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Act 3 - Secondary Quests

#1: Dwarven Song of Ore
* Intended level: 35
* Find the Silver stanza
* Find the Iron stanza
* Find the Gold stanza
* Find the Mythril stanza
* Return the stanzas to Historian Leontia
* Return with the fourth stanza to Historian Leontia

Talk to Historian Leontia in the great hall of Kalrathia to begin this quest. You'll find the stanzas in the Mines of Kaderak.

* The Silver stanza is in the Upper Mines in a side room just past the third lever.

* The Iron stanza is in a side room just past the East teleporter. Go up the stairs to the west and look in the room with the Spirit of Aranna.

* The Gold stanza is in a hidden room east of the elevator to the Lower Mines. There's a set of three rooms, go to the west room and pull the lever to expose the chest with the stanza.

* The Mythril stanza, which is not originally part of the quest, is in a chest just south of the Lower Mines teleporter.

It makes no difference whether you return the first three stanzas to Leontia and then bring her the fourth, or just bring her all four at once. The reward is the same in either case, and includes both the Chant of Prosperity and the Greater Chant of Prosperity.

#2: The Lore of Aranna
* Intended level: 33
* Find the Lore of Aranna collection and return to Telgrey the Scholar

Telgrey lives in a house in the northeast corner of Kalrathia. Ascend the stairs near the East Gate and go north into his room. Talk to him about the Lore of Aranna. There are 20 volumes in the collection:

1. Kings and Queens of the Northern Reaches: Snowbrook Haven Servant's Quarters

2. The Dark Wizards: Vai'kesh Sanctuary, on a table on a stairway as you leave the sanctuary

3. Downfall of the Manu Ostar: In Alar'ithil's house south-west of the south bridge out of Aman'lu

4. Valdis and His Armies: In Tywlis' house in Aman'lu

5. Turmanar and its Aftermath: In Alt'orn Hall in Aman'lu

6. The Skath: In the tower where you meet Vix, near the Upper Kithraya Caverns

7. The Deeds of Xeria: Windstone Fortress' Western Gatehouse

8. The Death of Xeria: Xeria's Temple, north room

9. The War of Legions: Xeria's Temple, north room

10. The Legend of Arinth the Mad: Received from Eolanda when given the Arinth's Legendary Staff quest

11. The Dryads and their Customs: Aman'lu, on Eolanda's table

12. Zaramoth's Ascendance and Downfall: Aman'lu magic shop, second floor

13. Elandir's Life and Teachings: On the second floor of the Aman'lu Inn

14. Fables of Ancient Artifacts: Aman'lu, on Eolanda's floor

15. Symbology of the Azunites: Aman'lu magic shop, second floor balcony

16. The Legacy of Azunai: Room along the north wall of Kalrathia

17. The Path of Life: Shrine of Life (part of Amren's Vision quest)

18. The Path of Sight: Shrine of Sight (part of Amren's Vision quest)

19. The Path of Death: Shrine of Death (part of Amren's Vision quest)

20. The Path of Blindness: Shrine of Blindness (part of Amren's Vision quest)

Vol. 20 should be the last one you collect, as it isn't available until Chapter 2 of Act III. Once you have them all, return to Telgrey. When you first talk to him to complete the quest, all he gives you as a reward is a "book" called "The Mercenary and the Scholar".

If you read this little ode, it's obviously a joke. Talk to Telgrey again to receive your true reward, which will include the Mysterious Book, part of the Mysterious Mystery Quest.

#3: The Lost Jewels of Soranith
* Intended level: 33
* Enter the Ancient Vault
* Solve the second puzzle within the vault and see if there are any jewels locked within
* Solve the third puzzle within the vault and investigate the area for more jewels
* Return to Kevarre the Explorer in the Kalrathia tavern

Enter the tavern in Kalrathia and speak to Kevarre the Explorer. He'll spin a tale of an ancient vault of Soranith, in which he found an amulet. He thinks there are more jewels in the set, and tasks you with finding them.

While walking through the Northern Plain of Tears, look for a path down to a plateau to the east, just before reaching the teleporter. Enter the square tower on the south side of the plateau and descend into a Mysterious Vault. Fight your way through to the second vault and clear the room.

Great! More light puzzles.

There are five obelisks in the room, each connected by channels like so (north orientation):

              |         |
    __________A____     |_____
   |          |    |          |
   |          |    |____      |
   |          |         |     |
   |          |         |     |
   |     _____B_________C     |
   |    |     |         |     |
   |    |     |____     D_____|
   |    |          |    |
   E____|          |____|

The channels are initially dark, they must be lit. When you click an obelisk, all other obelisks connected by an unlit channel start to glow. Click one of those obelisks and the channel lights up and the other obelisk becomes active. So on and so forth. Once a channel between two obelisks is lit, you can't "connect" those two obelisks again. The statue on the south side of the room resets the puzzle if you get stuck.

There's probably several solutions to this, but here's one:

D - A - C - D - B - A - E - B - C

Two doors to the south will open. In the next room get Soranith's Silver Ring from a treasure chest behind the west door, then go through the south door, down the stairs and into a more complicated light puzzle.

This time there are nine obelisks like so (north orientation):

   _____A_______________B     C_____
  |     |               |     |     |
  |     |     __________|     |     |
  |     |    |                |     |
  |     |    |     ___________|     |
  |     |    |    |                 |
  |     |    |    |                 |
  |     D    |____E___________      |
  |     |         |           |     |
  |     |         |           |     |
  |     |         |      _____F_____|
  |     |         |     |     |
  |     |         |     |     |
  |_____G_________|     |     |_____
        |               |           |
        |               |           |

Again, there are probably several solutions, here is one:

H - F - I - H - G - A - D - G - E - F - C - E - B - A

A door to the south opens, collect a Mysterious Chant (Rando Conjurum Ix) and Soranith's Gold Ring. Return to Kevarre in the Kalrathia tavern to end the quest and receive Soranith's Amulet, completing your set.

#4: The Legendary Mace of Agarrus
* Intended level: 33
* Talk to Explorer Tai'esse in Aman'lu
* Find the stone tablet fragment
* Return the stone tablet fragment to Explorer Tai'esse in Aman'lu
* Enter the tomb of Agarrus and locate the mage

In Kalrathia, in the northern section of the city, find a soldier named Berseba and talk to her about the mace of Agarrus. Head to Aman'lu and find Tai'esse at the Inn. Speak to her to receive a stone key, which will lead to a fragment of a stone tablet.

Teleport to the Snowbrook Foothills and go a bit north and then south and then east into an entrance to the Snowbrook Grotto. From the entrance, go south and then west, keeping an eye out for man-made steps leading down to your left (south). Go down the steps, open the door and collect the fragment.

Return to Aman'lu and speak to Tai'esse. Travel to Eirulan and teleport to the Western Cliffs of Azunai. Go south into the Azunite Cavern where you retrieved the Artifact. The tomb is in the northwest corner. Extend the south bridge over to the tomb by finding the switch hidden on the north wall of the small ruin near the bridge.

Enter the tomb and speak to Guardian Magentus to close the quest and receive the mace.

#5: The Mage's Apprentice
* Intended level: 34
* Find Apprentice Darek and Mage Boden's research journal
* Return to Mage Boden with his journal
* Defeat Mage Boden
* Speak with Apprentice Darek

Speak to Mage Boden in the Kalrathia magic shop to begin this quest. He'll give you a golden mirror and some directions to where his apprentice might have gone. When you reach Darthrul in Chapter 2, before entering the gate, head west and go down into the dry canal.

At the end of the canal, go up the stairs and then down into Some Ancient Ruins.

Oh boy! Another light puzzle!

The statue on the north side of the room is missing its mirror, the golden one Mage Boden gave you fits quite nicely and starts the beam of light. There are two doors, to the north and west, and you must shine the light on each to open it. There are 17 statues in all, scattered about the room.

The north door is simple, direct the light south one statue, west one statue, south one statue, east one statue and then north to unlock the door.

                    |  1
                    |  |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |

The west door is a bit more complicated.

Direct the light all the way to the south end of the room, to the fourth statue. **NOTE** You will have to turn statues out of the way to let the light pass. Send the light east one statue, then north one statue, then west three statues. Now direct the beam south one statue, east two statues, south one statue then west and move all the intervening statues out of the way until the light hits the west door.

               X         |X
            |            |   |
                         |X  |              |
                         |   |              |
                         |   |              |
            X  X        X|   |           X
                         |   |
                         |   |

X = Statues that must be turned out of the way to let the light beam pass.

Beyond the west door is a treasure room. Behind the north door is Mage Boden's apprentice, Darek. Turns out Boden is a nasty guy.

Gee, what a surprise.

Return to Kalrathia and confront and kill Boden. Darek then mysteriously appears. Talk to him to close the quest and earn your reward.

#6: The Kalrathian Nexus
* Intended level: 33
* Imbue the Soul Staff at the Node of Earth
* Imbue the Soul Staff at the Node of Frost
* Imbue the Soul Staff at the Node of the Phoenix
* Return to Nora

Near the North Gate of Kalrathia you'll find Nora the Nature Mage. Speak to her about the seal placed on the Kalrathian Nexus. She'll give you a Soul Staff, which needs to be imbued with power from three ley lines.

The Node of Earth is located in the Cavern of Earth in the north part of Xeria's Temple. Find the secret passage next to the incantation shrine and follow it to the cavern.

The Node of Frost is located in the Cavern of Frost in the Snowbrook Haven Servant's Quarters. Opposite the incantation shrine, go through the north door to reach the cavern.

The Node of the Phoenix is located in the Cavern of the Phoenix at the south end of the Lost Valley of the Azunites.

Enter each cavern, descend to the center, equip the staff and incant the chant Nora teaches you (Arcesso Arcanum). Once the staff has been imbued at all three nodes, take it to the Kalrathian Nexus, which is a cave along the north side of the Eastern Plain of Tears.

Equip the staff and break the seal over the nexus. Return to Nora to receive the Soulstaff of the Nexus and other junk as your reward.

#7: Sartan's Suspicion
* Intended level: 33
* Find Osric, a suspected spy working for the Morden
* Find the Morden arsenal
* Free the prisoners
* Return to Soldier Orayne

In Kalrathia, take Sartan into the tavern and speak to a drunkard named Feltan. He'll point you to the location of a suspected spy hiding out in the Eastern Plain of Tears. When you reach the Eastern Plain of Tears, keep heading east away from the city until you enter A Mysterious Cavern.

With Sartan in your party, knock on the door at the east end of the cavern. Sartan will kill Osric, then find out Osric was a double agent. Now it's up to Sartan to rescue some prisoners of the Morden. When you reach the Ruins of Okaym teleporter, head west into the hills to find the Morden arsenal.

Enter and clear out the Morden. When you find the prisoners, blow open their cells by exploding the spiked containers next to the cell doors. Use a ranged weapon or spell to blow them open, unless your fighter is a masochist. Then return to the Mysterious Cavern and speak to Orayne to finish the quest.

#8: The Morden Riders
* Intended level: 35
* Find a Morden tent
* Find a sack of Morden rations
* Find a pack of Klask rations
* Bring the supplies to Nordax and Neillibok

When clearing the District of the Lance in Darthrul, look for the hidden switch that lowers an elevator to a cellar. Kill the Lieutenant in the cellar and get the key to the District of the Shield. In that District, enter the pit along the south wall and find the hidden switch that lowers an elevator to the eastern end of the dry canal.

Fight your way east until you meet Nordax and Neillibok. Agree to help them find supplies so they can desert. Return to Darthrul and raid the supply vaults in the Districts of the Crossbow, Lance and Shield. Go back to the Riders and talk to them. Pick up your reward from the Ancient Vault behind the east wall.

#9: Vix's Vengeance
* Investigate the additional mine caverns Vix discovered
* Destroy the first cluster of shards
* Destroy the second cluster of shards
* Destroy the third cluster of shards

After reaching the Lower Mines of Kaderak, look for a path east. Take Vix along the path to the large door, which he will break down. Clear out the mines beyond. When you reach a shard cluster, look for the exploding mine cart nearby. Pull a lever to turn the tracks the correct direction, then pull another lever to send the cart into the cluster. After the third cluster, loot the area behind the shard.


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