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Time Trial Tips


England - King Arthur's Tomb?

"The map on the knight's shield leads to a site that claims to have unearthed King Arthur's grave, a distinction also claimed by countless others. But this particular site meant something to a knight one thousand years ago, so it may mean something to me."


If you approach the sword in the stone in the back there will be some extra dialogue with Zip, which will lead to some extra dialogue later. Lara will look directly up at a vent cover View Screenshot at the beginning of this level. Use the grapple to tear off the vent cover then slide the box View Screenshot on the bottom floor directly under it. Jump and grab the side then hold the crouch button as you pull yourself up View Screenshot to keep from falling suddenly. Shoot the small crate View Screenshot to find a BRONZE REWARD (1/9). View Screenshot Tear the next vent cover View Screenshot from the wall by using the grapple. Duck and go through the vent hole.


You'll drop to the outside of the museum in the rain. Move over to the gate in the back to see a fuse box on the opposite side. Each of the windows has a board above them that can be grabbed on to. Jump and grab the top of the window View Screenshot next to the gate then jump and grab the ledge above you. Shimmy to the left over the gate View Screenshot then drop to the other side. Pull the lever View Screenshot on the fuse box to turn the power to the museum back on. When the lever is pulled, electricity will flow through the water on the other side of the gate, so those extra boards above the windows on that side will finally come in handy. Zip and Alister will also have a hilarious discussion about Excalibur if you examined the sword in the stone from earlier. Climb up the pipe to the left of the fuse box and jump back over to the ledge that you used to cross over the gate. Shimmy along the ledge then drop to the first board above the window. Move to the right and jump to the next two boards on the side then jump to the right one more time on the last board to get over the electrified water. You can now open the door to the left of the vent hole. Look over to the right as you enter to see some green toy sea serpents. I'd hate to meet one of those in real life! You can kick the toy castle. Move over to the area with the sword in the stone. A recording will play as you walk toward the stone. Have Lara pull the sword with the action button to open the tall door. View Screenshot


Look over to the right side as you enter to see an opening on the wall. The three knights to the right are staring straight at it. Jump to the opening and pull yourself inside. Remember to duck as you enter to make sure you don't fall. Shoot the small crate in the room to reveal a BRONZE REWARD (2/9). Go back through the hole and jump back to the other side. Stand on the board next to the two poles. Jump to the first pole View Screenshot then swing to the next. When you grab on to the second pole it will swing and hit the wall. Right when it hits the wall jump to the pole across from the wall. While swinging on the third pole View Screenshot jump and grab the wood piece across from it. The wood piece will start to move downward so jump back to the pole that you were just on and turn back around as the wooden floor moves downward. Jump to the wooden floor and quickly run into the room before the floor turns upward again. If you fall during any of this, there are some ledges next to the board across from where you jumped to the first pole.


The coffin on the side of the wall has a shiny metal ring View Screenshot that is keeping it suspended - shoot it to make the coffin lean over. Use the coffin to jump to the other side. If you fall to the floor below, there are some ledges that will help you back up once again. Don't worry about the sword just yet. Look to the right of the display on your current side to find a vent. Duck and move through the vent. Shoot the small crate on the other side to find a BRONZE REWARD (3/9). Crouch and move back through the vent and pull on the sword to make some boards fall from the side to reveal a shiny metal object to the left of the tall door. Stand away from the shiny metal object and grapple it with Lara's grapple View Screenshot then pull it to open the door. Quickly roll through the door before it closes.


Look toward the top of the wall on the right to see a shiny vent cover. Get in the forklift View Screenshot and move two crates (one on top of the other) under the shiny vent cover. Lift the crates up just a bit to carry them. Don't knock too many crates down the stairs or don't fall down the stairs with the forklift or you'll mess this up. Move a third crate View Screenshot next to the two that are stacked on top of each other in order to get on top of them, then use your grapple to rip the vent cover out of the wall. Jump the crates and jump up to the vent. On the other side the characters will have some extra dialogue and you will find a SILVER REWARD (1/5). View Screenshot Go back the way you came and move the remaining crates out of the way.

Barrel down the stairs while in the forklift. You can't get the forklift back to the top once you move it down the stairs. Ram the sarcophagus View Screenshot at the bottom with the forklift to find a SILVER REWARD (2/5). View Screenshot Turn your attention to the crates to the left and move them to the side with the forklift. Ram the wall the crates were blocking View Screenshot to find a secret passage.

The spears ahead pose no threat while you have your handy forklift. Drive right through them to break each set of spears. When you reach the gate, move the two metal pieces on the front of the forklift underneath the gate, by lowering them and driving into it, then lift the gate up View Screenshot along with the two metal pieces. The gate will move upward automatically once you move it far enough. Plow through the next set of spears then ram the wall at the end with the forklift to start a Quick Time Event cutscene.

Lara will ram through the wall then start to fall with the forklift, but she quickly [JUMP] jumps to grab the side of the floor above.


Look to the right to see a BRONZE REWARD (4/9) View Screenshot lying along the side of the wall and look directly ahead to see another BRONZE REWARD (5/9) View Screenshot in a small space along the left side of the wall. Go down the stairs and jump to the small ledge on the left wall and


jump across to the ledge View Screenshot on the right. The second ledge will start to crumble so shimmy to the right quickly then drop to the stairs below you. View Screenshot The stairs will start to crumble as well so jump to the next section of stairs directly in front of that section. The stairs will last a little bit longer than the ledge did. Walk down the next set of stairs and jump to the pole across from them. Swing to the alcove up ahead, then hang off the side. View Screenshot Jump to the ledge on the right and quickly shimmy across it before it falls. Pull yourself up to the opening that you eventually hang from and look to the left (use manual aim) to see a BRONZE REWARD (6/9). Fall to the stairs below the opening. Jump to the rope near the end of the stairs and swing across to next set of stairs. This set will crumble so quickly run to the end and jump to the next section of stairs. Walk to the end of the last set of stairs and jump to the ledge on the left wall then shimmy all the way to the right and drop. Hang off the side and fall to the debris below and slide to the bottom floor.

Look off to the right to see the roman numeral "III" etched on the stone under the arch. This will help you to get the gold reward, but we have to find numbers "I" and "II" first before this one will help. Run up the steps ahead.


Turn to the left and jump the gap to get over the burning oil below. View Screenshot Further ahead, look to the right to see flames coming out of the gratings on the floor up ahead. View Screenshot Use Lara's grapple to grapple the metal crate on the other side and pull it toward you. Push the crate over the first set of flames that constantly spew up and die down. Get on top of the crate View Screenshot and wait until the second set of flames is about to stop then jump and land on the grating and jump again to move over the other flames. Grapple the metal crate and bring it through View Screenshot the flames so it can help you on the second row of flames on the other side. Use the same technique to pass over them. The first set will always remain on. Grapple the crate once again and pull it through the second set of flames once you reach the other side. Push the crate up to the middle of the gate and climb on top of it. Grab the side of the gate to hop on top of it View Screenshot and jump to the other side.



On the other side, pull the switch View Screenshot to the left after landing to make the gate open. Pull the crate under the gate. The choice is up to you where to start next. For now, I will refer to the current crate as Crate 1. Push Crate 1 up under the set of rotating blades to the left to clog them up then move to the other side to find a SILVER REWARD (3/5). View Screenshot The blades will always slow down if you keep pushing to allow you to push the crate underneath them. Pull Crate 1 out of that set of rotating blades and push it under the right set of rotating blades (keep it to one side). Grab Crate 2 on the other side and push it through the blades that Crate 1 is holding. Go ahead and push Crate 2 up under the middle set of rotating blades. Grab Crate 1 from the right and push it underneath the middle set of blades that Crate 2 is blocking. Pull both crates into the current area. Push one of the crates underneath the second floor area on the left (keep it to the right side of that area) and push the other crate underneath the second floor area on the right. Jump and grab the right side of the ledge on the left side and completely push in the "I" stone at the top. Push until it stops. Fall back down and climb up to the area on the right side and push the "II" View Screenshot stone until it stops. Pushing these stones will help you to get the gold reward later.

Push Crate 1 underneath the last set of rotating blades View Screenshot then push Crate 2 to the other side of the blades. Push Crate 2 into the first row of flames View Screenshot then stop and grab Crate 1 out from under the blades. Push Crate 1 directly behind Crate 2 so that you push Crate 2 further into the flames. Push Crate 1 until you it is in the first row of flames. Hop on the crates and walk to the end then jump across the flames ahead of you. Walk up to the gate ahead and pull the lever View Screenshot to the right to open the gate. The gate will close behind you. Walk up the stairs to the left and the next set of stairs to the right.


Step on the large pressure button to see that it opens the gate in the distance and to hear some extra dialogue from your team. Jump into the lake off to the left and swim to the other side. Climb up on the right side to see a BRONZE REWARD (7/9) View Screenshot in the distance behind some bars. Stand across from the bars and grapple the shiny chandelier and pull it back so it will swing into the bars. When the bars fall, grapple the reward and pull it toward you. Zip will mention a coffin across from you as well. Turn around to see the coffin behind some bars. Grapple the shiny chandelier over the lake and have it swing into the bars in front of the coffin. Grapple the coffin View Screenshot inside and pull it out into the lake. View Screenshot Jump on top of the coffin and use the shiny torches along the sidewalls to pull Lara and the coffin toward the pressure button. No matter what way the coffin turns, Lara will not fall off while you pull at the grapple usually. Make sure that the camera is facing the torch before you grapple it. Grapple the torch in the area with the pressure button and keep pulling until the coffin moves out of the water. Move to the other side of the pressure button and pull the coffin over the pressure button View Screenshot to open the gate in the distance. Move through the new opening and step on the grating next to the doorway up ahead.



Tilt the camera to look through the grating and you will see the next bronze reward below you. Move through the entrance to the waterway and jump into the water then swim under the small space below the entrance to retrieve the BRONZE REWARD (8/9). Swim back out and pull the switch View Screenshot inside of the water to open the floodgate next to the floating coffin in the back. Get up on the coffin View Screenshot and jump over the floodgate on the right as the coffin passes by it. View Screenshot If you miss the jump use the torch next to the floodgate to bring Lara and the coffin back to the floodgate. Lara will gain an extra boost in her jump when leaping to the floodgates so you won't have to worry about grabbing on to the side most of the time. If you swim to the right you will see a silver reward overhead that we will get in just a moment. Swim down the channel to the left then make another left and pull the lever View Screenshot under the water to open the gate and let the coffin from earlier into the current channel. Let the coffin float past the channel you just came from then grapple the torch to the right of the silver reward to pull yourself over to it. Jump to the alcove and grab the SILVER REWARD (4/5). Use the torch to the side to pull the coffin back out of the channel then use the next torch to the side of the closed floodgate on the other side to pull you back across. Leap over the closed floodgate View Screenshot to get carried with the current toward a waterfall. Swim toward the back of the cave and pull yourself up to the cave floor above. Notice the disturbing yell as you swim toward the cave floor.


While standing in front of the tomb, View Screenshot grapple both of the lantern poles on each side of the entrance. Move the right lantern pole toward you and move the left lantern pole toward the left side. Jump and grab the first ledge on the far left side View Screenshot then jump to the top of the platform. Swing on the pole View Screenshot and jump to the ramp. While sliding down the ramp, jump to grab the lantern pole that you just got through tugging on to make it rotate toward the entrance. Look up to see a lantern View Screenshot that you can grapple to in between the two lantern poles. Swing and jump toward the next lantern pole then grapple to the lantern above and swing across to the next lantern pole. The lantern pole on the other side will rotate and position you in front of two narrow platforms when you grab on. Hop up the two platforms then jump and grab the crevice View Screenshot at the top. Move to the right then jump and grab the board below the window. Move to the right some more then jump and grab the next board below the window to the right. Move to the right once again then jump to the right and Lara will automatically turn diagonally while jumping and grab the chain View Screenshot to the side. Climb all the way to the top of the chain and leap to the roof of the tomb.

Move toward the left side of the roof and look behind the stalagmite in the very back to find a SILVER REWARD (5/5). View Screenshot Move toward the area with surrounding columns to find a rope that extends downward into the tomb below. Jump to the rope and slide directly down into the tomb for a cutscene. After the first cutscene, View Screenshot walk over to Bedwyr's coffin View Screenshot on the left side for another cutscene. When the cutscene ends, grab the front of Bedwyr's coffin and slide it over to the broken column on the right side of the tomb. Hop up to the top of the broken column View Screenshot and jump to grab the rope on the side. This will make the bell in the back move upwards. You need to find a way to strike the bell as it moves upward. Jump back and get behind the bell and grapple the shiny chandelier in the middle of the tomb. Pull on it View Screenshot so that it moves back and forth and hits the rope above the bell. Quickly run back over to the broken column and jump to the rope to raise the bell. The chandelier will strike the bell View Screenshot and a cutscene will activate.


The front door to King Arthur's Tomb will open after the cutscene. Rush through the door up ahead for another cutscene.

A Sea Serpent [455] will rise up out of the lake and attack. He will shoot green liquid at you and try to bite or ram you constantly throughout this battle. He will always roar right before he tries to bite or ram you. Jump to the side or roll to the side to avoid his attacks. Do not fall into the lake or he will grab you and throw you back out, which will take over half your life.


Look around the area to see four levers. In order to hit him, you will have to draw his attention to one of the four bells along the sides of each lever. Target and shoot a bell View Screenshot with the handguns to make him look toward the bell. While he is staring at the bell, make sure the camera is facing the lever you want to pull then grapple the lever next to the bell you just rang and tug on it to make a cage with spikes come crashing down on his head. View Screenshot He will destroy the corresponding bell after the cage hits him. Do this for each of the bells and levers and you will defeat him after all of them are gone. This can be a frustrating boss battle if you don't line up the camera just right with the levers in the back and if you constantly tap the grapple button. The best thing to do is to make sure that the lever you want to grapple is the only one on the current camera angle, then after shooting (when Lara puts her guns in her holsters) press the grapple button one time to grapple the lever.

After the battle, jump into the water and swim over to the middle left lever and pull yourself up on the cave floor in front of the lever. Get on top of the dead sea serpent View Screenshot and move across him until you can see a ledge above, then jump and grab onto the ledge [461]. Jump to the area overhead and go down the tunnel.


Jump and grapple the chandelier View Screenshot above the gap to swing over the gap. Jump and grab the pole View Screenshot ahead then swing to the ramp. While sliding down the ramp, View Screenshot jump to avoid the gap near the bottom and a Quick Time Event cutscene will start.

Lara will continue to slide down the ramp, but suddenly another sea serpent will pop up out of the water in front of her. Lara will [JUMP] jump to avoid the sea serpent's mouth as it tries to bite her then [GRAPPLE] grapple the overhead gate up ahead and swing to the other side while avoiding a second bite from the sea serpent. While still in the air, View Screenshot she will aim one of her guns toward the metal ring holding up the gate and [ACTION] shoot the ring to drop the gate and trap the sea serpent. View Screenshot

Shoot the middle ring holding the gate and jump to grab either of the engravings View Screenshot on the sides and grab the top of the gate. Move over to the middle and grab the rope that once held the gate. Swing to other side of the gate to grab BRONZE REWARD (9/9) View Screenshot on the bottom floor. Make your way back up to the ladder and swing to the platform across from the rope. Pull the lever View Screenshot on the right to open the gate in front of you.

Slide down the ramp and fall to the area below. There are some mercenaries down the hall ahead of you, but you can pull the lever to the side to burn them alive. This will burn the items that they carry also however. Pull the lever once again to make the flames stop. Run down the hall and some mercenaries will appear on the second floor to the left. Shoot them and move the crate View Screenshot over to that area if you want to retrieve the item they drop. If you haven't yet, make sure to push in the "I" and "II" stone engravings on each side so you can get the gold reward in just a second. Push the crate up under the rotating blades View Screenshot and move to the other side. In the next area a mercenary will appear behind the bars on the wall in front of you and another will appear on the other side of flames. Throw a grenade at the one behind the flames. Hop over each section of flames on both sides. You can drag a crate into this area with you to make the jumps much safer. On the other side of the burning oil lake up ahead, a mercenary will charge toward you and shoot.



Rush into the catacombs ahead and shoot the enemy with the grenade launcher that storms out from behind the stairs. Push in on the stone with the "III" on it to make the stone door in the back open to reveal the GOLD REWARD (1/1) if you pushed in the "I" and "II" stone earlier. Stand on the debris to the side of the lift then jump and grab on to the lift. View Screenshot Push the green button View Screenshot to make it rise to the top floor. Shoot the mercenary on the top floor then grapple the shiny metal piece on the right coffin and pull the lift over to it. View Screenshot Grab onto the ledge then jump over to the floor on the left.


Up ahead a pitbull and a mercenary will attack. Shoot the pitbull first as it darts toward you. The mercenaries in the hall ahead will hide behind crates so shoot the crates or step around the crates then shoot them. View Screenshot Grenades work very well for this area and the next room. Another pitbull will attack as you move further down the hall. In the room up ahead, mercenaries with shields will run into the room from the right side. Bullets do very minimal damage because of their shields so have a grenade ready and throw it toward them as they dash into the room. In the room up the stairs ahead, kill the two mercenaries for a cutscene View Screenshot that will end the level.


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