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Act 3 - Chapter 6: The Agallan Trial

Primary Tasks
* Speak to Advisor Kynos
* Defeat Advisor Kynos
* Take the Kalrathian Crystal to the fountain in the center of the town of Kalrathia
* Enter the ancient chamber underneath the town of Kalrathia
* Speak to the Azunite Ancestor
* Restore water to the western waterway
* Restore water to the norther waterway
* Restore water to the southern waterway
* Restore water to the eastern waterway
* Go through the portal to the Agallan Peaks

Secondary Quests
* Spirits of Aranna

Your first task is to speak to Advisor Kynos, who no one in their right mind would like. Fortunately, you get to kill him. You'll get the Kalrathian Crystal that unlocks the Agallan Trial under the city. You also get Kynos' house key; he lives in the north section of town if you want to help yourself to his things. He won't be needing them any longer.

From this point, it is a long time until you see your next teleporter--about a quarter of the way through Chapter 8. You can use the town portal spell (Summon Teleporter), but those don't last through a reload. So don't start this next section unless you have some time to play. If you quit any time before the next teleporter, you're going to have a long, long trek in front of you.


Use the crystal on the glowing corner of the fountain, then press any of the buttons to ride down into the Agallan Trial area. Down the steps you go until you reach a large room and get a cutscene with your instructions. Talk to the Azunite Ancestor, then head through the west door.

Down more stairs...and more...and some more. When you finally hit bottom, go down into the water trough and pull the lever to open the sluice gate. Then turn the valve to start the water in the western waterway. Go through the broken wall into a tunnel.

The tunnel soon branches north and south. You can go either way, but, since the Quest log lists the northern waterway next, head north. When you get back into the man-made section, look for a Mysterious Chant in the corner.

Note the three large stone controllers at the edge of the platform. These control floodgate doors down below. You have to activate them in various combinations to enable your party to get through to unblock the waterway and turn on the water. Each of the floodgate controllers has a center "button" that is either up or down.

The easiest thing to do is to enter Wait mode and send one character down and keep the others next to the controllers. It's easier to move one character around in the small rooms.

For the northern puzzle, set the controllers so they are
- Left: up
- Center: down
- Right: up

Go down into the waterway, open the gate and turn on the water. Go into the northwest room and around to the northeast room. Hit the switch in here so it is up and open the way to the south room. Push the switch in the south room down to open the way to the east platform.


On the platform, push the button on the east wall to open part of a shortcut to the southern/eastern waterway. Then go to the south end of the platform, enter the cistern and open the gate. This is actually for the eastern waterway, but might as well do it now.

Then go back into the northern waterway and open the second gate. Go up onto the northern platform, reform your party (if you went solo), enter the room to the west and push the button on the wall to open a door back to the west waterway. Enter the tunnel and go south.

Along the way you'll encounter Spirit of Aranna #17. The incantation shrine is just to the east of the ghost. When you reach the southern waterway, open two gates and then turn on the water.

Go up on the platform and push each controller down and go back down into the waterway and open the gate. Enter the southeast corner room and thence into the southwest corner. Set this switch down and exit the room to open the last two gates to let the water run through.

Go back into the southwestern corner room and set the switch up to open the door north. Push this switch down to open the north door and go through and open the gate. Return to the northwest room.

Here's where it get's much easier to do this with a solo character. You have to turn the two switches up on the platform to the up position. This opens the way to get from the northwest room over to the northeast section of the waterway and open the last two gates and turn on the water. So you just change to another character, hit the two switches on the platform and you're home free.

If you haven't used the solo trick, here's what you have to do. Hit the switch in the northwest room to get to the southwest room. Hit the switch to open the door into the southern waterway. Go up to the platform and hit both switches. Go back to the southwest room, hit the switch, enter the northwest room and hit the switch and now you can get through.


For the record, to the north of the eastern water valve is a platform with a mana shrine (and a Mysterious Chant behind the shrine). At the west end of this platform is the button on the wall that opens the shortcut to the north platform, which you'll need to use if you did not previously open that last east gate.

To quickly get back to the stairs leading up, return through the south waterway and enter a room to the north and push the button on the wall to open a shortcut to the western waterway. Head up the stairs, through the big door, collect your loot and go through the portal.


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