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1. Sexy Time   2. High Dive
Reward: $10.000
Requirements: Finish the Tony mission Chinese Takeout.
Unlocks: -

Description: Yusuf wants you to steal a military chopper for him which is located at a yacht. Go to the marina and get in a boat. Get to the yacht without having the patrol boat spot you, get on the yacht and get the chopper. Fly towards the marker on your map. Yusuf will call you and tell you to blow up the yacht. Go back and destroy the yacht. The arms dealers will try to escape in thee boats. Go after them and blow them up as well. Then take the chopper to the helipad marked on your map to finish the mission.
  Reward: $15.000
Requirements: The Mom's House mission Corner Kids.
Unlocks: Base Jumping Side Missions, the Mori mission This Ain't Checkers, the Tony mission ...Blog This!

Description: Yusuf has to go to a meeting with Ahmed and his brother Tahir but sends you to meet them instead. Get in Yusuf's car and drive to Rotterdam Tower, go into the lobby and take the elevator to the observation deck. When you meet Ahmed a cutscene will start. After the cutscene where you throw Tahir over the edge, you have to chase Ahmed to the top of the building. A lot of cops and choppers will apperar. Fight your way up the building, taking out cops and choppers as you go along. Then follow Ahmed up the ladder. When you reach the top you will get a parachute from Ahmed and he will fall down the building. Jump off the building and use your parachute to land safely on the ground to finish the mission.

3. Caught With Your Pants Down   4. For The Man Who Has Everything
Reward: $20.000
Requirements: Finish the Mori mission No. 3.
Unlocks: -

Description: After the cutscene where Yusuf tells you he wants you to steal a N.O.O.S.E. APC, drive to the marker on your map where Yusuf will pick you up in his a chopper. Get in the chopper and fly to spot marked on your map. After the cutscene, use your sniper rifle to shoot the yellow bolts on the cables, holding the APC. Once the APC falls to the ground, jump out of the chopper and parachute down to the APC. Get in the APC and start shooting the cops until your 4-star wanted level reduces enough for you to lose it, then lose the cops as usual. Drive the APC to the marker on your map to finish the mission.
  Reward: $25.000
Requirements: Finish the Bulgarin mission In The Crosshairs.
Unlocks: Yusuf's Super Drop Diamond, Gold SMG.

Description: This time Yusuf wants you to steal a subway car. Get in the car with Yusuf and drive him to the marker on your map. Walk to the new marker and jump onboard the train when it passes below. You will now have a 4-star wanted level. Walk towards the front car. Take out the police choppers and don't forget to duck when you approach bridges and at the end an Annihilator chopper positioned over the train. When you reach the front car, a cutscene will start where Yusuf lifts the train car with a Sky Lift and drops you off in a baseball field and ends the mission.
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