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Time Trial Tips

Tomb Raider Legend
XBox 360, Xbox, Playstation 2, PC

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Eidos
Rated: "T" for Teen

Strategy Guide & Walkthrough
made by Berserker



Lara Croft is back!

Once again we are thrown into the shoes of the most famous of all treasure hunters and this time the ride is more pleasant than ever!

In Tomb Raider Legend, Lara Croft is seeking the answers to a mystery that has plagued her since her childhood - what exactly happened to her mother? She travels the globe, while on a race against other individuals, to unearth ancient artifacts that may hold the key behind her mother's disappearance. From the mountainsides of Bolivia to the jungles of Ghana, she searches for rare objects that may help her understand her past. Will she find the answers she seeks or are some things better left unexplained?

This guide will give you a full walkthrough of Tomb Raider Legend and will outline every secret contained within. If you want to achieve 100% completion then you have come to the right place. All the rewards for each level are revealed, along with extras and tips for the Time Trials of each stage that will help you to get maximum enjoyment out of Ms. Croft's latest adventure. Please enjoy the guide!


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