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Act 1 - Chapter 2: Prisoner of War

Primary Tasks
* Go to the merchant shops and ask for the basket of sharpening stones
* Bring the sharpening stones to the Dryad outpost

Secondary Quests
* Armorer's Apprentice
* Lumilla's Salve

Once you are free, take the lift across to the merchant platform. If you want to take a little break, you can wander around and talk to everyone. The main person you need to see is Telinu, the armorer's apprentice. She has the sharpening stones, and a secondary quest for you. Choose the #1 conversation options to get her quest, which is to find the recipe for Dryad armor in a book that is in the great hall.

You can also get a quest from Lumilla, the enchantress. She wants four nettle clusters to make some of her famous salve. You can't do anything about either of these quests now, so note them and continue on your way. The only places you can go right now are over to the Inn, where you can't do anything yet, and out the North Gate.

North Gate it is, then. You can have one companion with you, and there are two hanging around just inside the North Gate: Lothar, a half-giant fighter; and, Deru, a Dryad ranger. If you take one at this early stage of the game, you can switch their class focus; and, in fact, Lothar already has one level of combat mage and Deru one of nature mage. Pick one up depending on your needs. Talk to the Dryad guard to open the gate and take the lift to the Northern Greilyn Jungle.


Once down on the ground you'll find out about health and mana bushes. If your character is a Dryad, or you brought Deru with you, you'll get some mana potions from the mana bush. You won't be able to harvest health potions until someone in your party reaches level 5 ranged and takes the Survival skill.

You'll also learn about incantation shrines because there's one right here. The Dryad who teaches you about shrines will also teach you a chant, the Lesser Chant of Fortification.

Due north of the shrine is a tower. Enter it and throw the lever to ride a lift down to the basement where you will learn all about sanctuary doors and find four sanctuary doors (one for each class). You'll need a character with at least level 3 in a class to open these doors. There's also a lectern with another chant on it (Lesser Chant of Dexterity).

Take what you can and ride the lift back up and head west for a little looting side trip through some Hak'u caves. Once you've cleaned them out, follow the Dryad guard a short distance east of the shrine to the Dryad outpost. Dispose of the Morden, free the Dryads and start the next chapter.


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