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Time Trial Tips


This section will give you some tips on how to make it through each level quicker. You should know your way around each level before attempting a time trial. The only areas that are mentioned in this tips section per stage are the areas in which you can speed up your progress by avoiding extra obstacles or enemies. In order to unlock the Time Trial for each level, you must first beat the level. To attempt a Time Trial, select "Replay Level" from the main menu then select "Time Trial" as the difficulty.

General Tips

- Do not swing more than twice on each rope or pole. If the destination is very far, go ahead and swing three times on a rope.

- Stay running even while shooting an enemy. Run toward them and just leave them if you don't kill them in time. Only stop and kill an enemy if it is required or if the enemy is too deadly to leave standing.

- Use grenades often for big mercenary fights.

- Only do the minimum requirements for a puzzle.

- Do not collect any rewards.

- Do not go out of your way to grab an item very much. If it is not in your path then forget about it most of the time.

- Keep an eye on your health and heal appropriately.

- Skippable Cutscenes do not take extra time from the required time, but you can still skip over them by pausing the game and choosing "Skip Cutscene" from the pause menu.

- Run, Run, Run!


Bolivia - Time Trial (12 min. 30 sec.)

After pushing off the first rock, jump immediately toward the ledge and grab on. Jump to the first vine and climb up just enough to reach the second vine then jump to the right twice to land on the rock ledge. When you jump to the first rope, jump off to the other side on the first swing.

When you run into the two guards, don't fire at them - run directly toward the ledge in the back after the cutscene. When you make it to the rope at the top, swing once and jump then grab the ledge ahead and pull yourself up. By the time you make it to the top the guards will fire, but you should be on your way across the poles at the top by then. Shoot the guard that storms out in front of you while running then jump and grapple the shiny object and swing across on the first swing.

In the first area with a bunch of guards, shoot the rocks to cause the landslide then slide down immediately following the last rock. When you make it to the rope, jump and swing twice on the rope then jump off. Shoot the rock pillar up ahead immediately then fire on the guard that comes across the rock bridge. Shoot the others on the way up to the temple, but leave the rest once you make it to the stairs. Run up to the trap floor that opens and jump right before you reach the edge, grapple to the shiny object, then swing once and jump.

When you come to the first leopard, jump over him or run by him since he will not follow you to the smashing wall. Push the cage through the smashing walls and do not stop! In the puzzle room, push the first cage over the left pressure button then fall down the left side and pull the cage out from the rock then push it on the rock. Climb the middle and jump on the other side of the rock to knock up the first cage. The leopard will attack at that time, but leave him. Push the second cage to the middle button and stand on the third.

When you come to the dark room with the spiked pillars, fall directly down at the entrance and take the damage - to hell with the ledges! Kill the leopard or run past him on your way to the debris then hop along each pole of the spiked pillars with one swing. When fighting all the enemies at the end, grab an assault rifle to kill them quicker.



Peru Time Trial (21 mins. 30 sec.)

There's a little more room for error on this level than the first, but the time is still tight. When the mercenary with the shotgun races out of the second floor building, climb up the flagpole immediately then swing over to him and kill him. This way, another mercenary will not appear in the building you head to. When you reach the area with tons of mercenary, only shoot explosive objects and whatever is in your way. Throw grenades often and try to stay on the roofs. On the final wave of mercenaries, shoot and run directly toward the motorcycle even if you have to leave some of them alive.

For the motorcycle part, keep an eye on your health and the road and do not die - you can't afford too many deaths here. At the beginning of the flashback, roll under the opening in the wall then when you start to approach the area with Amanda, head to dark corridor to the right and forget about her. This will help you to skip an annoying part later. When you make it to Kent, don't even listen to him. Move the ball out of the way of the trap and swing over to him while Lara and Kent talk. In the area after the beast chase, jump on top of the platform and stand directly in front of (not to the side) of the ball and roll it toward the ramp and it should automatically roll down on the trap below so you can swing across. If you did not approach Amanda earlier, then she will not appear on the other side of the iron gate, which is great, since the camera will not move over to her when you jump to swing on the spear.

When you dive into the lake, try to swim as far as you can on one gasp of air. It is possible to make it all the way to the end on one breath, but you will lose some life. When you go to pull out the blue stones from the statues, make sure to do it all in one breath. After the Quick Time Event, look to the left and grapple the ball on top of the columns immediately. Move the two balls over the side pressure buttons. When start to climb down from the area with the third ball, make your way down by jumping to the middle structure instead of the way you came. Slide down the ramp, drop, then drop again - don't use the ladder, just drop. On the way back, use an assault rifle and grenades on the mercenaries. When you battle the group of mercenaries at the end, make sure to use a bunch of grenades. When fighting the last mercenary that shoots at the car Anaya hides under, shoot him with your handguns for a more precise aim, which will kill him quicker.



Japan Time Trial (12 min. 15 sec.)

Walk down the stairs at the beginning then approach the bartender and press the action button - walk away when he starts to talk and head to Nishimura's office right away. When fighting Takamoto's guards, make sure to grab an assault rifle from the first guard that you kill to make the others much easier. Throw a grenade into the hall when the other guards storm out from the back of the hall.

On the roof, make sure to stand away from the explosive barrel when you go to shoot it. Don't shoot it as you walk through the sliding door or you will suffer major damage. When you enter the area with the motorcycle, leap off the side of the ramp instead of running down it. You should land right near the motorcycle. After the motorcycle jump, make sure to wait about five seconds after you shoot the hanging glass window before you swing on the rope since Lara will not grab on to the rope if you jump too quickly. For the lifts, grapple and pull them toward you then jump to them immediately after pulling the grapple back. When you come to the two lifts, only move the first lift - you can easily jump to the second lift while it hangs still as long as you pull the first lift back enough. When you come to the guards on the building throw grenades or run past them. You must take out all the guards in the computer room since they will most likely kill you if you don't.

While climbing the side of the building make sure to remain cautious while swinging. When you reach the top, shoot the chandelier so that it falls on the two guards in the back then run past the other guards while shooting. Grab the ball in the area ahead immediately and roll it through the invisible lasers to the other side - don't even worry about the sprinklers. After the cutscene with Takamoto, throw a grenade immediately to kill two of the soldiers or possibly all of them. Grab the shotguns from their bodies for the boss fight ahead. When you fight Takamoto, stay on top of him as much as you can, and blast away with the shotgun. The more you get hit, the more he will run.



West Africa (Ghana) (20 min.)

Other than racing through everything quicker there is not too much else you can do to speed up your time for this stage, but here's a few tips:

After the cutscene at the waterfall, dive immediately into the water below. At the first raft, if you fall off the first rope into the water then you may still be able to make it across the pool of water to the other side by swimming. Aim for the explosive targets in the area with the first group of mercenaries. When making your way down to the floating raft in the water puzzle area, jump down to the water from above and forget about the ledges to the side. When you make into the room with the three sets of spear traps, try to run through them all in one run if possible. Stay in the middle as you roll and jump through the second set of rotating blades.

For the mercenaries that stand on the first bridge, fire at the stone piece above them to sink the bridge then quickly run and grapple across the gap and shoot the last mercenary on the other side. When you come to the group of mercenaries near the large wooden bridge make sure to kill the two on your side first so they will not destroy the bridge with a grenade as you run across it. Run across the bridge and fire at the guards then run past them. They may throw a grenade on the bridge so be prepared to jump. While fighting Rutland, watch for his grenades and use your handguns if you have some upgrades for them. Remember that you must take about half of Rutland's life and he must recharge his health one time before you can start destroying the stone platforms along the side of the room.



Kazakhstan (27 min. 10 sec.)

Since this is a long level, the time is going to be pretty tight. The motorcycle part is the main time waster. Make sure you know this level well.

At the beginning, it is best to run past as many mercenaries as you can. You will have to constantly stay on the move to avoid their grenades if you run though. Be sure to avoid most of the mercenaries next to the building with the two ally soldiers - rush into the building before killing all of the soldiers. They will be waiting for you as you exit the building. Use an assault rifle on the explosive canisters as you race up the road to the communications tower. When you swing down the second cable, drop halfway down the cable and start shooting on your way to the motorcycle. Get on the motorcycle and accelerate past the two mercenaries near the entrance to the tunnel.

When you start the motorcycle part, make sure to pick up as many med packs as you can. Watch the road and fire on the enemies as normal. You can't really speed it up much at all. Race through the vent system ahead as fast as you can. Jump and roll under the electric wires without stopping.

Try to make it to the Tesla gun area with about ten minutes to spare. After powering up the core, grapple and pull the electric cables and race through them after the first pull. For the group of two, pull one then quickly pull the other and roll through them. Immediately after opening the door for the core, race to the door that opens to the side and roll through it. Fire explosive canisters at the guards with the shields while in the Tesla gun and quickly move the lift to the middle of the area then jump across. If you fall from the lift and survive then kill yourself so you will start from the above checkpoint.

When you fight the boss, don't even bother about hitting him. Pull the levers and shoot the spheres into the place then get off the Tesla gun and grapple the fragment.



England Time Trial (27 min.)

Surprisingly, this one is not too bad. There is plenty of room for error with the time given for this time trial but make sure you know the stage really well. The sea serpent boss fight will be the most time consuming part, so make sure you have practiced defeating him before attempting this time trial.

When you get to the forklift part, move the one box, near the forklift, out of the way and then ram the middle single crate down the stairs and accelerate down the stairs with it to speed up this part. When you get to the part with the rotating blades, use the grapple for most of your crate moving. In the waterway, make sure to use the torches to move the coffins at all times, even when you're already moving down the right way.

While fighting the sea serpent, do not madly tap the grapple button when he turns his head - press the button one time when Lara stops shooting then tug at the grapple. Make sure that the camera is only facing one lever when you try to grapple. When you swing on the rope above the gate directly after the sea serpent Quick Time Event, swing on the rope three times since the next ledge is
distant and it is very time consuming if you miss the ledge.

When fighting the mercenaries, make sure to grab one of their SMG's to make the kills much quicker. Use grenades often for distant enemies. Do not use the crate to jump over the flames. When you're at the top of the lift in the catacombs, grapple the shiny coffin and jump to the ledge immediately after you pull yourself toward the wall.


Nepal (13 min. 40 sec)

Other than racing through the level quickly there is not too much else you can do to speed up your time. When you reach the mercenary area make sure to shoot the explosive canisters to kill them quicker. In the first ice platform area you can go ahead and jump to the fourth platform and loose a bit of health instead of shooting the ceiling to make the ice fall. Run by the first snow leopard in the Temple and grapple to the bell.

The time may seem short for this stage, but if you know the stage real well then you can easily finish with plenty of minutes to spare.


Bolivia Redux (4 min. 15 sec.)

Use Excalibur often during the mercenary fight. If you make it down to one mercenary and can't find him, constantly target the area to eventually see him. When fighting Amanda, make sure to take advantage of when she charges an attack and constantly hit her during that moment. Stay close to her when you know she is about to be stunned.


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