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1. Kibbutz Number One   2. This Ain't Checkers
Reward: $500
Requirements: Finish the Tony mission Practice Swing.
Unlocks: -

Description: After the cutscene with Mori and Brucie, get in the car with Mori and drive to the docks, marked on your map. Go down to the docks and a cutscene will start. After the cutscene you have to take out Mori's attackers. Work your way up to the building to kill all the attackers. When they are all dead, get down to the next marker and get in the Jetty with Mori. Now you have to chase after the boats and take them out using sticky bombs. When all three boats have been destroyed, take Mori back to the docks to finish the mission.
  Reward: $1000
Requirements: Finish the Yusuf mission High Dive.
Unlocks: The Mori mission No. 3, Triathlon Racing Side Missions.

Description: Mori want to race against you. Get in a car with him and go to the heliport marked on your map. Once you have jumped out of the chopper, aim for the boats and wait to deploy your parachute as long as you can to get to the boats faster. Get in a boat and head for the first checkpoint. When you reach the last checkpoint, get out of the boat and get a car. Race through the checkpoints, when you are on a long stretch of read you can use the nitro to gain speed. Win the race to finish the mission.

3. No. 3    
Reward: $1500
Requirements: Finish the Mori mission This Ain't Checkers.
Unlocks: Henrique Car Delivery Service.

Description: Get in a car with Mori and Brucie and drive to the car park. Once there, use the switch to lower the platform and wait for Brucie to get in the car. Lower the platform again to get your car. Now follow Mori and Brucie. You will be chased by the police but concentrate on lot losing the brothers or the mission will be over. After a while you will reach a ramp. Jump that ramp and the following two ramps. When you land after the third ramp a cutscene will start and the mission will be finished.
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