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Act 3 - Chapter 4: The Mines of Kaderak

Primary Tasks
* Travel to the Desert of Kaderak
* Destroy the first protective statue
* Destroy the second protective statue
* Destroy the third protective statue
* Destroy the fourth protective statue
* Enter the Mines of Kaderak

Secondary Quests
* Finala's Contempt

Lord Kalrathia gives you the Aegis of Sight and tells you where to go look for the Aegis of Life--you know, the one Valdis stole at the beginning of the game. Tehruth gives you a teleporter activation stone that allows you to teleport to the desert near the Mines of Kaderak.


Refit your party and teleport to the Southern Desert of Kaderak. You'll soon arrive at a large plateau with a stone fort in the center guarding the entrance to the mines. In order to gain entrance to the mines you have to destroy the four statues maintaining a mystical shield. They are easy enough to destroy, though the numerous mobs surrounding them may prove a bit more difficult.

There are three paths off the plateau. The east path leads to a dead end with nothing but some mobs to fight. The west path leads to a hidden treasure chest at the extreme end--look for a button on a rock.

Take the north path and you'll eventually find an unmarked teleporter and a broken elevator. Use the teleporter to add Finala to your party, if necessary, and have her fix the elevator and take it down to a Large Morden Intelligence Camp. Clear out the camp and let Finala loot the treasure chest to end her quest.

Use the teleporter outside to jump back to the Southern Desert, break the statues and enter the Mines of Kaderak. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you'll see a long cutscene showing the miners in action...


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