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Time Trial Tips


Personal Light Source (PLS)

Lara will always be equipped with her own light source that can be turned on or off anytime by tapping D-PAD LEFT. The light is kinetically charged so it will only last for while, but will quickly recharge after being unequipped for a second.

Magnetic Grapple

Lara can manipulate objects from a distance with the use of her magnetic grapple by pressing the GRAPPLE button. Objects that can be manipulated with the grapple will shimmer. When the grapple latches onto an object, Lara can tug on the object by pressing the ACTION button. Hold the ACTION button to drag the object. She can also jump and use the grapple to swing by jumping and pressing JUMP or GRAPPLE. Make sure to look toward the object that you want to grapple. If there are two objects, then adjust the camera so that only the object that you want to grapple is the only one in view.

Health Packs

Lara can use a Health Pack at any time by pressing D-PAD UP and she can hold a maximum of three health packs at a time.

Binoculars/RAD (Remote Analysis Device)

Lara can use her binoculars by pressing D-PAD RIGHT to switch to a binocular view. Press FIRE to zoom in and LOCK ON to zoom out during binocular view. Press the ACTION button to enter RAD mode, which will allow Lara to analyze the object she is viewing. If the object flashes it will be labeled as:

Chemically Unstable - Object will explode if shot.
Technical - Object is part of some machinery. A mechanism.
Movable - Object can be moved in some sort of way.
Physically Unstable - Object can be broken or knocked over.


Lara's faithful handguns can be used at any time by pressing the FIRE button. They carry unlimited ammo so fire away! The handguns are the only weapons that can be upgraded.


Secondary Weapon

Press the ACTION button to pick up a secondary weapon from an enemy or area. Unlike the handguns, Lara will eventually run out of ammo for a secondary weapon unless she picks up more ammo during the level. Press D-PAD DOWN to switch to your secondary weapon.


The SMG has slightly greater range than the normal handguns and is a bit more powerful with its constant spray of bullets. It's usually hard to find ammo for it though.

Assault Rifle

This weapon has some excellent range, but its spread of bullets will sometimes cause you to waste ammo. This is the most common weapon that enemies will carry.


The shotgun is the most powerful gun that you will run across. It usually only takes one hit to kill an enemy, but the distance is not near as good as the other weapons.

Grenade Gun

A gun that shoots normal grenades. These are not very useful since you'll hardly ever find ammo. The gun only holds three grenades.


Press the GRENADE/FLARE button to use a grenade or flare at the appropriate time. Lara will find Grenades starting on Level 2, and she will be able to use flares during one segment. Flares are unlimited, but Grenades must be replenished by picking up more. Lara can hold a maximum of four grenades. Hold down the GRENADE/FLARE button to delay the throw and throw the object further.


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