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Act 1 - Chapter 8: The Lost Azunite Artifact

Primary Tasks
* Find the Lost Vault of the Azunites
* Retrieve the Azunite Weapon
* Talk to the Elven spirit in the Lost Vault of the Azunites

Secondary Quests
* None

This is a fairly short and linear chapter, though it may feel long and wandering due to the amount of combat, and twists the path takes--get used to it, it only gets worse from here. When you leave the Ancient Azunite Shrine, you'll come out into the Valley of the Azunites. To the south is the Cavern of the Phoenix, but there's nothing there for you...yet. Head north. You'll soon come to a teleporter, which will provide a welcome respite in Eirulan-- as well as a chance to unload some of your loot.


Teleport back to the Valley. Due east of the teleporter are some ruins. Careful searching will reveal an elevator. This leads to some Lost Elven Ruins; but, you're going to have to come back here again later, so leave it for now. Continue north, pass through another Azunite Cavern and come out on the cliff ledges above the small canyon in the Azunite Desert.

There's a bridge to cross to the other side and another Azunite Cavern. Fight your way through the cavern. Take note of the "broken" bridge to the northwest--this is, again, part of a later quest. Continue until you come to a mirror-and-light puzzle.

Gotta love those.

The statue in the southeast is missing its mirror, you can use the silver one you got from the shrine. Starting with the mirrorless statue, turn the statues in the numerical order listed below so the light is shining in the pattern shown:

   6---------------------7  3-----------------2
   |                     |  |                 |
   |                     |  |                 |
   |                     8-----------9        |
   |                        |                 |
   |                        |                 |
   5------------------------4                 1

A new path will open up, so take the long and winding stair to the Lost Vault of the Azunites. Retrieve the Azunite Artifact, which turns out to be an empty bowl.

Yes, that's right, an empty bowl.

Ah! But Mr. Plot Exposition Elven Spirit has popped up out of nowhere and a conversation with him will reveal--well, not all, but a good deal and set you up on your next quest.


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