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Lost Planet
X-Box 360

Developer: Capcom USA, Inc.
Publisher: Capcom USA, Inc.
Rated: "M" for Mature

Strategy Guide & Walkthrough
made by Berserker



Capcom follows up their zombie smash success for the Xbox 360 with a new futuristic shooter that takes place in the ice-covered wastelands of a frozen planet inhabited by alien creatures known as the Akrid. Humans sought to colonize this icy planet of E.D.N. III only to find a new life form that had adapted to the cold environment that the planet endures. Some of the humans gave up hope from lack of weapons and left the new world while others remained and banded together in a group under the name of Snow Pirates in an attempt to defeat the Akrid menace. The remaining humans discovered that the Akrid carry thermal energy deep inside their bodies so the humans created new weapons known as Vital Suits that harness the power of that thermal energy in an attempt to help them fight back against the Akrid threat.

Under routine investigation, a small band of Snow Pirates stumble upon a man in a Vital Suit encased in ice by the name of Wayne Holden. Wayne is taken in and treated from his near death experience through the mysterious life support system known as the Harmonizer attached to his wrist. The only traces of memory that Wayne now retains are his own name and the name of the Akrid that killed his father, "Green Eye". In an attempt to regain his memory by finding the Green Eye, Wayne joins up with the small group of Snow Pirates that rescued him and helps them seek out the Akrid menace.

Lost Planet is a 3-D action shooter that places the player in the role of Wayne Holden, a literal one-man army. Fight through each mission filled with in- your-face action, tons of explosions, and epic boss fights to delve deeper into the story of this hostile world of extreme cold. Pilot Vital Suits (VS) and take the Akrid nests by storm as you hunt down this alien life form in an attempt to take back the planet and regain your memory.

One rocket left along with an empty machine gun and two grenades while Wayne reloads and recovers from a near fatal attack with very little thermal energy left - an empty Vital Suit equipped with a missile launcher can just barely be made out through the smoke that now fills the area from the last oncoming rocket - should you make a run for it, or reload and pray the enemy VS is stumbling when the smoke clears?

The situation above is an example of one of the many action-packed moments that you'll endure through the missions of Lost Planet. To put it simply, in this frozen wasteland...

The Intensity. Never. Stops.

To remedy situations with such anxiety this Featured Guide offers a full walkthrough of all story missions with helpful advice that will lead you through each mission and provide you with plenty of strategies to help you defeat the epic bosses found at the end of each mission. This guide will point out many items pickups and every data post location in each mission. The Target Marks section includes the entire set of target marks found throughout the various difficulties. This guide will provide you with support for the most extreme conditions on your journey through the Akrid hives and enemy bases of E.D.N. III. Please enjoy the guide and contact me through the email address in my profile if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


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