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Time Trial Tips


Bolivia Redux - The Looking Glass

"It's time to return to Bolivia and finally learn what these ancient artifacts can do. Amanda must want to activate the stone dais as well. Perhaps she knows its purpose, or only thinks she does."

After the beginning cutscene, View Screenshot Lara will be engaged in a fight between tons of mercenaries. View Screenshot Use Excalibur View Screenshot for some one hit kills or use the chain gun to the side to mow through them quickly. The main things to remember during this fight are to keep the mercenaries away from the chain gun to the side and to watch out for their grenades. The mercenaries will drop several health packs around the area as you kill each one so be sure to run and grab them if you get low in life. Don't waste health packs however, since they will still be on the ground for the next fight.



Amanda's appearance View Screenshot will change dramatically View Screenshot and you will be forced to fight her with Excalibur. Only use Excalibur during this battle since that is the only way to damage her. Swing the sword View Screenshot and hit her with the green waves from Excalibur to damage her. She will constantly move around the area to avoid your attacks and she will let loose plenty of fire current attacks of her own. Try to keep a column between you and her and step out every now and then to attack while you jump and roll from side to side. If you keep waving Excalibur at her you will eventually hit her. When she stops to charge an attack keep swinging the sword for multiple hits.

Eventually she will fall and her true appearance will show among the transparent entity around her. When she drops, run over to her and you will see the action button icon hovering over her. Press the action button while right next to her to stab her with Excalibur. She will get back up and her health will regenerate most of the way. Knock her down and stab her four times to win this battle. View Screenshot She will regain less life per stab you perform on her.

After the fight, View Screenshot the ending cutscene will play. View Screenshot Be sure to save your game!


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