to the tomb of Agarrus is in the northwest corner of the cavern. If you have not previously extended the bridge, look for the switch to the south of the island. It's on the north wall of a small ruin near the bridge.

Descend into the tomb and have a talk with Guardian Magentus. If Lothar (possibly also Sartan) is in your party, you'll get quite a lengthy treatise on the Agallans and Half-giants. Once the conversation is finished, collect your reward. (Yeah, no fighting. You're probably quite disappointed.)

From here you can either hoof it to the Lost Valley of the Azunites or use the teleporter. There's not much difference in distance. Go to the south end of the Valley into the Cavern of the Phoenix and imbue your staff. Return to Kalrathia and leave through the North Gate.


Just before you reach the teleporter, look for a ruined tower to your left (west). Push the button on the west wall of the ruins to lower the elevator and descend into Some Crumbled Ruins. Inside, trade your bottle of Elven water for Prospector Gareth's Agallan relic. Behind Gareth is a hidden switch that opens a treasure room containing the Greater Chant of Purity.

Go east from the ruined tower to a round tower with a bit of treasure on the roof. Continuing east past that tower, you will go down to a lower plateau. Keep going east and step into the lake at the end of the plateau. Turns out it's just an illusion and you'll be able to go down into a Magical Oasis.

This is the final part of Deru's Treasure Hunt. You'll need her in your party to open the chest beyond the door. Pick up the Chant of Health from beside the door, get your treasure and end Deru's quest.

Enter the square tower on the south side of the plateau and descend into a Mysterious Vault. This is the location of the Lost Jewels of Soranith. Fight your way through to the second vault and clear the room.

Great! More light puzzles.

There are five obelisks in the room, each connected by channels like so (north orientation):

              |         |
    __________A____     |_____
   |          |    |          |
   |          |    |____      |
   |          |         |     |
   |          |         |     |
   |     _____B_________C     |
   |    |     |         |     |
   |    |     |____     D_____|
   |    |          |    |
   E____|          |____|

The channels are initially dark, they must be lit. When you click an obelisk, all other obelisks connected by an unlit channel start to glow. Click one of those obelisks and the channel lights up and the other obelisk becomes active. So on and so forth. Once a channel between two obelisks is lit, you can't "connect" those two obelisks again. The statue on the south side of the room resets the puzzle if you get stuck.

There's probably several solutions to this, but here's one:

D - A - C - D - B - A - E - B - C

Two doors to the south will open. In the next room get Soranith's Silver Ring from a treasure chest behind the west door, then go through the south door, down the stairs and into a more complicated light puzzle.

This time there are nine obelisks like so (north orientation):

   _____A_______________B     C_____
  |     |               |     |     |
  |     |     __________|     |     |
  |     |    |                |     |
  |     |    |     ___________|     |
  |     |    |    |                 |
  |     |    |    |                 |
  |     D    |____E___________      |
  |     |         |           |     |
  |     |         |           |     |
  |     |         |      _____F_____|
  |     |         |     |     |
  |     |         |     |     |
  |_____G_________|     |     |_____
        |               |           |
        |               |           |

Again, there are probably several solutions, here is one:

H - F - I - H - G - A - D - G - E - F - C - E - B - A

Door to the south opens, collect a Mysterious Chant (Rando Conjurum Ix) and Soranith's Gold Ring. Head back up to the Northern Plain of Tears. As you work your way back to the main path, look for a separate downward path going north-northeast (to the right of the main path with the teleporter).


Head down this path to find Khartos, who will open a rift and summon a mythrilhorn while you bash monster brains. Afterwards, speak to Khartos again to send the mythrilhorn to Aman'lu.

Back to the main path, head to the Water Temple. Inside, fight the Ganth, which is resistant to fire, lightning and death damage (you know, everything your combat mage can dish out). Once the Ganth is dead, head up the stairs to the Temple Courtyard, where a cruise ship full of Morden await. This is a much tougher fight than the Ganth, and very chaotic. Area-of-effect powers come in quite handy.

Once everything is dead, click the glowing button on the wall to send water to Kalrathia. Jump back to town using the nearby teleporter and speak to Lord Kalrathia to begin the next quest.


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