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1. Going Deep   2. Dropping In
Reward: $2000
Requirements: Finish the Tony mission ...Blog This!
Unlocks: The Bulgarin mission Dropping In.

Description: After the initial cutscene, drive Bulgarin and Timur to the carpark marked on your map. Park the car at the marker and get out. Put a sticky bomb at the font of the car then go and take cover next to Bulgarin. To make things eaiser you can throw a couple of bombs on the ground behind the car as well. When the N.O.O.S.E. shows up and an agent approaches the car you came in. Trigger the bombs and take out all the cops. More cops will show up, take them out however you want (throwing sticky bombs at their cars works well). Fight your way out of the garage. At the next level a N.O.O.S.E. van will show up from the left, take it out then head right. Kill the remaining attackers. Get in a car with Bulgarin and Timur, lose the wanted level and drive them back to Dukes to finish the mission.
  Reward: $4000
Requirements: Finish the Bulgarin mission Going Deep.
Unlocks: The Bulgarin mission In the Crosshairs.

Description: Bulgarin wants you to kill the owner of the Liberty City Rampage, Ashvilli. Get in a car with Timur and drive to the heliport marked on your map. Get in the chopper and fly through the checkpoints until you reach Star Junction. Jump out and deploy your parachute. Aim for the pink marker on the helipad at the top of the building. Once you landed, work your way down the stairs killing Ashvilli's bodyguards as you go. When you reach an elevator, kill the guards in the elevator then drop down and quickly turn around and kill the rest in the room. Work your way to Ashvilli's office. Kill his bodyguards and enter his office. Shoot him and he'll fall through the window to the ground below. Jump after him through the window and parachute to the ground. Land on the back of Timur's truck to finish the mission.

3. In the Crosshairs    
Reward: $6000
Requirements: Finish the Bulgarin mission Dropping In.
Unlocks: The Tony mission Ladies Half Price, The Yusuf mission For the Man Who Has Everything.

Description: After the cutscene, drive to the marker on your map. When you get there, another cutscene will start. After that cutscene you will be attacked by snipers. They will show on your map only after they've shot at you. Take out all the snipers to trigger the next wave of attackers which includes a chopper. Try to take out the chopper first. Then stay behind cover and take out the other attackers on the roof next to you. Once they are dead, move in the direction of that roof. Take out any other attacker on your way there. When you get to the last roof, there will be attackers on the ground as well. Take them out any way you can before you move down the marked fire escape. Get down the fire escape and kill the rest of the attackers if there are any to finish the mission.
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