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Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch
2-16 players

Team up with up to 16 players and get the most kills within the set time. Kills drop money and the player with the most money when the time runs out wins. Team Deathmatch is the same thing except you work as a team agains other teams. New weapons for TBoGT is Pistol .44, Explosive Shotgun, Assault SMG, Gold SMG, Advanced SMG, Advanced Sniper & Sticky Bombs.

Free Mode
2-16 players

Free mode is just what it sounds like. You can do pretty much anything you want. New in TBoGT is the addition of parachutes and Multiplayer BASE jumping events.

Race & GTA Race
2-16 players

Race agains other players in checkpoint races. New in TBoGT is nitrous boosts for your car. In GTA Race you can also pick up weapons to use in your car.

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